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Product Insight

Product Insight: Megabass's Blueprint of Success - The Vision OneTen (continued)

The OneTen SquareBill is Megabass's answer to these situations. Built with a higher float factor than the original, this bait also comes with, as the name suggests, a square bill. Like crankbaits of similar construction, the bill on this bait is more stout than the original and built not only to take more abuse, but deflect better off of rocks and similar structure. The Square Bills action is otherwise very much the same as that of the original OneTen.

Think the decision of replacement trebles is a simple matter? Think again. Witness how each model affects the Vision 110's action.

Replacement Hooks: Back on the subject of hooks, we were curious ourselves as to the exact effect different brand and model replacement trebles would have on the Vision OneTen's action so we did what came naturally. We procured seven different models of replacement trebles from three different manufacturers, weighed them, measured them, and re-outfitted seven Original OneTen's to test with each model in a swimming pool.

By the time we get into 2x strong hooks, the weight variance is easier to detect.


Mustad's Ultra Points are marketed with a shorter length, but they weigh as much as Gamakatsu's 1x strong hooks.

What we discovered was that even the difference of 0.1 grams is enough to change the buoyancy of the OneTen from positive to negative though there's no discernable difference in the bait's action. However, the difference of just 0.3 grams in hook weight really serves to bog down the bait affecting its ability to arch during each twitch or pull of the rod, and this weight also greatly affects the bait's buoyancy making it sink very quickly providing a less than enticing target.

wner's lightest replacement treble is 0.3 grams heavier than the stock Katsuage hooks when weighed at 3 total hooks.

Owner's 2x hooks are not even an option for the Vision 110. The extra weight just deadens the action of the bait.

The ST-46TN weighs the same as Owner's ST-41BC but oddly enough they have different points (cutting edge vs needle point).


Conclusion: The more we fish, test, and analyze this bait, the more we realize just how delicate the balance is within the Vision OneTen's overall design. It's clear Megabass was successful in duplicating its action across several different bill designs to help anglers target different parts of the water column, and this is a good thing because as we've witnessed, simply changing the hooks to achieve different fall rates and therefore, running depths doesn't work with this bait. It's also clear that while the OneTen Magnum is almost an exact duplicate of the original OneTen in terms of profile, angles, and proportions, only in a larger overall size, it is a different bait.


It will always be the straight eye (left) vs the down eye (right).

The other mystery with the OneTen, straight eye versus down eye, will remain just that, a mystery. To us, their actions in the water are the same, their buoyancy is the same, and of course, the overall appearance, angles, proportions of the bait are the same. The only difference is in the eyes and the material used to weight the baits. But there's little doubt anglers will continue to pay over and above market price for what many already consider an over priced product.

Megabass's Vision OneTen and all the available variants are staples in every TT Editor's tackle box during rip bait season.

Rip baits are a favorite among the TT staff, and acknowledging the fact we're missing a look at the HiFloat and Silent Riser versions of this bait along with the yet to be released OneTen Jr, you can be sure we will continue to fish all available versions of the OneTen as situations call for it. Although now that we know how delicate the performance balance is with this bait, we might use lighter line than before and back off our drags to preserve the integrity of those stock, Katsuage hooks because the OneTen's action with the replacement options just aren't quite the same. For some, the action will be good enough, for many more it is not. That's exactly the allure of this bait, for those in the know, there's simply no replacing Megabass's Vision OneTen.









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