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Bass Pro Shops

Having a Look at Fly Rod Blanks and Components From Batson Enterprises
Recently, the crew at Batson sent us a couple of fully built fly rods adorned with components from their RainShadow, ALPS, and Forecast labels to get our impressions and give an overview from the fly side of things!

Get Noticed With the Cheeky Mojo 425 Fly Reel
Many of you fly anglers out there have probably seen or heard of a company called Cheeky Fly Fishing. Their products are easily distinguished by striking designs and colors which really sets them apart from all other fly reels on the market. I actually fished with the Cheeky team several years back when they visited me in Florida for a brief morning of fishing...
Getting Salty on a Budget: RIO Mainstream Saltwater WF8F Fly Line
Nowadays, a top-notch line can run you up around eighty bucks, and there are some specialized offerings that cost even more! With a price like that for such a relatively basic fishing necessity, it's no mystery why many people shy away from taking up fly fishing. Thankfully, there are some excellent products currently available that won't break the bank.
Performance at a Premium: The G. Loomis NRX 9 Weight
The ultra-premium NRX fly rods have taken over the top position as the premier G.Loomis saltwater and freshwater fly rods. These rods are not simply mild upgrades over GLX models; they feature all new materials and construction processes. In this review, I take the 9 weight model out to see how it performs on some of our local saltwater species!

A Weapon For The Water: The Redington Vapen Red 890-4V Fly Rod
At ICAST 2013 in Las Vegas, we had a tour of new products from several manufacturers, including fresh rod lines from Redington called the Vapen and Vapen Red series. Technically the same rods, the Vapen sports traditional cork grips while the Vapen Red comes equipped with a red polymer non-slip grip. WHAT, a fly rod without a cork handle?

Rising To The Occasion With The Redington Rise 7/8 Fly Reel
I handled one of the first models after their initial launch a couple years ago, and felt they were decent, but could be improved. Since these reels have recently been tweaked, let's dig deeper and see if my impressions of the old reel hold true for the latest model.
Truly the One?  The Sage ONE 590-4 Fly Rod
A favorite of many anglers, even to this day, is the XP series. Of course rod manufacturers must push things forward, and after a long run they were replaced by the Z-Axis series.  Met with a bit of criticism at launch, these rods proved to be quite popular, though arguably maybe not as much as the good old XP series.
The G. Loomis Pro 4X 1088-4 is the best of both worlds!
Introduced at the 2011 ICAST trade show, the new Pro 4X series of fly rods from G. Loomis is advertised as offering an extremely high level of performance for a very modest price.  After acquiring the 9 foot 8 weight model, it was time to hit the water and see what this rod could do!
Scientific Anglers Rolls Out New Tippet and Free Wheeling Spool System
Scientific Anglers has introduced a new tippet and tippet spool system which is designed with a number of added value features. Tippet may seem like a very simple component but the team at S.A. have taken things to the next level with the great detail in design...



The Temple Fork BVK 7 weight offers BIG performance at a small price
In this review, we pick apart the 9 foot 7 weight offering from their relatively new BVK series. What does BVK stand for you ask? Bernard Victor Kreh, more commonly known as the legendary “Lefty” Kreh, was heavily involved in the design and release of these rods. Will legendary design and input equal legendary value?
The Sage 990-4 TCX is Lean, Mean, and Green!
As a replacement for the now discontinued but legendary TCR series, the TCX promises more refinement and higher performance for experienced casters through the use of their “G5 technology” rod design.  Testing this rod exclusively in saltwater, I was anxious to see if the rod stood up to all the hype! 
Abel Super 4N fly reel IS made in the USA precision!
The Abel Super 4N takes over where the old Abel Super 4 left off, offering several upgrades in design such as a narrower spool, lighter weight, as well as a slightly larger arbor and overall diameter.  With a solid design and dizzying array of optional custom colors available...

Don’t count your fly reels until you try a Hatch
The Monsoon 5 plus is designed to be a “do it all” reel and makes use of some interesting design concepts to create a reel that is looking to change the definition of “high-end” fly reels as we know it.

The Orvis Pro Guide Stretch Wading Jacket shields anglers from the elements
Orvis has one of the most popular wading jackets on the market with the Tailwaters XT, and to follow up on that successful jacket the company hopes to up the ante with the new Pro Guide Stretch Wading Jacket designed for hardcore anglers and professionals that make their living spending the better part of the year on the river.
Fly Fishing for Smallmouth with the G.Loomis Shorestalker
G.Loomis has a long history of producing quality fly rods and over the last few seasons has expanded their offerings well beyond their original classic series. As fly fishing for bass has grown in popularity the company now introduces the ShoreStalker which is designed to target warm water species.
Go clean with the Simms new StreamTread enabled G4 Guide Boots
Simms has been introducing more boots featuring StreamTread Vibram based soles which are designed to offer the grip required to remain upright in streams and lakes but are easier to clean as well as help prevent the transmission of aquatic fish killing diseases.
Ross celebrates their 35 year Anniversary with the Limited Edition Tie Dye Vexsis reels
Ross Reels and Ross Outdoors celebrates 35 years of business with the release of an exclusive limited edition series of their premium Vexsis reels in a distinctive 3D tie-dye pattern. In addition, the company also announces the release of a limited run of 200 "Reel in a Cure" Pink Fly Fishing Outfits
Better Casting through Science with S.A. Sharkskin Fly Lines
Scientific Anglers applies advanced science to their new premium Sharkskin lines in an effort to improve casting distance and line handling. Using a precise texturing process the sophisticated new line is not only designed to cast better but deliver higher flotation and offer easier mending
Powell's Tiboron XL Fly Rods serve up performance and value
While we have focused on Powell’s bass rods for the last few seasons we decided it was time to take a look at the roots of what made the company what it is today…fly rods. We put the aggressively priced Tiboron XL to the test against Eastern Sierra trout in the first of our fly rod reviews this season
Fly goes hi-tech with new S.A. Sharkskin lines and Sage Targets Bassers
We picked two of the most exciting fly offerings at the ISE Sacramento show, the first being the innovative new Sharkskin casting and flotation lines from Scientific Anglers, and the second being Sage's new fly offerings designed specifically for bass fishing... that's right, Bass. 
G.Loomis updates their fly rod offering with four brand new series of rods (two of them GLX)
Loomis has long been known for premium fly rods, and backed with expertise from casting champion Steve Rajeff the company introduces four new rod series for the 2008 season. GLX is employed in both the powerful Max series and the precision oriented Whisper Creek fly rods.
When Less is More, the Galvan Torque Large Arbor Fly Reel
Most fly reels look the same, and have a hard time differentiating themselves when it comes to style and performance. The Galvan Torque bucks that trend with racing rim good looks, and the performance to match.

Ross introduces new "Ross Worldwide" brand to offer quality fly tackle at affordable prices
To address a completely different demographic Ross introduces "Ross Worldwide" a second brand to concentrate on the mainstream and entry level fly market. This new brand is anchored by three new fly reels, but includes fly rods, outfits, and even a branded pair of machined aluminum pliers.

Building a better fly box, Scientific Anglers System X
Leave it to the team at 3M, Scientific Anglers, to build a better fly box. The System X fly box is a modifiable patent pending design that makes use of a tapered waterproof seal to ensure your flies stay dry even if you don’t.
Carry your fly rod and still have two hands free with the Tulli FRR Sling
The Tulli FRR sling is intended to be an affordable yet innovative product that is designed to make it easier for fly fishermen to carry their outfit and protect their investment.
Simms "Lightweight Stockingfoot" waders are designed for anglers on the go
Simms has built a well deserved reputation for supplying guide quality waders to anglers that place heavy demands on their apparel. We take a look at the mid-range Lightweight Stockingfoot series to see if these waders are still able to satisfy the most discriminating Simms aficionados.
The new "Deluxe" Tulli Horizon Chest Pack gets tweaked with polished ergonomics and extra storage capacity
Building on the success of the original, Tulli now introduces the Horizon Deluxe Chest Pack. This new pack is designed to suit the needs of all types of anglers, and boasts a redesigned layout, enhanced ergonomics, and supplementary storage.
The Handi-Measure makes the measuring process painless for both anglers and fish
Fly fisherman are among the most conscious anglers , and often go to great lengths to ensure that fish are not harmed during the entire angling process. Angling Design’s Handi-Measure is a unique tool that allows anglers to make the entire measuring process simple for both themselves and fish.
A fly reel for everyone that won't break the bank, the Mohawk River by Martin
Fly fishing often translates into the purchase of costly gear, but that doesn't always have to be the case, and Martin offers some very aggressively priced offerings for fly fisherman of all levels.
Galvan's Open Back Reels continue to deliver in a wide range of fresh and saltwater applications
For a decade Galvan has been producing high quality reels that have continued to gain popularity among anglers looking for premium fly reels that boast a full set of features, at a reasonable price. We take a close look at Galvan's most well known series of reels, the Open Back.
Tired of traditional fly vests? Sportgear's Tulli Chest Pack offers anglers a novel alternative
Sportgear introduces an innovative alternative to the common vest, the highly adjustable Tulli Chest pack, designed to increase your overall storage capacity, and make it easier to organize your tackle, while still allowing anglers the greatest freedom in movement.
Anything but wiry and stiff, Gamma's Frog Hair FC makes Fluorocarbon leader manageable
Gamma Technologies introduces Frog Hair, an innovative new tippet which offers all the advantages of 100% Fluorocarbon, but making it extra manageable, stronger, and more shock resistant.
Premium quality, performance, and portability with the new Route 37 Nooksack Fly Rod
We take a close look at Route 37's new Nooksack Steelhead & Salmon 4PC travel rod to determine just how much "value" Route 37 has to offer fly fisherman seeking a robust travel rod. 
Get a "sure" footing with Redington's top selling Sure Shoe Wading Boot
Redington’s new wading shoe offers a new design with durable materials ensuring that these shoes last more than one season.
The durable and muscular Redington NTiQ makes hauling in large fish look simple
Redington, having had much success with their line of NTi fly rods, introduces a brand new line that exhibits incredible performance in power, control, and strength.
Ross adapts large arbor technology into their latest "Evolution" Fly Reel
Anglers are forced to try and sort out what features they will need, and which are expendable. This review will take a look at Ross's newest Evolution Fly reel to see if this new product is a step in the right direction of what fly anglers really yearn for.
Hodgman brings the latest technology to market with their Wadetech wading shoes
Anglers now have a large selection of high quality wading shoes in which to choose from and the latest shoes are able to bring hi-tech materials and functional designs to anglers at surprisingly reasonable prices. Hodgman updates their already robust lineup with the advanced Wadetech shoe.
Veteran Fly Anglers will appreciate the balance of action the GLoomis FR1086 GLX rod delivers
GLoomis is renowned for premium casting, spinning, and perhaps above all...their incredible fly rods. We had the opportunity to field test one of GLoomis's most popular performers, the FR1086 GLX 6 weight fly rod.
Testing Scott's portable SAS854/5 Fly Rod in Colorado's back country streams
Having a quality fly-rod rod that is multi-piece will help you on your journey directly from the car or plane to the smallest backcountry stream. This review will take an in depth look at Scott’s Alpha Series 4 weight, 5 piece fly rod in a travel application.
Protect your smallest flies with the "waterproof" Akiokun Fly Box from Meiho
Sometimes the right storage can make real difference in your fishing experience. Meiho introduces the Akiokun Fly box which aims to deliver good organization and protection for all your smaller flies.
A superior blend of performance and value, the Okuma Celilo Rod and Integrity Fly Reel
Fly-fishing for Stripers is among the most exciting type of fishing that any angler can partake in. The fighting power of these stalwart fish is legendary, and with gargantuan stripers reaching over 50lbs, the demand placed on your tackle is colossal.
Ross proves Large Arbor design works, with their Canyon Big Game Fly Reel
When most of us start fly-fishing we quickly charge to local streams to catch small to medium sized rainbows, and as our skills progress, we often desire to take bigger fish from bigger waters. This review will take a close look at Ross’s New 2002 Canyon Big Game series Fly-Reel.
Landing and protecting your catch with Brodin Streambase Trout nets
ince most fly-fishermen practice catch and release the majority of the time they are on the water, selecting the proper net for this practice is essential. There are many different landing nets on the market that are comprised of many shapes, sizes, and materials.
A Winning Rod/Reel Combo for stalking native bows and brookies in small streams
A first hand look at an ultimate rod/reel combo that will make fishing for smaller fish in smaller streams second to none, featuring the feature packed Ross San Miguel 1.
A new level of durability and breathability, the Simms "Guide Weight" Stockingfoots
Whatever type of fishing you do, the choice of waders can be absolutely crucial to your enjoyment of the sport. With recent advances in technology, new materials have produced fishing waders that are lighter, more breathable, and more durable than ever before.
A jacket built for the worst conditions, when fishing is typically at its best...The Simms Guide Jacket
In looking for an all weather outer jacket, there are a number factors you should consider.  For those who want to conquer the elements to fish, Simms introduces the Gore-Tex Guide Jacket, designed to keep you warm and dry on the river while others will be running for shelter.
Premium Fly-Reel Performance: Bauer M3 Large Arbor Reel
At TT we support all different types of methods of taking big game fish.  If Fly-Fishing is your niche, then here’s our first in depth look at a fly-reel.









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