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A Huge Leap for Daiwa's Tatula Series by Going Smaller and More Compact


Date: 7/10/18
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Daiwa's Tatula Series has become a top seller for the company and with good reason, these reels deliver a lot of the features and performance of higher end Daiwa reels at a significantly lower price. While the recent Tatula reels have become extremely refined, even sporting SV spools, the form factor of the reels still left anglers wanting something more ergonomic and refined. Daiwa has been listening and drew upon the Steez roots to introduce the new Tatula 100.


One of the reels that I was the most excited to check out prior to the official start of the show was the Daiwa Tatula 100


Smaller and Lighter: I got to play with the Tatula 100 on the water this afternoon and I was pretty much blown away with what an improvement the reel is in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. The new Tatula 100 channels the Steez A form factor and is the lightest and smallest Tatula ever introduced.


The new Tatula 100 looks more like a Steez than it does a Tatula or Zillion


The new Tatula reel makes use of an aluminum frame to create a compact 38mm form factor that sits low on the rod for exceptional palming comfort and weighs in at only 6.9oz.


The Tatula sits very low on rods making it easy and comfortable to palm


The Tatula reels have always been workhorse reels and the new reel, while smaller, is no different. This reel is designed to be fished day in and day out and will be available in three retrieve ratios, standard 6.3:1, high speed 7.3:1, and hyper speed 8.1:1.


I can't believe how much more comfortable the new reel is to palm


In my short time with the Tatula I found it to be an effortless caster, and like previous generation reels the T-Wing design delivers. What is different about this reel is the implementation of a new spool tension control called "Zero Adjuster" which is a small knob fitted where the spool tension knob would normally be but is designed to be set once and left alone. Daiwa explained that the new Tatula can be sufficiently adjusted via the external cast control system, and that the spool tension doesn't require tweaking for the various lure weights.


Comparing the size difference between the current and new Tatula reel frames


The new Tatula 100 is designed for finesse applications but that doesn't mean it can't handle bigger stuff. In fact the reel is designed to be a bridge between lighter baitcasting applications and bait finesse. For heavier power fishing applications like swimbaits, punching rigs, and frogs the company is introducing the new Tatula 150 which features the more traditional Zillion-like form factor.


The Tatula 100 is designed to fill the niche between bait finesse and light baitcasting applications


Styling-wise the new Tatula is slick looking, and makes greater use of the Tatula spider tattoo than previous reels. Daiwa looks like they are all-in on the Tatula and we can expect to see this design in other Tatula Series products.


Comparing the new Tatula 100 and Tatula 150 size reels


The one thing that I wish that the new Tatula 100 did have is the company's excellent SV spool design, but perhaps that will come down the road. For now the Tatula 100 is by far the prettiest, I mean menacing, looking Tatula yet, and the reel's ergonomics are nothing short of excellent. For $159.99 this reel is going to be a real contender in the mainstream segment.










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