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LIVE ICAST 2018 COVERAGE from Orlando Florida

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ICAST 2018 Hottest Articles

ICAST 2018 Coverage

Witness the 13 Fishing Envy Black - Shiny and Chrome
The 13 fishing Envy Black is back and we were present to bear witness to the launch of these oh so "shiny and chrome" new rods. Leveraging much of what fans liked about the original series these new rods take the fun factor up to level 10 with new features and a distinct look that sets them apart from other rods on the market.

A Souped up Custom Blade - The Omega Genesis Ti Spinnerbait
I'm sure you already have a favorite spinnerbait, your go to blade, and how can company's really differentiate when it comes to these class of baits? This ICAST Omega, a company that continues to gain a strong following among bass fishing enthusiasts, did exactly that with the introduction of the Genesis Ti spinnerbait.

Live Target's Crawfish Hollow Body - The Most Talked About Bait of the Show
Live Target has a well earned reputation for innovating and creating some of the most realistic looking baits that the industry has ever seen. It doesn't matter what style of bait, the company always seems to find a way to put their own spin on the design, making it more lifelike. This year was no different...
St. Croix Adds to Their Legend
Manufacturers offering a series or two or three of bass fishing rods are almost a dime a dozen here at ICAST. Those truly in the business of making tools to help us catch fish know there are far greater quarry than those green fish with extra large mouths. St. Croix, one of the premier rod manufacturers on the planet knows this and this year the manufacturer is flexing their rod making expertise by addressing the enthusiast market in an often neglected and overlooked segment of the angling public - the panfisherman.
Daiwa Introduces New Tatula Bass Rods and Expands Elite Series Models
This ICAST Daiwa not only introduced new Tatula reels but a complete line of new Tatula Bass Specific rods to pair those reels with, as well as a number of new Tatula Elite Series signature rods.
Baits That Make You Think, Hmmmm... Biovex
One of the more intriguing baits we came across while perusing the New Product Showcase at ICAST 2018 was a crawdad bait with hooks located in the bait's claws. The company's name didn't look familiar to us, so we thought it was brand new. Turns out they're just new to North America. Biovex has been making baits in Japan for quite some time and are now, thanks to their own USA division, are set to debut their product to an entirely new audience.
Lew's Updates Existing Favorites and Introduces New Super Duty Baitcasters
One of the companies that we are sure to meet with every ICAST is Lew's. The fast growing brand has one of the most robust baitcaster offerings and this season they not only introduced new reels but re-launched popular lines with updated features and ergonomics.
Something is a Buzz with Big Bite Baits
Not normally a manufacturer bent on making a big splash during ICAST, choosing instead to ease out new product launches one by one, Big Bite Baits changed course this year with a few new baits and a little refinement in the way their products are presented.
The Randall Tharp Signature Series from Ark Rods
Ark Fishing Rods has risen to the top of consciousness amongst value minded anglers seeking good, solid performing product at a price point that won't break their tackle budget. The company continues that trend this year with their new signature Randall Tharp Series of rods.
Locally Sourced and Produced Zee Bait Co.
In a little town, about an hour outside of Philadelphia, PA, is where Hunter Grogan, founder, bait maker, head of sales, marketing, shipping, inventory, quality control, maintenance, janitorial services, power, lights, water, runs an operation know as Zee Bait Co.. Zee Bait Co.'s primary offering is soft plastic baits and scents, but they also offer a line of branded apparel and custom rods! We caught up with Grogan and his crew at ICAST to see what they have cooking.
Abu Garcia Encourages Us to Be Like Ike
Most professional bass anglers with rods and reels bearing their name are featured on products in the value driven product lines, so when we heard about the new Revo Ike Series casting and spinning reels by Abu Garcia, we naturally assumed they'd be based off the RevoX or S reels making them more accessible to the young anglers who idolize Ike. Imagine our surprise when we discovered these reels were instead priced over $200!
Rolling Down the River2Sea Catalog of Baits
River2Sea's catalog of product can be overwhelming so we're usually a bit leery of the task of reporting on what's new with them. They claimed they didn't really have much going on, but when we arrived, their pro staff made sure we had plenty to talk about. Here's what's new, refined, and happening with River2Sea.
Quantum Re-Focuses their Value Propositions
Quantum's S3 engineering effort to refine their Tour PT and Smoke reels last year was a great success. This year, it was time to concentrate on one of their best selling reels, and solidify their position in the value segment of low profile baitcasting reels.
Jackall expands their Surface Bait Offering with the Chopcut and Riserbait
We are always eager to check out what Jackall has to offer and this year the company is focused on expanding their hardbait lineup, and especially those that are designed to target fish on the surface.

Speed, Power, Xtreme... Abu Garcia Cranking up Gen 4
2017 was a big year for Abu Garcia at ICAST. It was then the company introduced their 4th iteration of their popular REVO series of low profile baitcasting reels. This year, the company is extending the Revo4 refresh to two of their more specialty and extreme performing reels.

Like a Seafoam Tide - Meet the Concept TXZ
13 Fishing is based in Florida and wholeheartedly embraces their roots offering a wide range of inshore products. This ICAST the company built on their CZB range of reel offerings with the introduction of the Concept TXZ, a reel designed to stand up to tough saltwater abuse.
A Huge Leap for Daiwa's Tatula Series by Going Smaller and More Compact
Daiwa's Tatula Series has become a top seller for the company and with good reason, these reels deliver a lot of the features and performance of higher end Daiwa reels at a significantly lower price. While the recent Tatula reels have become extremely refined, even sporting SV spools, the form factor of the reels still left anglers wanting something more ergonomic and refined.
Exclusive First Look at the New Shimano SLX Series Reels and Rods

Fans of Shimano biking components will immediately recognize the SLX name, and that it is designed for value and mainstream oriented riders. The new SLX baitcaster is designed to do the same for anglers, providing a solid, versatile, and affordable everyday workhorse option.

A First Look at the Boldly Styled Upcoming Halo Rods Black Widow Bass Series
In the weeks leading up to the show we had the opportunity to fish a new rod line that Halo will be launching at ICAST called the Black Widow Series, which is based on a Japanese graphite blank and is designed for excellent response and sensitivity, all with a range of tapers and actions specifically created for bass anglers.
Shimano Curado 150 DC – Bringing Digital Cast Control to the Masses
Shimano’s Digitally Controlled (DC) braking system is not new, it is a proven technology that has been reserved for the company’s highest end, mostly JDM, reel offerings. That is until next week when Shimano will officially launch the Curado 150 DC, the first mainstream baitcaster in the U.S. to make use of this externally adjustable microprocessor controlled technology.










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