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Like a Seafoam Tide - Meet the Concept TXZ


Date: 7/11/18
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: 13 Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: 13 Fishing is based in Florida and wholeheartedly embraces their roots offering a wide range of inshore products. This ICAST the company built on their CZB range of reel offerings with the introduction of the Concept TXZ, a reel designed to stand up to tough saltwater abuse.


13 Fishing's new high performance inshore reel, the Concept TXZ


Seafoam rules supreme: Personally I have always liked the green seafoam color as it ushers in visions of fishing flats and tropical water. When 13 Fishing decided it was time to create their next CZB reel this was the color that they wanted to use to launch that gulf coast offering. While you might think that this reel is just another CZB reel it is actually a hybrid of multiple bearing types.


The Concept TXZ features a familiar profile but what is inside is quite different


Matt Baldwin, head of reel development at 13 Fishing, explained that the original Concept Z was a showcase for the CZB technology, proving what the ball bearingless design was capable of. What he never said was that the CZBs were necessarily the ultimate technology for all applications and reel types, so when it came time to develop an inshore specific reel he wanted to choose the best bearing set for that application, and that included some traditional bearings.  


The Concept TXZ makes use of CZB, new CZB Comp, and Black Seal corrosion resistant bearings


The new TXZ reel makes use of CZB technology married with Black Seal corrosion resistant ball bearings to achieve the performance and refinement that the company was seeking to deliver in a premium saltwater baitcaster. The CZBs are used on the spool to enhance casting distance, like in the Concept Z, but some other bearings in the reel make use of Black Seal bearings to enhance not only corrosion resistance but feel as well. In total there are 2 CZB Comp bearings, 2 CZB, and 5 Black Seal bearings. 


The reel features an aluminum frame and carbon sideplates


What is the CZB Comp?: CZB Comp? These new spool bearings are designed to push CZB technology even further and improve casting distance even beyond the original by significantly reducing surface area contact with the spool shaft. This process is designed to create higher spool spin by lowering the amount of friction on the spool. Like the original CZB bearings the material is 100% corrosion proof.


The cast control is accessible under the Beetle Wing non handle sideplate


The Concept TXZ is loaded with popular 13 Fishing features including the Ocean Armor 2 saltwater protection process, the Bulldog Drag which is rated at 22lbs., a lightweight KP tech spool shaft, Beetle Wing rapid access sideplate, 6-way centrifugal braking, and Japanese Hamai cut gearing.


Inside we find the CZB Comp bearing


The new reel also features ergonomically shaped handle knobs with corrosion resistant rubberized knobs that feel grippy. In hand the Concept TXZ also felt extremely light, and while the mass produced final spec has not yet been locked it we can expect the reel to weigh close to 5.93 ounces. The TXZ is able to achieve this low weight with an aluminum frame and carbon sideplates.


Matt shows us his latest creation, and though the Concept TXZ is designed for gulf coast and inshore fishing we are sure bass anglers will be picking up quite a few of these brightly colored reels


The Concept TXZ pushes the company's technology to the next level and I really like the idea of adopting the very best bearing setup for the application, versus just using CZBs throughout, and demonstrates that 13 Fishing is prioritizing performance and functionality, versus doing what might seem like the faster and easier path to market. The Concept TXZ will come in three retrieve ratios, 6.6:1, 7.3:1, and 8.3:1 and retail for $330 dollars. Though this reel was designed for inshore and Gulf Fishing applications I am sure that many bass anglers will be all over this reel, and why not, it is seafoam green after all.










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