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ICAST 2015

13 Fishing Trick Shop is Open for Customization
Shimano Unviels New Citica I reels
Abu Garcia Raises the Speed Bar with their Rocket!

First look inside the new Curado I baitcaster


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Carrot Stix Switches Gears with the New Spectra 2-Speed Spinning Reels Imitate Big Forage with the Damiki Gizzard Shad

Evergreen International's Call to the Amazon

Up Close with One of Japan’s Most Respected Lure Designers - DUO's Masahiro Adachi
Shimano Stradic FK – A Solid Design Tie One On, Toss It Out and S-Crank It Up! The Okuma EVX-C-751Ha Delivers No-Frills Utility Rapping in the Shadows with Rapala

Additional Recent Articles

Evergreen International's Pencil Popper - the Shower Blows
More commonly associated with fish of much larger stature, the topwater pencil popper has firmly entrenched itself into the arsenal of topwater bass fishermen. The versatility of these popping, walking, and spitting baits just makes too much sense and as we've come to find out, largemouth bass do not shy away from big baits whether they be on top, midwater, or on the bottom
Duo Realis Joins the L.O.U.S. Movement
Our next entry to the L.O.U.S. (lures of unusual size) series of crankbait reviews is a product from upstart Duo Realis. This company is as aggressive and cutting edge as they come where baits are concerned and their L.O.U.S. deep diving bait entry is no exception. Here now is our look at the G87 20A deep diving crank from Duo Realis.
Rising from the Depths, Megabass's Leviathan
One stick has been sorely lacking in JDM rod companies' lineups - a big, beefy rod made to launch big, beefy swimbaits and that's built in a manner to where the stick is still very fishable. Oh we've handled big, beefy sticks from other JDM companies (DEPS, Roman Made, among others) but all these sticks were too big and beefy to be comfortable using all day long.

6th Sense Crushing it in the DD Category
Today, we look at a bait that sits on the border of being an L.O.U.S. (lures of unusual size) and just plain large. 6th Sense is not as well known a manufacturer as the previous two, but their not-so-little 500D deep diving crank is catching a lot of fish for those in the know.

Get a Handle on Protecting Yourself With Aftco's Sun Gloves
Aftco, short for American Fishing Tackle Company, has been well-known in the saltwater community for some time now. Makers of fishing components and accessories, they also produce a substantial lineup of fishing apparel. As someone who always tries to protect my skin from the harmful rays of the sun, I took particular interest in their newest sun gloves.

Returning to Tradition : Fenwick's Elite Tech Spinning
As one of the pioneer rod building companies in the industry, Fenwick has a long, and very storied past. It is on one of their sticks, a circa 1980's, 5'-0", HMG ultra light rod, that I managed to catch my heaviest large mouth bass to date - an eleven pound plus fish. Naturally, because of that catch, I have a soft spot for this brand, but it's been a long time since the company has built something that's piqued my interest...

Kistler’s Helium 3 Series Rods Channel the Previous Generation
It is hard to believe that it has already been 12 years since I last reviewed a Kistler Helium rod, going all the way back to when I wrote about the very first Helium ever introduced. This time around Kistler once again partners up with Gary Loomis and North Fork Composites. Does it recapture some of the “Lighter Than Air” magic of the original?

TackleTour Tournament Interview : John Crews, BASS Elite Series Pro
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with John Crews, BASS Elite Series Pro. John Crews's sponsors include Spro, Gamakatsu, Motorguide, Mercury Outboards, Vicious, Lowrance, Stormr, Evan Williams Bourbon, and Cashion fishing rods with whom he signed after our interview. Of course, John Crews is also owner and CEO of Missile Baits.
Project Prometheus Catches Fire with the DUO Onimasu Swimbait
US Anglers have always had a soft spot for premium Japanese lures and DUO answered the call with both unique designs and high quality construction. Now on the opposite end of the tiny DUO Spinbait Series the company has finally introduced an eagerly anticipated “S-Curve” swim action single jointed swimbait, originally codenamed the Prometheus Project, the new big bait has been officially introduced as the “Onimasu.”
2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Something for the Salt and Angling Apparel
We want to say thank you to all our readers for another great year of sharing your passion for all things angling. Thanks again for joining us on this journey and have a great holiday season! Let's wrap things up in this year's Holiday Gift Guide with our picks in the saltwater, tools, optics, and angling apparel categories.
2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Swimbaits and Enthusiast Tackle
We return for part two of our Holiday Gift Guide and jump into some of our favorite categories, swimbaits, lines, enthusiast tackle, and some great tackle that falls into the "value" category to deliver even more bang for the buck.
2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Ring in the Holidays with New Reel, Rods, and Baits
It's Black Friday, the day that is often regarded by US consumers as the beginning of the holiday shopping season. There are many retailers and e-tailers, including those that cater to anglers, that are jump starting the season by offering some aggressive promotional deals, and this year we had an unusually amount of new gear to select from...

TackleTour Tournament Interview : Mike Neal, FLW Pro
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Mike Neal, FLW Pro. Mike Neal's sponsors include Cashion rods, Hummingbird, Lew's, Big Bite Baits, Sunline, Gill, Duo Realis.
Shimano's JDM Expride Lands in the US
Shimano's Expride line of rods were designed with their home market (Japan) in mind. With that caveat comes an entirely different expectation with regards to fit and finish and the 171H did not disappoint.
Taking a Walk with Spro's Aruku Shad
The product arsenal this next manufacturer is vast. From finesse style jerkbaits like the McStick 95 on up to their BBZ-1 swimbaits over to their topwater frog baits like the Bronzeye Shad, Spro makes a lot of popular, high quality baits. The subject of today's review is no different. Here's our look at Spro's Aruku Shad lipless crank!
Jackall’s Gantarel Effectively Mimics Bluegill and Panfish
This plastic bait is as feature-rich as swimbaits come and is designed to be fished a variety of different ways in any body of water where bluegill or other similarly profiled sunfish are preyed upon.
Rapala Canada's Concept of The Search For One
It's not often we get a hold of a fishing rod that's middle to high end in terms of fit and finish, and available in more than one piece. There just aren't that many sticks like that out there, so we're very excited to share this stick with you. Introducing Rapala Canada's Concept Ti Trigger 70.

Accurate Introduces Hot New Boss “Valiant” 300 Conventional Reel
With the warmer water of the El Niño pattern the saltwater fishing off the coast of California has been especially exciting this year. Timed perfectly Accurate is introducing a new 300 size single-speed reel that is designed specifically for inshore and light-action offshore applications, meet the new BV-300 Valiant.

The Hoo-Rag Offers Quality Face Protection at a Great Price
Over time there are now multiple companies offering their take on this tubular garment, which can be worn so many different ways. One such company that is offering such a garment and has quickly targeted the angling community is “Hoo-Rag.”
Bearing Down on Megabass : The F5st-611X7
Since the merger of Megabass USA together with Megabass Japan to create Megabass of America, the influx of new product has been dizzying. From several different new rod lines to new lures to new colors of old lures to variations of new lures and colors, the accessibility of Megabass product has been a classic case in point of be careful for what you wish.
Kickin' and Swimmin' With the Shockwave From Missile Baits
As one of the most likeable and successful guys on tour, John founded Missile Baits in 2011 in hopes of bringing anglers quality, well-thought-out tackle that will stack the odds in their favor. Being a huge soft-plastic fisherman but never having thrown anything from Missile Baits, I was amped to try their Shockwave paddle tails on some of my local waters.
Is the Smaller Vibration X Worthy of Its "Jr." Title?
Back in 2006 we took a look at Megabass's lipless crank offering, the Vibration X. Late in 2014 we learned of the new, Jr. sized Vibration X so we thought we'd take a fresh look at this bait and see how the Jr. size stacks up against the recent influx of lipless baits on our decks.
Cranking It Up with Quantum and KVD!
If there's one technique that comes to mind when speaking of Kevin VanDam (KVD), BASS Elite Series Pro, it's crankbaits. KVD's reputation is for fishing hard and fishing fast with moving baits and there's no better moving bait than a crank. So what's KVD's take on a cranking stick? We take a look with our review of the TourKVD TKVD7106MB (7'10" Medium Heavy, Moderate Action) Cranking Stick.

Bring Up the Lunkers With Gan Craft's S-Caper Topwater
You can't ignore the prevalence of big baits in bass fishing. With the explosion of swimbait fishing in the last 10 years or so, many baits—not just swimbaits—have grown to much larger sizes. Topwaters are no exception, as a large number of them are now available on store shelves in super-sized varieties.


Can the Brenious Hold up to Fresh as Well as Salt?
The term "bait finesse" is easing its way into the consciousness of North American bass fishermen with each passing year. The concept of making finesse presentation with bait casting gear is nothing new to bass anglers in Japan, but it's taking a long time to grab hold outside of that country...
Syncing Up with the Original : Bill Lewis's Rat-L-Trap
Bill Lewis's Rat-L-Trap has been around since the late 1960's. One of the original, if not the original lipless bait, it remains a staple amongst bass fisherman when reaching for cranks with no lips. We recently took to the water with a bunch of Original Rat-L-Traps and several of the variants. Here's how the bait looks to us!

Cranking It Up with Phenix's X13 Composite Cranker
Phenix rods has really dominated our coverage of late. They continue to pump out good value rods with high end components at very competitive prices. When we were looking for sticks with which to throw our LOUS crankbaits, we knew we had to see what Phenix has cooking in this department. Here now is our look at the Phenix X13 cranking stick.

Livingston’s Crank is a Real “Howeller”
There are a lot lures that dive and wobble aggressively but how many have embedded electronics that emulate the sound of baitfish in the water? That is exactly what Livingston lures are able to do, and we decided it was high time to put one of their unique baits under the knife to see just what makes them “howl.”

Shake, Rattle, and Shimmy with Lucky Craft's RTO-Crank
Lucky Craft is one lure company not lacking for variety. Their selection in lipless baits alone can be quite daunting - although the LV500 remains one of our favorites. An ICAST or two ago, Takahiro Omori, 2004 Bassmaster Classic Champion, showed us his signature series LV RTO and we finally had a chance to try the bait out on the water!

Get Her Covered - A Premium Windshield Cover for Your Truck or SUV
The mercury hit 105 today and the inside of our truck is so hot you couldn't touch the steering wheel. This only happens a few times before you say “we gotta do something about this!” That's when I found the “Get Her Covered” windshield cover which is an attractive nylon cover that fits over the windshield and front door windows protecting the truck's interior
Okuma Aims high with the Helios Air Baitcaster
This familiar looking reel is built off the original popular Helios Series but cranks things up by utilizing magnesium to effectively go on a diet. This lightweight reel weighs in at only 5.7 ounces and is designed to be a top notch performer while still remaining surprisingly affordable.

Daiwa's Travel Series : The Ardito 763
Do you have a bucket list of fish species you'd like to catch? Do the fish on that list of yours live in exotic waters across the globe? Do you cringe at the thought of taking your favorite sticks with you on the plane never knowing their condition upon arrival? Do you find yourself searching fruitlessly for quality, multi-piece, fishing rods, to use as your dedicated travel gear?

The Ultimate Conquest - by Shimano Japan
Low profile reels change shape and evolve with every passing year. What's considered small and comfortable one year can be obsolete in the matter of three to five. Round reels on the other hand are much more enduring. After all, there's not much you can do to change the shape of round. Most bass fisherman are familiar with Shimano's USDM flagship round reel, the Calcutta, but how many are aware of that reel's JDM counterpart, the Conquest?
Cranking It Up with Dobyns Rods's 806CB!|
Fresh off of our Editor's Choice Awards podium, Dobyns Rods makes another foray into our review archives with a stick built especially for the new, LOUS Syndrome hitting tackle store pegboards everywhere. The subject of today's review is touted in many bass angling circles as being THE stick for baits like Strike King's 10XD. Here now is our look at Dobyns Rods 806CB.
Creating a RUCKUS With Fresh New Designs, River2Sea
From jigs, to punch weights, to glide baits, to drop shot weights, River2Sea products are a staple in our utility boxes when out on the water testing tackle. Today we get to write about one of their products. Introducing a relatively new lipless crank, the River2Sea Ruckus!
Dobyns Rods Cranks It Up with a Search For One Candidate!
It's been five short years since we've taken a look at a Dobyns Rods cranking stick. Five long years, since Zander made away with my 704CB Glass. So when I recently heard about a new stick in this sub-lineup within the Champion series, a 7'6" medium heavy powered graphite cranking rod, I was intrigued.











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