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Complete list of all current ICAST 2014 coverage
Glide Week : Riding the S-Wave!
Abu Garcia Raises the Speed Bar with their Rocket!
Daiwa’s Steez EX 100XS offers a Deadly Combination of Both Speed and Precision

First look inside the new Curado I baitcaster


The Surprising EXTC726XF EXO Tour from Quantum!
It's no secret that I've enjoyed the product Quantum has produced under their "EXO" line. The casting reels are light, comfortable to palm and have all performed well for me. Quantum is also making fishing rods under this same series name, so we thought it was about time to take a look. Are the rods as inspiring as the reels?
The Search For One : Phenix's Maxim Series 7'3" MH
Phenix's new Maxim bass rod series feature blanks made with a carbon rather than paper scrim - a feature that made G.Loomis GLX unique back in the day. Today we put one of these blanks to the test in our review of their Maxim series MAX-73MH casting rod.
Kistler's Refreshed Magnesium TS : The MgMDXH710T Mad Dog
Last year, to celebrate the line's 10 year anniversary, Kistler reintroduced Helium bringing the series back to its Made in the USA origins. This past winter, it was time for another refresh. Introducing our first look at Kistler's re-imaged Magnesium series of rods with our review of the MgMDXH710T Mad Dog.
A G.Loomis Rod Under 200 dollars? Meet the E6X Series
G.Loomis has long been heralded by anglers as a premium brand and while their rods have found homes on the boats and rod racks of so many enthusiast anglers they have also been out of reach for many due to price. That is all about to change as G.Loomis prepares to introduce their most affordable rods to date, the new E6X Series...
Go Light or Go Home: The Okuma Helios HS-CM-701M
When Okuma came out with their Helios lineup of mini-guide rods, they were touted as being the lightest Okuma has ever offered. I jokingly thought “Okay, maybe their lightest bass rod weighs 4.5 ounces and now they will offer one at 4.4 ounces.” This idea quickly evacuated my mind when I first held a few of these sticks and saw their published weights...
Sneak Up On Your Quarry With The Denali Kovert K863WJ Rod
Here at TackleTour we have published full reviews of their Jadewood and Noirwood models, but now it's time for us to pick apart the K863WJ Kovert rod to see if it's worthy of a spot on the front deck of your bass boat.

The Return of Kistler's Carbon Steel Line
Building rods domestically comes with higher costs making it difficult to produce a competitive stick in the very hotly contested $80 - $120 price point. Enter the new Carbon Steel rods from Kistler. Sourced from overseas to keep costs down, these rods share the same bare Z-Bone aesthetic as their existing lineups.

Flipping Week : Zombie or Immortal? Dee Thomas's Signature Series Flipping Rod
From the popular, to the obscure, to the new, we now bring you to the somewhat rare entry in TT's Flipping Week. Zombie's Dee Thomas edition of their Immortal 76 is a limited edition, limited production stick made to the exacting specifications of the father of flipping himself, Dee Thomas.

Flipping Week : Orochi Double X Aaron Martens Special!
Just because this series is the lowest price offerings from Megabass, we’ve quickly found out that sacrifices were not made in terms of performance. Here now is our take on yet another rod in this series, the F8-79XX Aaron Martens Flipping Special.

Flipping Week : Gary Loomis Shows his Edge for Flipping
Edge Rod's Flip 787-1 has the rare pedigree of being a fishing rod made in the USA. With the ease of heading overseas to procure OEM product, each year witnesses an increasing number of rod companies emerging in the bass fishing market. There are a few companies bucking this trend and Edge Rods, out of Woodland, Washington is one of them.



Flipping Week : Phenix Rods Mocks the Demon
Phenix's rise into the mainstream of bass angler's fishing rod consciousness has been quite astonishing. Their combination of value plus performance in several lines has really changed expectations. In particular, the Recon 2 series has been a favorite amongst TT Editors for the fusion of JDM styling together with attractive price points. No where is this more evident than in the company's entry to flipping week.
Flipping Week : iRod's Bub Tosh Punch Rod!
We've gathered a handful of rods from the popular, to the obscure, to the new, to the rare, all to be featured in our first ever Flipping Week! First up, we take a look at one of the most affordable, yet hard to get flipping sticks on the market to day. Introducing our look at iRod's IRG7114P-H, aka, Bub's Punch Rod.
Getting a Grip on Castaway’s new Invicta Spinnerbait Rod
Castaway already makes a number of high end rods but this season their new Invicta Series is designed to take the brand to a whole new level. Designed with 40 ton carbon these are the same rods that Pro Anglers Russ Lane and Toss Faircloth employ on the Elite Series tour.

Molix Brings Italian Style to the Rod Market With the Fioretto FSC-66M
Best known for their high-quality lures, Molix surprised many of us with the introduction of their Fioretto line of bass rods. Although this selection of sticks is downright tiny compared to the competition, we were eager to see how they performed on the water.

The Best of Both Worlds – The Shimano/Jackall Poison Adrena Rods
When Shimano America partnered with Jackall for marketing and distribution, not all that long ago, many wondered just what this meant for both organizations in terms of product design and availability.
Product Insight: What We Look for in a Fishing Rod... Featuring Batson
At ICAST 2013, we got into a thought provoking discussion with one manufacturer known more for their production of blanks and rod components more so than built rods. This is understandable since they don't really offer any built rods direct to the general public. Who are they you ask? Well have you heard of Alps rod components or maybe Rainshadow?
G.Loomis Updates the IMX Series of Bass Rods
In recent seasons the company has updated their other rod lines including the GLX and GL2 rods, and the middle child that is the IMX Series has had to continue to patiently wait for their time to shine. The spotlight finally shifted to the IMX series on the big stage of the Bassmaster Classic where a new lineup of 34 rods was hard launched.

The Search For One : Guess Who's Back Building Rods?
What do you do if a rod building legend called with the simple request of a consultation appointment the topic of which surrounds brainstorming ideas for a new series of bass rods they're looking to develop from the ground up? What do you do if this same legend and his team actually listened to your input...

Not Just for Chuckin' Blades: The Megabass Orochi XX F5-610XX Spinnerbait Special
By now, it should be pretty apparent that we here at TackleTour are big fans of the Megabass Orochi XX series of casting and spinning rods. Offered at modest prices, they are accessible to a wider range of anglers that were previously unable to afford the high cost of Megabass' more exotic offerings.
Daiwa Completes Their Suite with the Tatula Casting Rods!
What we're here to look at today is the original Tatula reel's partner. Who could that partner be you ask? It's a fishing rod of course! Introducing our first look at the Tatula series of casting rods, the TAT721HFB (7'2" Heavy).
Looking to Recapture the "Lighter Than Air" Magic : Kistler's New Helium 3
Domestically, G.Loomis and St. Croix dominated the rod market but one small rod manufacturer out of Texas was pushing to the forefront by making available to the general angling public fishing rods with designs and aesthetics normally reserved for custom rods...
Phenix Adds to their Heavy Powered Arsenal : The M1 MX72H
Phenix's MBX Classic and Recon series of rods are now staples in tackle stores nationwide. Today we take a closer look at a rod in their latest series with our review of the MX72H, a seven foot two inch, heavy powered stick that's part of the M1 lineup.
Balancing Around AIR : iRod Fishing's IRA704C-H.
Yes, to accompany their entry level sticks, iRods also had another, higher end series, iRod AIR. Certainly nothing fuels my investigative enthusiasm more than a new top-end product from any manufacturer. Presenting our review of iRods' Air series IRA704C-H.
The Search for One: St. Croix Speaks in Xtremes
St. Croix does not promise you the lightest rods on the market, but what you can expect is a finely crafted, very high performing tool to add to your arsenal. Today, we take a look at the rod that took top honors at ICAST 2012 as Best of Show Freshwater Fishing Rod.
Ready to Take Your Fishing to the Edge?
That's right, in case you missed it, Gary Loomis is back and he's not just building blanks anymore - he's building rods. Here is an exclusive first hand look at the finished product. Introducing Edge Fishing Rod's new lineup for bass fishing.
Ugly Never Looked so Good, Preview the New GX2
37 years later Shakespeare will be introducing the new Ugly Stik GX2 at ICAST. The GX2 Series will replace the original and pays homage to the legendary toughness and durability of the original series while infusing the rod line with advanced new technology to improve sensitivity and refinement. 
Putting Value Back in American Made - Kistler's KLX 7' Medium
Are you familiar with the adage in reference to certain ethnic cuisines that you can only have two of three things: good; fast; or cheap? In November of 2012, we previewed a rod line by one manufacturer that promised to change that paradigm. Today, we take a closer look at one of the rods in that lineup. Here now is our review of Kistler Custom Rod’s KLXBBC70M
A Creature Feverish Search for The One? The 735C from Dobyns Rods
Gary Dobyns, is the reason these sticks are among the top picks with anglers fishing tournament circuits across the US. Their most popular model? A stick that just happens to fit right in with our Creature Fever theme from last year. Here's our look at Dobyns Rods Champion Series 735C.
What the F-Power? Megabass's Drop Shot is Going to Double XX The Competition!
Megabass of America, is looking to walk that very fine line between not upsetting their loyal fans, and expanding their audience beyond the Enthusiast market. Here is our first in a planned series of reviews on this new line, introducing the Orochi XX F3-611XXS Drop Shot.
TT Preview : Shimano’s New Red Cumara Series Goes KR-Concept
This past ICAST Shimano unveiled the new Cumara redesign which encompassed everything from the company’s worm/jig rods to crankbait and even a rod designed specifically for fishing umbrella rigs. These rods are all immediately identifiable with a deep red finish, Fuji KR-Concept Alconite Guides and ultra compact EVA foam grips.

Megabass Doubles Up the Ancient Dragon God of Water : Orochi XX
Late in 2012 Megabass Japan and Megabass USA, formerly two separate corporate entities, merged to create Megabass of America, now a subsidiary of Megabass Japan. The fruit from this new merger is beginning to ripen. Here is an exclusive, hands-on ProducTTpreview of the very first crop of product to come to market from Megabass of America: introducing the new Orochi Double-X production rods.

Better the Second Time Around?  The iRod Genesis II IRG744C-MH
The Genesis II lineup takes over where the original Genesis series left off, in hopes of offering anglers an improved bang for the buck value.  Does this new series hit the mark?  Having no experience with an iRod of any type, I was eager to find out what these rods were all about!



Product Reviewed Date Posted
The Father of Flipping Continues to Innovate : DT Guides by Dee Thomas
Not a Follower: The Airrus Stargate ASG721HF-C
Drastically Different : The St. Croix RAGE RC71MHXF Rod
Creature Fever : Jigging, Worming, and Chopping with G.Loomis's GL2 804C JWR
Regaining His Edge : Bass Rods by Gary Loomis
Cranking at a Higher Level, the New G.Loomis GLX
From Coast to Coast with the 13 Fishing Omen OBC73M
Ready for Battle, a First Look on the Water with Phenix's M1 Series
Creature Fever : Phenix Gets into Heavy Recon
Just in Time for the Holidays, Kistler's New KLX
Denali's Stealthy Noirwood N823FJ Finesse Jig
The Search For One: Eclectic Versatility in the 2 Hole. The G.Loomis NRX 852C
Savvy Duo:  Dobyns SS733C and SSM733C Micro Guide Rods
Creature Fever : ZBone in the AmaZon
Creature Fever : Avid About St. Croix
Zombies from the Amazon to Alabama
From Rigs to Jigs with the G. Loomis NRX 873C CRR
What The Finesse?!? : Feeling Lucky... Craft?
A Touch of Class: The Denali Jadewood 843WJ
Fueling the Mainstream, Powell's Upcoming Diesel Rods
Goin' Long With the Lamiglas Excel XL7116C
G.Loomis NRX rods go “Green”
What the Finesse : Daiwa's Mega-Where?
What the Finesse: Talk about Endurance, Powell’s new Spinning Rod
What the Finesse : This Legend Has "It"
Do You Believe in Micro-Magic? WTF!! : Duckett Fishing's Medium Powered Spinning Rod
Kistler Custom Rods Introduces Their Stock Model Z-Bone LEX
What the Finesse: A Different Character, the NRX Drop Shot Rod
What the Finesse : Falcon's Jeff Kriet Signature Series Stick
Phenix's Oxymoron Trout Stick : The Iron Feather
Seeking perfection, the Pinnacle “Perfecta” Tournament Class rods
The Search For One... St. Croix's Mojo Bass
Powell Teams up with Pro Angler Jared Lintner to create a rod specifically for Squarebill Cranks
The Search For One with the Legends… St Croix’s Legend Elite and Xtreme
The Search for One... Carrots with Flavor Enhancing Micros?
Cast, Crank, REACT!! : Cumara CUCX711MH
The Search For One... Lamiglas Certified Pro
The Samurai Sword of Frog Rods, the Daiwa Steez XBD
The Search For One... Temple Fork Outfitters Enters the Bass Market
One hundred years in the making, the Powell Endurance Rod Series
Ignore the Labels and Just Fish It : Lucky Craft's LCMG 761XHF
The Search For One... Kistler Puts the "Z" in CuZtom
ICAST Preview: A Sneak Peek at Pinnacle’s new “Perfecta” Tournament Class rods
The Search for One… Scary attention to detail, Zombie’s X-Heavy Pitching Rod
Abu Garcia has Reached the "Verdict"- New Rod Preview
The Search For One... Shimano's Perfect Storm, Cumulus
The Search For One… Abu Garcia’s Vendetta Is Anything But Cold
The Search For One.. Damiki's Long Anticipated Angel Blade
The Search For One ... American Rodsmith's Top End Offering
What a Difference a Guide Makes: Kistler's Micro MG TS
TackleTour's 2009 Crankbait Rod Wars Finale
CB Rod Wars Part 18: G.Loomis goes with graphite for more sensitivity while cranking
Putting Kistler's New ZBone Sticks to the Test on Falcon Lake, TX
The Search For One ... Exel-lence from Lamiglas
Abu Garcia Veritas Rods: A Blend of Truth, Nanotechnology, Performance and Affordability
ProducTTpreview : Rapala Makes a Splash in the "CDM"
PRODUCTTPREVIEW : Rise of the "Zombie" Rods
CB Rod Wars part 18: Megabass's New GTZ Series
PRODUCTTPREVIEW: Dobyns Rods New Savvy Series
The Search For One... Setting the Baseline With Not Just Any G.Loomis
CB Rod Wars Part 17: American Rodsmiths' Titanium Reinforced H3T-DFCR70
Finesse Fishing with Damiki's Dark Angel S701ML Spinning Rod
The e21 21 Gold Carrot Stix, an interesting blend to say the least
CB Rod Wars Part 16: Cranking for Strikes with the Airrus Wildlife Copperhead
CB Rod Wars Part 15: A Powerhouse of a Cranking Rod, the 8 foot Powell 806CB
CB Rod Wars Part 14: Launch a Crankbait With Quantum’s Tour KVD
PRODUCTTPREVIEW : Fuji's New K-Series Tangle Free Guides
CB Rod Wars Part 13: Taking care of business with the Falcon Rods T7 “Deep Runner”
CB Rod Wars Part 12: The Cumara Reaction Rods up the ante for Shimano
The lightweight Castaway Skeleton series goes Camo
CB Rod Wars Part 11: Experience Half Graphite and Half Glass Crankbaitin' with the Fenwick Elite Tech Crankshaft
CB Rod Wars Part 10: Crankin' with Carrots, That's E21's 21 Carrot Gold
CB Rod Wars Part 8: Daiwa’s Steez Fle-X-Lite Cranking Sticks are Scary Slick
CB Rod Wars Part #7 : Our First Detailed Look at Dobyns Rods Gen 2 Product
Kistler Custom Rods Returns to Form with Micro Rods and Custom, Build to Order Rods

Phenix Rods Takes Flight With Their Ultra MBX 707H
The Sticks With an Adjustable Backety Back : Introducing Mattlures Swimbait Rods
First Look: Skeet Reese Signature Series Tessera Rods
CB Rod Wars Part #6: Lucky Craft's Fat Mini Magic
CB Rod Wars Part #3 : New Kid on the Block Damiki
CB Rod Wars Part 2 : Is It Jackall's Year?
It's Time to Crank It Up and Blow Out the Locker Door: Presenting Our 2009 Crankbait Rod Wars Lineup!
Power, Value, and a Great Hook Keeper are all attributes of Harmonix rods
Does the Daiwa Zillion TDZL74XHFB Have "IT" for Swimbaits?
Winter Jerkbait Fishing with St. Croix’s Application Specific Legend Tournament Rod
PRODUCTTPREVIEW : Dobyns Rods TNG (The Next Generation)
Shimano's new Ultra Durable Voltaeus Rods are also Lightweight
CB Rod Wars Part 1: Mixing it up with Phenix’s X10
Finally! Our Take on the Steez Eight Foot Flipping Stick
Can't Find Exactly What You Need in a New Rod? Maybe It's Time You Considered Custom!
Daiwa brings “IT” with the new TD Zillion Rods
Getting "Shakey" G.Loomis Style
Escape with the lightest rod from the G.Loomis travel lineup
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #16: ... And That's A Wrap!
Shimano's Tescata rods work Lucanus Jigs with finesse
Nories Enters the High End Trout Market with Their Trout Program Stream 63
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #15: G.Loomis, Has the Baseline Been Surpassed?
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #14: The Big, Dominating, Overpowering Dobyns Rods 807MAGH
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #13: St. Croix's Legend Tournament Swimbait Sticks
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #12: Megabass's Orochi F8-78DG Super Destruction
Daiwa prepares to release new Steez Fle-X-Lite rods for crankbait and jerkbait applications
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #10: Quantum's New Superlight
Return of “Phenix,” a first look at the company’s new line of bass rods
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #9: Powell's Answer to the Paddle Tail Craze
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #8 : Lamiglas's Big Bait Special
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #7 : The Megabass White Python
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #6 : The Tool of a Trophy Bass Fisherman, Dobyns Rods 795ML

More then just deep cranking with Powell's 754 CB Glass Rod
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #5 : The Big Swimbait Special From Kistler
Beyond just Bottom Bouncing with the Shimano premium Cumara rod
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #4: The Return of an Old Favorite, Fenwick
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #3 : A Walk on the Exotic Side with Evergreen International's Balista
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #2 : Okuma Strikes With Value
FINALLY! The Dobyns Rods Champion Xtreme DX703C X-Fast
May the Swimbait rod wars begin...
Getting a Grip on the New Helium: Kistler Custom Rod's Helium 2 LTX
Getting to know glass all over again, the Lamiglas Skeet Reese Cranking Stick
The new Shimano Cumara freshwater rods make their official debut....in a few hours
An Enthusiast's look at the Loomis Bronzeback GLX rod
Just plain slick, the new XMG 50 Bass Rod from Lamiglas
A specialty rod for kayak anglers, introducing the Quantum Kayak
Does the "X" in Daiwa's New SVF Compile-X Rods Stand for EXCEPTIONAL?
Toss the biggest swimbaits with the new Powell SB711H rod
A first look at the new Lamiglas Dobyns Champion Series Rods
Daiwa’s new Steez rods exhibit just as much Performance as they do Style
Graphite rods for serious stand up saltwater, courtesy of G.Loomis Pro Blue
Taking "technique specific" to the next level with the titanium tipped Team Daiwa Cielo rod
Fenwick’s Carbon Veil Technology is the key component to the HMG rods
Looking For One Stick to Do It All and Then Some? Powell's MAX 683C Casting Stick
The “Megaphone Effect” on the innovative AiRRUS Tradition
Gary Dobyns involvement in Powell's Max Bass Rods help create a bona fide hit for bassers
Kistler's eagerly anticipated Magnesium TS rod is put through a complete slew of tests
Want to feel even the slightest ticks 50 feet below? With the latest G.Loomis GLX Drop Shot rod you can
Lipper's new Evolution Rods apply a solid "Neo-Carbon" blank for more fish moving muscle
Another win for AiRRUS with the equally high  performing and versatile Ultra XL
Legendary Components and Craftsmanship in a US made rod : the 2005 St. Croix Legend Elite
Legendary Components and Craftsmanship in a US made rod : the 2005 St. Croix Legend Elite

Get a sneak peek of AiRRUS applying "Nanotechnology" to their newest rods

Target suspended bass with Rogue's sophisticated Drop Shot rod
Solidly Crafted and a Solid Performer, Falcon Rod's Cara Series...just plain "solid"
Elevated sensitivity and the power to move bass, the new GLoomis GLX Jig & Worm BCR803

The Rhino Tackle Tote serves up instant fishing excitement wherever you go
Hextek™ technology puts a new spin on cranking, introducing the Cape Fear Technical Bass rod
Buying the right rod...for You
Cape Fear draws on Hextek technology to construct their new series of bass rods

Some of the very best that Japan has to offer comes to our shores thanks to MegaBass USA
Fish confidently with the extendable AiRRUS Spectra AFT baitcast rod
Shimano ups the ante with the re-introduction of the Crucial
A guide to G.Loomis' new Jig & Worm Series
Versatility in a one-piece package, the Kistler Helium LTA He76HC
St. Croix's technique specific Legend Tournament Bass Teaser rod helps provoke strikes
Drop Shot successfully with help from the Kistler Drop Shot Special
St. Croix introduces new 2005 products which utilize innovative technology and display exciting new designs
Shimano launches the new Teramar series of rods, designed to fit angler's specialized needs
Lamiglas's fresh G1303-T Back Bouncer is a multi-talented Performer
TT Covert operations delivers a snapshot into the future of innovation from AiRRUS Rods
Anglers need make no compromises with the exceptional value of Shimano’s Compre rods
The Kistler Crankbait Composite, all the action of glass, with the sensitivity and weight of graphite
Blending multiple design methods to create a high performing rod, the AiRRUS Co-MATRiX 457
A Performance Tuned tool for the Inshore Angler
Seeker Combines Fiberglass and Graphite to form Black Steel
An impressive and innovative rod design that's superb in many ways, introducing the AiRRUS Co-MATRiX 457
Portability and protection with the Bass Pro Extreme XPS travel rod
Protect your rod investment with 8 easy tips
The Quantum PTS664F, Performance Tuned for finesse techniques that require profound action and sensitivity
The Kencor SP4HV - This ain't no kid's rod!
Lighter than air, the new Kistler Helium LTA is a must have for anglers looking for an edge 3/03/03
Professionally engineered and designed for superb performance, the Quantum Tour Edition PT
Travel light with a premium rod, the St. Croix Premier Traveler
The innovative Renegade Evolution Series by Hookhider is now available at Walmart!
Kistler Delta Pitch n Flip delivers accuracy and power at a fantastic price!
Fishing crankbaits? St. Croix has designed an affordable premium rod, the Avid Crankbait series
Salmon beware, Lamiglas produces a worthy Salmon rod, the Norwest Special
A unique side casting reel and rod combo from down under
Exceptional comfort and sensitivity at a great price, Quarrow's OTS664F
An exciting new grip design brought to you by Hookhider!
Kistler Custom Rods handcrafts a rod with true muscle... the new 6'6" Mark Tyler signature rod
St. Croix's Legend Elite rod... it's BEAUTIFUL!
Quarrow's new feature packed OTC665F rod designed by O.T. Fears
Competitive Edge Fishing reaction bait rod with... Robert's wrap!
GLoomis HSR 932C, the Jig-Master
Ugly Stik Tiger, the original offshore big cat!
Fenwick HMX S66L-2 Ultralight
GLoomis MBR783C Bass Rod
GLoomis SR-842-3S Travel rod
Quantum Ultralight











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