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ICAST 2015
Coverage LIVE!

13 Fishing Trick Shop is Open for Customization
Shimano Unviels New Citica I reels
Abu Garcia Raises the Speed Bar with their Rocket!

First look inside the new Curado I baitcaster


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Daiwa and Evergreen International Partner Up!

From Trout to Musky With Clutch

Getting to Know New Fly Lines from RIO

Legendary Status: New Designs and Colors from Tibor Fly Reels
Getting Hooked on HUK "Kryptek" Garments Sub $10 Cranks from Lucky Craft!?! Missile Baits D Stroyer has a Baby! Another New Rod Series from Megabass of America

Additional Recent Articles

The iBobber Fish Finder, There is an App for That!
Looking for fish? There is an App for that! The iBobber is a castable fish finder that syncs with your smartphone or tablet to deliver quality imaging wherever your angling adventures take you.

Gamakatsu Goes Maxo on Nano
There are a handful of terminal tackle manufacturers to which we play close attention because their product has always performed for us when critical product reviews are on the line. One of those brands is Gamakatsu. We caught up with Aaron Martens at the Gamakatsu booth to check out what's new from the company in 2016.
Abu's New Rods for 2015 : From Finesse to Anti-Finesse and All Sorts of Villainy in Between
Abu Garcia has been relatively aggressive in the rod market delivering performance at value with a bit of edge considering the naming of their product line. This year, we have three interesting new and revamped lines to talk about.

It's Prime Time for STORMR Foul Weather Gear
Stormr continues to develop new foul weather garments for anglers that are looking for the ultimate in protection. One of the features that sets their high end garments apart from the fray is the use of neoprene to deliver a comfortable, durable, and highly effective barrier from the elements. This ICAST the company unveiled their new "Prime" jacket for both fresh and saltwater anglers.

Orvis Shows Off New Fly Rods and a New Reel Series
Orvis is easily one of the most recognizable brands in fly fishing. Although their scope extends far beyond just fly fishing, the IFTD show is where we met up with the Orvis crew to check out their latest entries into the fly fishing market. With a few very special new rods and a slick new reel series arriving for the new year...
Increase Your Pulse With New Offerings From Sage
This year's IFTD show was a big one for the Sage brand. They introduced not just three new rod families, but also added additional models to the hot ONE series and redesigned the classy Click reels. We loved what we saw at their booth, and here's a rundown of all the drool-worthy products they had to share with us at TackleTour.
Finally, Phenix Debuts their K2 Sticks, but Don't Overlook Black Chrome!
After years of toying around in the mid level market price range with their Recon and M1 sticks, Phenix has finally addressed the part of market their fans have been calling for from the company for years. That’s right, the K2 rods are finally here!
The "Robocup" Portable Caddy Securely Holds Rods or Drinks on just about Anything
Every year at ICAST we bear witness to new gadgets designed to improve how we fish, and for the most part these inventions are overly complex or just plain irrelevant. The Robocup portable fishing caddy on the other hand stands apart, and presents anglers with a genuinely simple yet effective drink/rodholder combo.
Ramble On With YETI
If you're reading this you're likely an angler, so it's a pretty safe bet you've seen a YETI hat or cooler product at some point. Both the popularity of YETI as well as the product lineup continues to grow at a constant rate with no end in sight. Their products are known for not just keeping stuff cold for long periods, but also for extreme durability.
Get a "Grip" With Galvan
Galvan Fly Reels makes all reels in-house at their Sonora, CA headquarters. Comprised of the Torque, Torque Tournament, Rush Light, and Brookie reel families, this year Galvan brought out a new addition to their lineup. These beautiful new reels include an impressive look and an equally impressive list of features!

Daiwa's Exciting Rod Lineup for 2016!
Daiwa is introducing eight (8) new casting rods to their Steez AGS lineup. What was once just a series of spinning rods is now a full fledged bass line complete with cranking and flipping/pitching sticks!

Still the Boss, Accurate's New lightweight Valiant Reel
The new Valiant BV-300 was designed by Accurate with shallow water jigging in mind but is also a good fit for many other applications including live bait coastal fishing, reef fishing, mooching or jigging for salmon, or targeting tuna and dorado with lighter line offshore.

Denali Rods's New Lithium and Bottom Feeder Series
Two years ago at ICAST 2013, Denali introduced us to their stealth looking Kovert series of rods - a new, budget minded series with contemporary stylings. This year, Denali cranked things up a bit introducing their new Lithium series of rods priced from $179 - $199. Let's take a look!

Gain an EDGE with North Fork Composites Fly Rods!
While searching the aisles of the ICAST/IFTD show, it was no surprise to see the North Fork Composites booth. What was a surprise was to see them not just showcasing conventional rods, but fly rods as well! Though just a small lineup is expected for now, it didn't hurt our curiosity when it came to these fresh new sticks.

The Not so Puzzling Story Behind Enigma Fishing's Product
The name, Aaron Martens has been synonymous with the brand Megabass for years, so naturally, we were curious to see what Enigma Fishing was all about. What was it about this company and the rods, that swayed Martens to part ways with a company that he'd been working with for 17 years.

Kamooki's New SmartCraw can be Cranked, Crawled, or Jigged
Canadian lure company Kamooki is passionate about creating innovative baits and this year introduced a follow on product to their patented SmartFish. These lures utilize the relationship between buoyant forces and gravity to create baits that deliver a very unique presentation to fish.

Gearing Up With Fishpond Tackle Storage
Gearing up for a day of fly fishing involves much more than just a rod, reel, line, and fly selection. Things like choosing the proper clothing, accessories, and ways to store these accessories all come into play. Fishpond has long been known to provide premium solutions to meet these needs of anglers, and this year their product launches definitely didn't disappoint!

Tight Loops and Big Bass: St. Croix's New Mojo Bass Fly Rods
With all of the different conventional methods at our disposal, many anglers overlook the challenge and thrill of chasing bass with a fly rod. This year, St. Croix brings us bass anglers an attractive, affordable line of new fly rods geared towards hooking more anglers on the fun of bass fishing on the fly!
Is Graphene The New Wonder Material? G-Rods Says Yes
G-Rods is building an entire array of sticks for multiple species with blanks made from a proprietary grahpene and Toray carbon fiber blend. That's not a typo, "graphene" is an actual material that can best be described as a thin layer of pure carbon atoms tightly packed and bonded together in a hexagonal, honeycomb lattice.
Big Bite Baits's New Battle Bug Arrives
With their recent signing of Mike McClelland, you knew Big Bite Baits had to have something new in the works for 2016, and that they do. We caught up with Mike in the Big Bite Baits booth at ICAST to see what this new bait is all about.
G.Loomis Expands the E6X Line into the Inshore
G.Loomis is on a roll, and the E6X rod series has become one of the company's most successful launches over the last few years. The E6X line brought the G.Loomis rods down to the $189 dollar price point, introducing the premium brand to a new crop of mainstream anglers. This ICAST G.Loomis builds off this foundation and expands their E6X offerings into the river and salt.
Abu Garcia Takes it to the MAX and Unleashes the BEAST
Leveraging the success of last year's introduction, The BEAST baitcasting reel, Abu extends the brand into other lineups and also refines their offerings in the sub $100 price category.
Tauten's Premium Line Cutter and a Prototype Welder that Eliminates Knots
At every ICAST there is that one thing that we see that we walk away thinking, "that's pretty cool," and this year that tool were the new offerings from a company named Tauten. This company is offering a new precision line cutter called the Pro Elite as well as showcasing an innovative new tool designed to eliminate knots when fishing mono or fluorocarbon. 
The Art of DUO’s Custom Baits on Full Display at ICAST
When it comes to Japanese baits DUO is pretty much as respected as they come. The company has consistently delivered premium designs for two decades. The main reason for this consistency is that the company is helmed by Masahiro Adachi, who is not only the company’s CEO but chief lure designer.
G. Loomis Broadens Their PRO4x Lineup
It's clear that the Loomis crew was hard at work again, as this year they continue their forward progress with the addition of new PRO4x models for both fresh and saltwater pursuits.


A Hot New Superline from FINS
Many anglers often spend a fair amount of time when selecting a rod or reel, yet give very little thought to the type and style of line they buy. To say this can be a mistake is a huge understatement, as the optimal line will allow for a much more enjoyable and productive experience overall. At ICAST this year, we swung by the FINS booth to see their new superline that they are marketing as a real “game changer.”
Turn Up Your Salty Game With New Premium Fly Rods From Scott
Colorado-based Scott fly rod company is no stranger to the salty game, having forged a legendary reputation in the fly fishing industry. This year, they aim to reinvent high-performance saltwater fly rods with a hot new premium series called the Meridian. 
Live Target's New Sunfish Hollow Body Bait is a Hit
Live Target has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years and this ICAST the company promoted the fact they now have over 750 products in their robust portfolio. Each of their lures has been known for two primary things, high quality construction and extremely realistic finishes. The company continues to set the bar very high each ICAST and this year was no different.
New Rods from Douglas Outdoors
At last year's ICAST/IFTD show in Orlando we previewed Douglas Outdoors, a new company from fly fishing industry veteran Jim Murphy. Not just a fly fishing company, Douglas offers up a vast new product lineup geared towards both fly and conventional angling. We had sampled their intriguing new DXS and DXC families of spinning and casting rods, and now one year later we take a look at their newest models.


Shimano Stradic FK is a Winner and the Casitas Baitcaster is Unveiled
Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated spinning reel of the show, the new Shimano Stradic FK, took home the "Best of Show - Freshwater Reel," winning over buyers and media with the brand new sleek redesign. Though the Stradic FK definitely took the spotlight another new reel, the low profile Casitas baitcaster, is sure to be of interest to mainstream bass anglers.
Quantum Demonstrates Refinement Doesn't Necessarily Mean Expensive
Having spent a good deal of their R&D budget on the upper end of their low profile baitcasting market with the EXO, TourMg, and Smoke reels over the last few years, this year, Quantum focused on their more core offerings. Three new introductions highlight this year's lineup starting with a baitcaster priced at $49.95!

A Look Back and Forward Spincasting with Zebco
Spincast reels have the reputation of truly entry level equipment for those looking to sample the fun past time of fishing. The perception is, spincast reels are simply tools for children so they don't tangle their line while casting. Truth of the matter is, line management is so simple on these seemingly clunky little reels, many fisherpersons never give them up...

Abu Garcia Goes Big in Spinning for ICAST 2015
Since Abu Garcia introduced their Revo reels, a lot of attention has been afforded to their low profile baitcasting lineup and while the company did offer spinning reels under this name, the suite was never quite complete. Well, this year, Abu Garcia resolves that issue and then some by filling out the Revo suite of spinning reels!
Okuma Redesigns the Inspira Spinning Series and it's a Beauty
Okuma has a lot of great reels but before the company had all the low profile baitcasters and heavy duty saltwater reels it was known for quality spinning reels above all. This year the company decided it was time to redesign the Inspira spinning reels and what they finally are introducing looks like a beauty.

Powell Introduces New Fly and Bass Rod Models
The Powell brand has over 100 years of experience in the fishing rod industry. While the majority of their company history has been within the fly rod market, the success of Powell's bass rods has taken center stage the last several years. Having never lost touch with their fly fishing roots, Powell is aiming to continue their legacy in fly fishing by revitalizing their lineup with the introduction of the new Legacy XL rods.

The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same : Daiwa's Exciting Low Profile Lineup for 2016
Over the last several years, Daiwa's low profile baitcasting scene has been dominated by their T-Wing line guide system. From the original Tatula to last year's Zillion TWS, the T-Wing has really taken flight. But this year, Daiwa has taken a step back enhancing and expanding their core, non-TWS reels. Let's take a look at the new lineup!
13 Fishing Introduces New Reels, and Yes there is a Lefty!
One of our first stops on Day 1 of ICAST was the 13 Fishing booth, a brand that is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to product design and sheer cool factor. The company recently impressed us with the release of the Trick Shop components and we were eager to see what new reel offerings they would unveil this year.
Jackall Prepares to Launch New Hard and Softbaits at ICAST 2015
Jackall is known for both the quality and detail in design of both their hard and softbaits, and this ICAST the brand is going for a one-two punch with introductions in both categories. While these new lures will be officially introduced next week at ICAST in Orlando we take a hands on look at the new Jackall Jaco crankbaits and ChunkCraw creature bait now.












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