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Product Insight

Product Insight: Megabass's Blueprint of Success - The Vision OneTen (continued)

Fished out of the box, on light line, the Vision 110 dives relatively quickly on long casts and has an erratic swimming and darting as described above. Stop your retrieve, and the bait assumes a stunned, head down position in the water slowly rising to the surface. This rate of rise will vary depending upon the temperature of the water (the denser or colder the water, the slower the bait will rise).

The OneTen Magnum is a larger bait but with all the same proportions.

The Magnum: The Vision OneTen Magnum is actually a slightly different bait. Not only is it 130 millimeters instead of 110, but it's designed to suspend in the water in a more neutral position with the body parallel to the surface. Marketing material suggests you can count the Magnum down to desired depths, but tested in 60 degree water, we saw no real evidence of this. The bait suspends almost perfect when paused. Heavier hooks might help achieve a count down descent. On the retrieve, the Magnum runs just a tad straighter than the original.

The OneTen +1 features a longer bill for running at greater depths.

The PlusOne: The Vision OneTen Plus One is a long billed version of the original OneTen and the long bill gives it not only a greater running depth, but also a more negative buoyancy. The OneTen Plus One sinks rather that rises in the water on each pause of your retrieve. Otherwise the actions of each bait under the water are remarkably similar.

The OneTen FX is a next generation Vision.

The FX: The Vision OneTen FX is a sort of next generation OneTen. This bait features a moving bill that moves into a position parallel to the center line of the bait during a cast, but on that first jerk of your rod tip, moves back into diving position. The benefits we've seen out on the water is this bait casts incredibly accurate with a trajectory unlike anything we've seen out of a jerkbait.

Many complain the stock hooks on each Vision 110 are too thin. Are they this way for a reason? We take a look.

Thanks to the straighter trajectory on each cast, it's not unreasonable to believe Megabass's claims of further casting distance. We estimate at least ten to fifteen percent further casts. It's quite remarkable and an experience you have to cast to believe.

At first glance, Gamakatsu's EWG are the same weight, but when you weigh 3 together, there's a variance of 0.1 grams.

Otherwise, once in the water, the FX has also has a more negative buoyancy and in sixty degree water has a tendency to sink rather than float. It has more resistance in the water than the original, but the FX's action is also remarkably similar to the original. Estimated running depth of the FX is in between that of the Original and the Plus One.

The Vision OneTen Square Bill is made for deflecting off structure in skinny water.

The SquareBill: How many of you out there throw your Original OneTens in shallow water, like two to three feet? There's a trend these days to throw shallower running jerkbaits like the Vision OneTen in skinny water like this, but the trouble is they're not built for these situations and you will experience broken bills as a result.

The same holds true for Gamakatu's 1x strong Round Bend hooks.



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