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Swimbait or Crankbait? The Deps Tiny Bulldoze 100
The Bullshooter and Bulldoze has always played second fiddle to the Slide Swimmer, but are still popular options for anglers looking for gill profiles. This season Deps has miniaturized these lures and introduced Tiny versions designed to target bass of all sizes across a wider range of applications.   

Locking Targets on Versatility : The Missile Craw by Missile Baits
Missile Baits's Missile Craw is a really interesting take on the crawdad bait. This bait definitely leans on the side of not-realistic and prefers to blur the lines between bait types.
More Rage from Strike King, This Time in a Bug
For the soft plastic aficionado who can't get enough of flipping and pitching Texas rigged plastics into the muck, feeling that "tick," reeling down and swinging back hard enough to make a fish go cross eyed, creature and trailer baits rule. You might say baits like this are all the rage...
Cranking It Up with PH Custom Lures's Herren's 2.0 Squarebill
Crankbaits serve as comfort food for the bass angler's insatiable appetite for gear, and balsa wood cranks can be found in the organic aisle of his favorite grocery store. PH Custom Lures has a product that kind of blurs the line between wood and plastic cranks...
All You Have To Do Is Dream ... Shot
Always on the lookout for something new and exciting, finesse baits are something that usually catches our attention. I was surprised to discover the subject of today's review not so much because Strike King was making it, but more so because KVD's name is attached. When I think of KVD fishing, I always have in mind him throwing something more active than a finesse bait...
Creature Fever : O.S.P.'s DoLive Craw
JDM products are not limited to rods, reels, and hard baits. Dedicated enthusiast tackle aficionados are well aware many Japanese Tackle Manufacturers also produce soft plastic baits that may or may not be easily available outside of Japan. O.S.P. is a company whose product seems to be continually in flux regarding availability here in North America.
Is Strike King's Ocho, Senko's Rival?
At a recent writer's conference hosted by Strike King and Lew's on Clear Lake, CA, the company introduced us to a host of new products. One product is the company's take on a very popular staple amongst bass fisherman. Many "hate" throwing it, but there's no denying its effectiveness and long lasting popularity. Here's our look at Strike King's take on the ubiquitous soft plastic stick bait, the KVD Ocho.

An Under the Radar, Quality Trailer Bait : Reins Ax Craw
Soft plastic trailer baits are generally designed to exaggerate the appearance of a crawdad in defensive posture. As a result, the vast majority feature large, out of proportion claw sections and bodies that for some reason resemble a crawdad that's been stepped on rather than something viable. It's difficult to argue with success, however, as the profile is proven.

MONSTERBASS Launches a Mean Popper, the Mad Max
While Mosnterbass has partnered up with many manufacturers for their monthly boxes they are now designing and launching more baits that are branded under their own "Monsterbass Collection," and the newest of which is a popper dubbed the Mad Max.
Cashing In on Berkley's Powerbait Ned Rig Worm
As finesse techniques grow in number, the corresponding baits seem to get smaller and smaller. I admit, I have a tough time with some of the smaller baits because they often lead to a lot of small bites. Still, when fishing pressure is high, there's often no other alternative but to downsize your bait. Skeet Reese has a bait for just such an occasion.
Megabass Launches the Sleeper Craw and lxl SHAD TX
This season Megabass America will be adding some additional weapons to their arsenal of baits including new sizes and colors of existing lines, as well as the exciting new introduction of their next “Sleeper” bait. As a follow up to their goby styled bait the company is extending the formula to one of the most popular forages for bass, the ever popular crawfish.
Molix's Creature : A Super Sized Morsel of a Bait
My first recollection of a "creature" bait was when GYCB ran with the genre and introduced us to their Kreature bait. Since that time, we've referred to any soft plastic bait that has defies description and even some we can easily describe as simply as a creature bait - hence our Creature Fever theme.
Not Afraid of Contact - The Jackall Chubble Minnow Shaped Squarebill
The Chubble stands apart from the rest of the Jackall hardbait lineup with a squarebill lip paired with a longer body that is designed to imitate minnows and exhibit a more natural swimming action than traditional squarebill cranks. 
Taking a Walk with Megabass's New Megadog
Measuring at just over eight and a half inches and weighing just over four and a half ounces, the Megadog is a big bait by any standard, but especially so for Megabass.
Brian Schmidt Baits's One Love : The Ned Dred
With the popularity of bait products like jigs, punch skirts, and skirted bullet and nail weights, it was only a matter of time before we started to see something similar for the latest finesse craze, the Ned Rig. After sharing our discovery of Brian Schmidt Bait's Hybrid Football Jig, we learned of a new product Schmidt is tying that promises to take the finesse crowd to another level.
Z-Man & Evergreen International's Jack Hammer Stealth
The collaboration of Z-Man and Evergreen International that resulted in the creation of the renowned Jack Hammer Chatterbait literally shook the bladed jig market. That lure is to its classification of baits as the Vision OneTen is to its own. That unprecedented popularity and effectiveness often leads to two eventualities - a rash of similar product by other manufacturers, and a catalog of variants from the originator.


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Extending Their Line of Premium Baits : The Erie 95 SD by Nishine Lure Works
Twitch, twitch, pause... twitch, twitch, pause... blam! That anticipated, yet somehow always surprising strike on a jerkbait is addicting. Just about every bait manufacturer making hard plastic baits offers them, and whenever an editor here at TackleTour sees a new one, you can be sure that at some point that bait will make it to TT HQ.
Another Bait Joins the Squad, Missile's Ned Bomb
If you're familiar with Missile Baits's Bomb Shot drop shot bait, their Ned Bomb will feel very familiar. The company is doing a good job coming up with a signature look with their baits and the Ned Bomb looks like a huskier version of the Bomb Shot.
When the Bait You Throw Must Do Something More Somehow, Let It Be Lowen-Craw
It's been decades since I knew where my original Rebel Wee-Craws vanished to and while that bait touches upon my nostalgic soul, PH Custom Lures's Lowen's Cyber Craw brushes up against my enthusiast side...
Picking Apart Rapala's BX Big Brat Squarebill
It has been a while since we have looked at one of Rapala's hardbaits. While the brand continues to offer some of the most popular crankbaits on the market for multiple species, including bass and trout fishing. Rather than rest on their laurels Rapala continues to try and find ways to blend their proven lures with new design and manufacturing techniques.
MagDraft Part II : We Know It Was You, Freestyle
The MagDraft Freestyle is a six inch (6") paddletail style bait based off the companies popular MagDraft swimbait. The difference here is while the original MagDraft is pre-rigged with a hook and internal harness, the Freestyle is, well, free of all of that.
Cold Water Cranking Weapon - River2Sea's Tactical Bassin' DD Crankbait
As the air and water temperature drops in Fall and Winter the reaction bite also cools. Fishing slower and breaking out the finesse gear is often par for the course, but River2Sea and Tactical Bassin' have created a crankbait that is designed to unlock the feeding response in elusive deep holding fish.
Catch Outdoors's Take On the Ubiquitous Bladed Jig
Leveraging the technology they used to develop thier Zero Gravity Jig and combining it with one of the hottest bait trends going, bladed jigs, they've come up with another bait product they hope "catches" on. Here's our look at their relatively new, Zero Gravity Hybrid Airquake bladed jig.
Megabass's Latest Lure of Unusual Size. - the Big M7.5
It's been a little bit since we've had a bait product worthy of our Lures of Unusual Size (L.O.U.S.) designation. Megabass enters the fray with their new Big M7.5 crankbait. A four and a half inch (4.5") plug designed to hit depths of up to twenty four feet (24') and swim there without tearing out your rotator cuff. Is it as effective as claimed? Let's find out.
Wake 'Em Up With Spro's Wameku Shad 70
I was fortunate to spend some time on the water with the designer behind this bait, Shin Fukae recently where he walked me through the Wameku Shad 70 design. While the bait is made with a different sound than other Spro lipless cranks, what he was most excited to show me was his strategy behind the line tie - the Wameku Shad 70 has two positions.
Missile Baits Adds a Convenient Quiver to their Arsenal of Baits
The technique we're discussing today involves sticking a specialized weight into the head of the worm, and rigging your hook somewhere along the body of that worm so it dangles, head down and tail up. That's right, it's the Neko rig and Missile Baits has a new worm to increase your chances of getting bit while fishing this technique. Here's our look at their Quiver Worm.
What Are We Going to do About RI's Man Bear Pig?
If there's one bait manufacturer that's not afraid to have a little fun in the naming of their baits, it's Reaction Innovations. If you're not careful about staring too long at that Tramp Stamp while Vixen is Twerking, you're likely to get Donkey Punched with a Machete or at least get a two handed Shiver...
Just Tie It On, Toss It Out, and Crank It UP! Megabass's Deep-X LBO II
Megabass of America recently refreshed the Deep X along with its smaller sibling, the 100 giving the series a new shape, updated paint schemes, and a brand new internal balancing system. Here's our look at Megabass of America's latest Deep-X LBO series of cranks.
Bigfoot or Finesse? Nishine Lure Work's New Football Jig
The idea of a finesse football jig is intriguing. I've fished smaller football head jigs before, and generally speaking, finesse often just equates to small or smaller. So what makes the Nishine Lure Works Finesse Football Jig "finesse?" It's not very obvious at first...
Megabass of America's New Baits for 2021
Earlier this year, we learned of Megabass of America's plans to bring to North American Shores the JDM lineup of Destroyer P5 fishing rods featuring a unique, 5D graphite system to build the blanks. Never one to shy away from new, intriguing tech, Megabass continues on that trend in their new product introductions for 2021.
ARK Rods Is Not a Company that Plays Small Ball
ICAST may be over for this year, but that's never held manufacturers back from continuing to send us information on what they have planned for the coming year. ARK Rods, out of Port St Lucie., Florida did just that this past week with a full catalog of product they're getting ready to flood the market with in 2021.
Hit That Hole with the Chippawa RB DD Blade by Nishine Lure Works
One of the more intriguing companies we met during ICAST was a bait manufacturer out of Ontario, Canada. Hiroshi Nishine started his bait making/designing career back in 1990 while living in Japan. Later, he honed his craft testing designs in Japan's famous Lake Biwa...
Beefier Deep Diver - The Spinbait 72 Alpha Spybait
As spybaiting has become more popular so has the number of available options, but none is more famous than the original DUO spinbait 80, the tiny bait that pretty much introduced American anglers to the technique eight years ago. DUO now expands the lineup with the meatier Spinbait 72 Alpha and also gave us a sneak peek at an even smaller prototype that will soon join the series.
Big Bite Baits Tour Toad & Suicide Shad Buzzbaits
Buzzbaits remain one of my favorites, not just as a topwater bait, but as a bait/technique in general. Anything you can just chuck and wind is a great way to get in a rhythm and find fish. Big Bite Baits has released their own spin on this popular bait incorporating two of their more popular soft plastics.
Brian Schmidt Bait's Version of the RPO : The Hybrid Football Jig
With all the countless options, jigs are still highly personal to the angler with few agreeing upon the same factors that make a "good" jig. Brian Schmidt Baits recently introduced a twist on the classic football that's sure to get some attention. Let's take a look.
A Collaboration Between Two of Japan's Finest, Ito & Imae - The IxI Shad
In this era of elevated branding, partnerships between rival factions are almost unheard of - especially in the fishing industry. So when we heard of a budding partnership between JDM legends Katsutaka Imae of Imakatsu and Yuki Ito of Megabass, we were anxious to see what fruits such a collaboration would bear.
No Hedge In This Bait, Just Hogs : Megabass of America's SonicSide Crank
Megabass of America's support to win (STW) program continues to develop lures and fishing rods that are better suited for North American fishing environments. One bait sort of missing from their arsenal has been a flat sided crankbait...
Taking Some Time with a Jr. Clone by Skinny Bear Baits
Skinny Bear's Jr. Deep Crankbait is two inches (2") long in the body with another inch and a quarter (1 1/4") for its bill. It comes equipped with two #6 trebles and weighs right around one third of an ounce, or ten grams to be more precise.

Archived Articles

Product Reviewed Date Posted
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Underrated Over Performer, the Jackall Rhythm Wave 11/6/19
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Not Really Defying Gravity, But Better For the Environment : Catch Outdoors's Z.G.H.A. Underspin 10/17/19
Stanley Jigs Refreshes Their Lineup 9/28/19
Strike King's Four Wheel Drive : the KVD Squarebill Crank 9/17/19
Going With The Flow... Glider by 6th Sense Fishing 8/12/19
Why Don't You Call My Name? Evergreen and Zmans' Jack Hammer 8/1/19
The Next L.O.U.S. : 6th Sense's Cloud 9 Magnum Squarebill 7/1/19
Spice Up Your Fishing with Reaction Innovation's New Beaver Variant 6/24/19
Another Explosive, if not Diminutive Bait from Missile Baits : The Bomb Shot 6/16/19
Old School, Hand Crafted Art with PH Custom Lures's Ploppin' P 6/10/19
4x4 Cranking with Salmo's New Squarebill Crankbait 5/14/19
One Super-Sized Topwater Bait Please : Strike King's KVD Mega Dawg 5/5/19
Feel the Thunder, Lightning and the Thunder Cricket By Strike King 4/21/19
Caught Up In The Rapture That Is Omega Custom Tackle's Vibrating Jig 4/10/19
New Bait From ima Is No Fluke But It Sure Glides! 3/31/19
O.S.P.'s DoLive Stick Is Anything But Basic 3/11/19
Ned Rigging Success with the Z-Man TRD Crawz 4/12/20
Small but Mighty, the Deadly Megabass Dark Sleeper 2/28/19
As Versatile as a Pocket Knife? The Reaction Innovations Machete 2/19/19
Percolating to the Top of Your Bait List, Reins's Bubbling Shaker 2/3/19
Berkley's New MaxScent PowerBait D-Worm 1/28/19
The Versatile McRip 85 by Spro 1/11/19
Is Your Collection Complete? Wait, It's Another Vision OneTen Variant 12/20/18
Spro's Fat Papa Squarebill Backfield of #55 & #70 12/13/18
TWB : Molix's Hollow Bodied Walker 11/19/18
Basic Yet Custom at the Same Time : CLU's Live Wire BzB8t 11/1/18
The Down Low Knuckle LD by Megabass 10/17/18
Creature Fever Feature : Damiki's Air Craw 10/3/18
Molix Making Some Noise With Their New Sculpo XD Rattlin' Crankbait 5/3/18
What the Finesse : Missile Bait's Drop Craw 9/20/18
Reins Taps Into a Fish's Instinctual Memory With Their New C-Pod Creature Bait 9/9/18
Spro's Dean Rojas Bronzeye Poppin Frog 9/4/18
Optimum's Shad That Goes Boom Boom Pow! 8/19/18
Fanatik Baits Serves up a Feeding Frenzy with their Larva Plastics 8/15/18
A Squarebill with Special FX : The Megabass Knuckle 6/20/18
Crazy Glide? The Baitsanity Explorer Swimbaits 6/13/18
Slowing Down with the MagSlowl by Megabass 5/5/18
Cranking It Up with Spro's John Crew's Fat John 60 4/23/18
Crank It Up! : Berkley Fishing's Comprehensive Dredger 4/11/18
A Jig Worth More Than Just Flipping Out Over 4/9/18
Stop, Wait a Minute.. Yes, that's Megabass's Funky Flipper 4/1/18
Reaction Innovation's New One Two Shiver Punch 3/18/18
What the Enthusiast? Keitech's Easy Shaker Worm 3/11/18
From Crawler to Star, Cranking it Up with Spro's RkCrawler 55 3/7/18
New Savage Gear 3D Minnow Wobbles for Walleye 2/28/18
The Original Vision for Yuki Ito's RipBait : The Megabass Ito Shiner 2/21/18
A New Specialty Bait from Roboworm : The Ned Worm 2/4/18
Taking Aim at the Ubiquitous Stick Bait, Missile Bait's New The 48 Worm 1/17/18
Crank It Up: Megabass Eccentric X-Dad Crankbait 1/10/18
Spro's Mike McClelland McStick 95 Rip Bait 1/7/18
Ready for Battle : Damiki's Knock Out 12/25/17
Reaction Innovation's New Pocket Rocket 12/10/17
Seaspin USA's Intriguing Little Geko Jig 11/30/17
Better Late Than Never : Lucky Craft's Pointer Minnow 11/12/17
Creature Fever : Strike King's Rage Twin Tail Menace Grub 11/5/17
Spro's New Dean Rojas Bronzeye Spit Shad 10/29/17
OSPs Transformational Yamato Walking Bait 10/26/17
A Finesse Walker : ima's Skimmer 10/25/17
Return of the Vixen by Reaction Innovations 10/24/17
The Walking Baits: Selecting the Right Rod, Reel, and Line for Your Walker Arsenal 10/23/17
The Walking Baits: Top 5 Walk-The-Dog Picks 10/22/17
A Diamante in the Rough? Megabass's Latest STW Achievement 10/22/17
Squeak, Squawk, Clank - Picasso's Din-R-Bell 10/15/17
Doomsday Tackle Co's Not So Grim Reaper 3.2 10/12/17
Creature Fever : Big Bite Bait's Russ Lane Real Deal Craw 10/4/17
A Mid-Depth Crank with Built In Erratic Behavior : Spro's Little John Baby DD 9/24/17
The KJ Flat Silent - But Lethal Crank from Lucky Craft 9/17/17
Going Big with Missile Baits's Tomahawk 8.75 9/6/17
A Bait that Defies Categorization : Megabass of America's Vatalion 9/3/17
A Frog by Any Other Name Would Fight as Hard 8/30/17
A Prop Bait Not for Spying but Topwater! The X-Plose Topwater by Megabass 8/3/17
SpotSticker Baits's Puts the Q in Jig 8/2/17
Envisioning Megabass as Your Plus One 7/2/17
Strike King : A Chunk Style Trailer Bait that is All the Rage 6/11/17
Chuck and Cover with Megabass of America's Grenade 6/11/17
The Difficult to Rip Spro McStick 110 5/22/17
Double the Blades, Double the Buzz? Picasso's BuzzSaw Buzzbait! 5/11/17
Big Bite's Latest Addition to Their Squad : The Suicide Shad 5/3/17
Molix's 3 Dimensional Lover Spinnerbait Designed by Mike Iaconelli 4/30/17
Seaspin USA Enters the Market with the Bruko, a Soft Plastic Stick Bait 4/25/17
Crank It Up : Spro's John Crews Little John 50 4/16/17
Rapala's Shadow Rap Sequel - the Shad 4/8/17
What Makes Molix's SS Shad a Special Swimmer? 3/25/17
Respect YoDaddy, Big Bite Bait's Surprising Little Creature Bait 3/23/17
Crank It Up! : Storm's Arashi Squarebill Crank 3/17/17
An Easier to Fish Schooling Bait - The PDL Rig 3/12/17
Creature Fever : Huddleston's Huddlebug 3/8/17
A Better Jig? NuTech's Lures are Designed Not to Hang Up  2/8/17
Looking Lively! Live Target's Threadfin Shad Swimbait 1/22/17
Fishing Jigz with the Z Man BatwingZ Trailers 1/11/17
Stay On Top With Storm's Arashi Top Walker 11/2/16
Topwater Action with the Live Target Sunfish 9/11/16
Does One Plus One Equal More than Two? Meet the Lunkerhunt "Link" 7/6/16
Now that is Savage, Duck is on the Menu for Bass and Pike 5/10/16
Rapala's 2016 BASSMASTER Classic Introductions 3/4/16
Imitate Big Forage with the Damiki Gizzard Shad 2/7/16
Evergreen International's Call to the Amazon 2/3/16
Tie One On, Toss It Out and S-Crank It Up! 1/20/16
Rapping in the Shadows with Rapala 1/13/16
Evergreen International's Pencil Popper - the Shower Blows 1/10/15
Duo Realis Joins the L.O.U.S. Movement 1/3/15
6th Sense Crushing it in the DD Category 12/26/15
Project Prometheus Catches Fire with the DUO Onimasu Swimbait 12/6/15
Taking a Walk with Spro's Aruku Shad 11/17/15
Kickin' and Swimmin' With the Shockwave From Missile Baits 10/25/15
Is the Smaller Vibration X Worthy of Its "Jr." Title? 10/21/15
Syncing Up with the Original : Bill Lewis's Rat-L-Trap 10/8/15
Shake, Rattle, and Shimmy with Lucky Craft's RTO-Crank 9/27/15
Creating a RUCKUS With Fresh New Designs, River2Sea 9/1/15
Jackall Prepares to Launch New Hard and Softbaits at ICAST 2015 7/9/15
6th Sense's Snatch X/FRS Lipless Crank 6/10/15
Swimming Heads : Strike King's Red Eye Shad 5/27/15
It's Name Is... Mini-Me, by S.O.B. & SpotstickerBaits 5/16/15
Cashing in on the Pencil Popper with "The One" from Paycheck Baits 4/19/15
Hunting for a Big Bite with the Lunkerhunt Swim Bento 4/8/15
Get Your Bass Fix With DUO's Realis Vibration 68 G-Fix Crankbaits 3/10/15
Strike King Hits the TT Jackpot with their 10XD Crank! 1/18/15
Topwater Action with the Multi-Talented Jackall Binksy 1/14/15
Acting on a Wild Hunch with Evergreen International 1/4/15
The L-O-U-S SKT Magnum from Lucky Craft 12/25/14
Wintertime Bass Fishing with the Live Target Crappie Lipless Cranks 11/23/14
Move More Water with the PR-Labs Venom 10/29/14
Power Up With Gary Yamamoto Chikara Crankbaits 9/30/14
Goin' for a Walk with the Jackall Iobee Frog 9/2/14
Creature Fever: Gettin' Crazy With the Yamamoto PsychoDad! 5/11/14
It's What's on the Inside That Counts: The BX Swimmer From Rapala 4/28/14
Small in Size, Big in Stature, Bull Shad Swimbats' New Balsa Bull! 4/23/14
Jackall takes aim at Spybaiting with the iProp 75 2/22/14
Beyond Spybaiting: DUO Realis Jerkbait 100SP 2/12/14
Thru and Thru, Savage Gear's New Trout Inspires Confidence 1/19/14
Silent but Deadly: The Molix SB Crank 55 Silent 12/23/13
The Easy Cranking, Deep Diving Megabass Deep Six 2/2/14
FW Installment #4 : A Frog by Any Other Color is Still a Frog 9/18/13
FW Installment #3 : What's a Shrog? 9/15/13
FW Installment #2 : Twitch, Pop, n Lockin' Frogs 9/9/13
Frog Week (FW) Installment #1 : Standard Designs with a Twist 9/8/13
LureFans USA Breathing New Life into Saturated Market 7/8/13
Creature Fever: The Zoom Super Hog Is A New Take On An Old Favorite 6/21/13
Careful, It Might Bite You, Evergreen's One's Bug 4/27/13
Creature Fever : It Really Is "Da-Bomb"! 5/27/13
Creating a Buzz with the Big Bite Baits Buzzing Warmouth 5/5/13
Roman Made's Trick to Get Our Enthusiast Meter Moving 5/12/13
This Roboworm is PHAT! 5/1/13
Shallow Crankin' With the ABT X-2 Square Bill 4/11/13
Simple yet Deadly Effective, the Savage Gear Sandeel 3/31/13
Product Insight: Megabass's Blueprint of Success - The Vision OneTen 3/11/13
Creature Fever: Getting serious with the Power Team Diesel Craw 2/6/13
Double Trouble: River2Sea Twin Vibe 65 1/20/13
Creature Fever: Causing Havoc with the Berkley Hawk Hawg 1/9/13
Creature Fever: One Strong Crawfish, the Z-Man Flappin Crawz 12/4/12
Megabass Does it Again with the Vision OneTen FX and More for 2013 11/26/12
Roman Made Prepares to Introduce New Patterns Designed Specifically for the US Market 11/28/12
Zerek’s Sabre Dance Jerkbait Cuts through the Water and Price Barriers 11/7/12
Creature Fever : D&M’s Flippin Craw, Power and Finesse? 10/7/12
Creature Fever : Getting Sweet and Kinky with Reaction Innovations 9/30/12
Creature Fever : Shhhh.. Can You Keep a Secret? 9/26/12
The “Prologue” to this Worm’s Story Starts with Choices 9/23/12
Kickin' It with Evergreen's Frog Bait 8/26/12
Creature Fever: The Yamamoto Hula Swimmer is a short skirted enticer! 8/22/12
Creature Feature : The Alien Meets Doctor Octopus! 1/19/14
Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, Your Lures Hook Me… 8/8/12
Amazon Certified : KLures Peacock Ripper! 8/6/12
Creature Feature : Getting Squirrely With Big Bite Baits 5/25/12
ProducTTPreview : Robo's 4.25 Robo Minnow & a Quantum Sneak Peak 5/2/12
Ko-Man-Chi’s Serves up a Second Generation Soft Wire Spinnerbait, the Platinum Composite 4/29/12
Creature Fever: Wave Worms Tiki Stick Goes Pro and Gets Heavier and Softer 4/15/12
What the Stubby?!? : 22nd Century's Bulkier TripleTrout 2/26/12
Evolve Releases an Assortment of New Baits 2/15/12
Fishing the Perfect Storm? Use the Right Tackle 2/5/11
Fishing the Perfect Storm? Don't Forget Your Umbrella - Rig 1/31/12
Creature Fever: The Death Spiral of the Power Tackle Lateral Perch 1/3/12
Advantage Spinnerbaits offers a “flashy” alternative 12/3/11
"A-Wadda" New Colors and Configurations from TnT Baits 11/20/11
Dad, Jr., +1 ... New Baits from Megabass 11/16/11
What the.. Finessing Peacocks? Yes, with the Caribe Jig 11/5/11
Fortifying the Arsenal : Bass Patrol's New Color Options 10/26/11
What the... Finesse Jigs? : Damiki's TG Tungsten Micro Jig 10/25/11
Man It's a Hot One, Like Nine Inches : Rago Bait's Smoothie 10/9/11
The CL8 Bluegill & Crappie are More than Just a Swimbait for the Spawn 10/2/11
Jig, Wobble, and Roll with the Jigwobbler 9/25/11
Let the Revolution Begin : An Upgraded, Rebranded Spinnerbait by RMD 8/14/11
Fish Quietly and Throw a Big Stik 6/12/11
River2Sea's Dahlberg Diver Frog Kicks Bass 6/5/11
Putting the Screws to Pressured Fish : GanCraft's Screw Bait 6/1/11
Never Judge a Book by its Cover, the unassuming Jackall Crosstail Shad 4/24/11
TackleTrends from Japan : Subsurface Prop Baits 4/12/11
Huddleston Continues to Innovate : The Weedless Trout 3/17/11
Mattlures Does It Again, This Time For Tournament Anglers 3/14/11
Decoy Swimbait's HydraTail : Size Just Right - To Be Eaten! 2/22/11
New Pro-Designed Berkley HAVOC Baits debut at the Bassmaster Classic 2/17/11
Just what the Doctor Ordered, flexible spinnerbaits from Ko-Man-Chi 2/16/11
What the Finesse : A "Weightless" Jig? 2/13/11
What Do You Get When You Cross a Zara Spook and a Pop-R? 12/26/10
Peacock Bass Fishing with the Legendary Luhr Jensen Big Game Woodchopper & Amazon Ripper 12/12/10
Daiwa’s take on the Premium Saltwater Rubber Jig, the Daiwa Conch 12/5/10
Strike King's Rage Toad brings the Fury 9/11/10
Make off like a Bandit with a bounty of strikes 8/29/10
ICAST Preview : Rapala's New Offerings for 2010/11 7/1/10
ICAST Preview: I'll take one order of the "Big Mac" please 6/30/10
Dress Your Baits For Success with the Punch Skirt by Paycheck Baits 6/23/10
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Elbow Jerking, Tail Slapping Action: The Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP 10/11/07
Trophy Sticks, custom design, clever hydrodynamics, and a little art all rolled in one  10/08/07
Fooling Fish With The Motion of the Ocean: Sebile’s Ghost Walker 10/06/07
Flirting with Innovation: The Reaction Innovations Flirt 6.95 10/05/07
Daiwa goes after classic cranks with the amusingly named Peanut 9/19/07
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On the Hunt for an Oversized Slashing Type Minnow Lure? Check Out the FLT Zillva! 8/19/07
Could this be the most durable spinnerbait? River2Sea’s Crystal Spin with a Polycarbonate encased head design 8/15/07
The Pointer on a diet, Lucky Craft’s “Slender” Jerkbait 8/08/07
Don't Cover Your Eyes! It's the Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper 8/1/07
Fishing With Chips: The Persuader American E-Chip Spinnerbait 6/24/07
The Triple Trout performs a lot better than it looks! 6/11/07
Nothing Yet, to Scare the Competition: The Fish Arrow Spooky Jack 6/4/07
Predator Research Laboratories draws on hydrodynamics to build their new Shrimp lures 5/14/07
Oh What Could Have Been: The Megabass V-3 Bullet Shad and Bullet Shad Mini 4/29/07
An effective minnow bait with a Dart and Stop & Go system, the Jackall Squadminnow 95 4/25/07
MattLures Revisits Their Design and Brings To Market, The Ultimate Bluegill 4/15/07
Daiwa adds branded spinnerbaits to their lineup of lures 4/11/07
Megabass's DeepX 200T Proves Appearances Can Be Deceiving 4/04/07
Bring Life to a Familiar Design : The Persuader American Angling Double Buzzer Buzzbait 3/27/07
Meet the Berkley Powerbait Chigger Craw, the bait that helped win the Bassmaster Classic 3/8/07
What's Old is New Again, Or Is It? The River2Sea Wood'n Min 160 3/4/07
Made in Italy, Pelican handcrafts the Super Pinky from balsa-wood for its unique actions 1/11/07
Introducing the Megabass Anthrax and Anthrax 100 Topwater Baits Where Imagination is Key 12/26/06
The Crazy Action of Wood : H&T's Balsa Crank 12/21/06
River2Sea USA’s V-Joint Deep Dive minnow, a triple section lure with great action 11/30/06
Blue Fox goes big with the Vibrax Musky Buzz 11/22/06
Ready, Contact, Action! The Megabass Scream-X Jr. 11/15/06
Storm Stuffed to the Gills with exciting new lures this fall 11/08/06
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Hard to find, but well worth the effort...The TD Minnow Type SP 9/10/06
A Different Take on Lipless Technology : The Megabass Vibration-X Ultra 9/6/06
Shimano Butterfly Jigs are more than just “lures,” they are part of a complete system 9/04/06
A Crank Born from Innovation : RI's Limited Edition Method Crank 6/7/06
Lucky Craft goes finesse with their Flat CB MR Crankbait 5/08/06
Going lipless with Daiwa's TD Vibration 5/02/06
Keep it in motion...the NetBait Paca Craw 4/16/06
Going Old School With a Tried and True Swimbait: Sunrize Tackle's Hammerhead 4/6/06
Increase your numbers with the diminutive Live-X Smolt from Megabass 4/2/06
Cranking for bass with the River2Sea jointed V-Crank 3/13/06
The Secret is out – Secret Weapon Lures revolutionizes Spinnerbaits 3/06/06
Slow rollin’ for Salmon with the Konezone trolling flasher 3/1/06
Hand Crafted Artistry from the Deep South : Awesome Bait Company's Thundershad Crank 1/25/06
The Megabait Mega Crank wobbles with much holographic flash 1/17/06
Mark "EZ Bass" Lassagne experiments with the Kinami Palm Tree 12/21/06
Putting the Buzz in Buzzbaits : The MegaStrike Cavitron 12/08/05
Are you addicted yet? ...the Megabass Vision One-Ten's action will have you begging for more 12/5/05
This isn't your daddy's Rapala crank, the new-fangled X-Rap "Slashbait" 11/21/05
Lucky Craft's "Big Daddy Strike" Crankbait serves up consistent action 11/13/05
Combining collectability with fish a calling tease - The Megabass PopMax 10/13/05
A Bait to Lure Monster Bass : Introducing The MattLures Baby Bass Swimbait 10/5/05
The patented "automatic set hidden hook" distinguishes the LockJaw from the competition 9/25/05
What's old is new again, The Megabass Bait-X Concept 8/30/05
Good things come in small packages : Specialty Tackle USA's Flagship Bait, the Junior-D 8/2/05
Simplifying the art of the jig : CritterBait Tackle Company's Swim Jig 7/29/05
A Hot West Coast swimbait with a patented easy to rig system... the Megabait L.A. Slider 6/13/05
Standing up to be noticed, The River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie 6/21/05
The Uniquely Designed Jackall Aragon MR, is it as good as it looks? 6/09/05
Strike Pro USA's nicely finished trolling plug 5/19/05
A Lipless Crank with plenty of Teeth : Lucky Craft's LV-500Max 5/11/05
Generate surface eruptions with the Sizmic Toad 4/21/05
A Collectible and Fishable Finesse Cranking Dynamo, the Megabass Cyclone SR-X 4/15/05
The Mark Drag, by Panther Martin, adds extra enticement to trolling rigs 4/11/05
The A.C. "Real Trout," the latest in a line of modified plugs from Allan Cole 3/10/05
Not your run of the mill topwater lure, the realistic Dragonfly Popper by River2Sea USA 2/27/05
Fish a better bass trap - The Persuader American Angling, Pro Assassinator Clacker 2/16/05
MirrOlure's Popa Dog uniquely walks and barks at the surface to attract aggressive game fish 2/03/05
FoodSource's biodegradable Food Sticks really are Fish Food 12/27/04
The Bettencourt Assassin slays unsuspecting fish with distinctive tail swimming action 12/09/04
Tempt fish with a serving of Specialty Tackle's Big Bite 11/18/04
When bass desire a big meal, look to the Strike Pro DD72 10/21/04
Gary Yamamoto creates a monster of a new bait...the Kreature has arrived! 9/17/04
River2Sea makes big splashes with the Bubble Popper 8/01/04
Settling the scores with Revenge Bait's lifelike "Dart Hedz" 7/12/04
Jerking for gamefish with the Strike Pro Jer-O-Minnow 6/15/04
Updating an old friend with the latest armaments, the Excalibur Fat Free Shad 5/24/04
Culprit's Tassel Lizard taunts Bass with its skirted tail 4/26/04
Fishing sophisticated Jigs and time-honored Pigs from Uncle Josh 4/05/04
Pop-a-Long with the multi-functional topwater lure that will drive fish wild 3/22/04
Fish the wave with Kinami Bait's multi-appendage Nories Bug 3/10/04
Surface gurgling with the Panther Martin WeedWing 2/12/04
Super Speed Cranking with the Luhr Jensen Mini-Speed Trap 1/28/04
A blast from the past, re-introducing the wobbling Panther Martin Vivif swim bait 1/01/04
Pursuing multiple species with the MegaBait Live Jig 12/17/03
Drive bass crazy with Strike Pro's alluring Finesse Walking Stick 12/11/03
The Snag Proof Wiggle Wog, an exciting new top water bass lure 5/24/04
Reel Pearl, a creative double blade propelling inline spinner 10/23/03
Explosive topwater action produced by Strike Pro's Gobi Popper 10/09/03
Time for a tournament quality alternative? Welcome the premium grade Classic Shad by Strike Pro 9/22/03
A sweet taste that carp can't resist, Uncle Josh Carp Bait 9/17/03
Cotee turns jig heads with the swirling Crankin' JigLip 9/14/03
Advanced trapping with Bass pro Shop's XPS Extreme Rattle Shad 9/01/03
Tail Whipping design delivers strikes, introducing the new Lucky Craft Live Pointer 8/25/03
Fish like never before with the multiple action Gee-min-ee lure 8/18/03
The Terminator T1 is still among the best when it comes to Titanium Spinnerbait Design 7/07/03
A clever way to challenge toothy gamefish, the Rollo System 6/19/03
An innovative enhancement to soft jerkbaits, the Buttoneye Jerk 5/20/03
When nature calls for a natural presentation, look to the Clear Water Lures 5/15/03
Daiwa expands lure offerings with exciting new Team Daiwa models and colors 4/07/03
Revisit an old friend, the Kastmaster, perhaps the most versatile lure ever created  3/05/03
Crave Gravy, a catfish attractant that will jitter some taste buds 2/24/03
The Wigston Tassie truly bites like the Devil 2/1/03
It's a Top Secret... the AminoGel Trout attractant has arrived from Europe 11/24/02
A fresh spin on the original trout magnet, the new Holographic spinners by Panther Martin 11/07/02
Berkley's Rattl'r aims to drive fish into a Frenzy 11/03/02
The Squidy Mangler, an inline spinner that will spin 100% of the time 9/26/02
A flexible mutant creature bait, the popular Zoom Baby Brush Hog 8/20/02
The Yozuri Mag-Minnows, magnets for gamefish? 7/15/02
Arriving to stores near you.  New tackle with a new twist for 2003 6/19/02
A lethal new weapon in the hunt for hard hitting Stripers, the SPRO Prime Bucktail Jig 5/01/02
If they aren't biting, throw a uniquely lifelike new spinner, the Tantrum! 4/11/02
SPRO Chug Minnow, a harmonious blend of a popper and a spook...generates good top water action 3/20/02
Spoon? Spinner? Buzzbait? Nemire creates one of the most flexible new lures, and bass can't resist it! 2/24/02
New Harrison Hoge Superior Frog... for superior top water action! 2/12/02
Envision Lures strives to develop the "Perfect Jig" 2/11/02
VPR-PRO LBM spinnerbait with Titanium Nitenol wire 1/29/02
VPR-PRO LBM... just another spinnerbait? 1/15/02
Deadly Deep Diver...Norman Deep Little "N" 12/08/01
The scent of shad...B.A.N.G. Fish Attractant 11/23/01
Lures for the Backcountry: The "Must Have" arsenal 9/02/01
Targeting Bass in cold weather? ...turn to Yamamoto's Hula Grub 12/08/00









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