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Line Review

Sunline's Machine Gun Cast - A Misfire of Sorts (continued)

Stretch: As expected from our first, out of the package test, stretch on this line is rather minimal and even better, the line reverts back to its original length after pressure has been released. Unlike many lines that exhibit memory this line remains easy to manage after being wound on the spool for extended periods.


A 4lb striper thanks to 12lb Machine Gun Cast spooled on my Conquest 51 mounted on my Megabass Hien Type-S.

Knot Strength: Knot strength of this copolymer is reminiscent of fluorocarbon lines - very poor. When all was said and done, our fourteen pound test line tested, on average, to eleven pounds with knot strength.


Sunline Machine Gun Cast Copolymer Line Knot Tests (14lb - 0.31mm)

San Diego Jam
Improved Clinch*
Avg Knot Strength (%)
Avg Knot Strength (lbs)
Values expressed as percentage of TESTED WET tensile strength
*Knot slipped several times during tests


On The Water: Our field tests with this line were mixed as well. On the one hand, I enjoyed the low stretch performance on this line and thanks to its density, this line is very sensitive as well. It really does fish like a fluorocarbon. The deficiencies of abrasion resistance noted in the lab never manifested themselves to me out on the water.


Same combo, different result, this time a nice largemouth!

Unfortunately the same cannot be said of Zander who had repeated break offs of this line while fishing at El Salto Lake in Mexico cranking submerged groves of trees. He was enjoying most of the same properties I discussed above, but soon found the line breaking down on him after only half a day fishing. At one point he lost two fish in a row to snaps in the line a few feet up the line. The submerged wood just played havoc on this line and the bass actually gave us the opportunity to inspect the damage. After a bass broke the line it performed aerial maneuvers trying to shake the lure loose and actually managed to do just that. We trolled over to the floating crankbait and inspected the roughed up line. Sure enough it was coarse near the break. Inspect your line often if your coming into contact with structure with this line. On this particular trip to El Salto it was so bad, Zander pulled all the Machine Gun Cast fishing line off his reels and re-spooled with "old reliable" Berkley Big Game.


Moving on up to a heavier test strength during our Swimbait Rod Wars of 2008.

Since Zander's experience down in Mexico, I've been very careful where I choose to use this line so while I haven't abandoned it entirely, the one area where I was counting on this line to perform, with big baits, I've since moved onto other lines.

Ratings: (We've re-calibrated our ratings standard for 2008 and have included a key at the bottom of the following matrix as a guide):

Sunline Machine Gun Cast Copolymer Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Impressive out of the package 8
Performance Questionable abrasion resistance and knot strength 6
Price In the same neighborhood as Defier 6
Features Low stretch, sensitive line 7
Design (Ergonomics) What happened to that abrasion resistance? 5
Application A good line for plastics, carolina rigging, and jigs because of its sensitivity 7

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:



J Good sensitivity L This line did not agree with us in terms of knot strength or abrasion resistance
J Low Stretch L Pricey


And yes, I did use it this year during our Crankbait Rod wars as well!

Conclusion: In the end, I guess two out of three isn't bad. While I still like Shooter fluorocarbon and Defier monofilament very much, I'm a bit apprehensive to recommend Machine Gun Cast. This line simply did not do well for us in the field and lab tests exposed weaknesses in knot strength and abrasion, and in the competitive market of fishing lines, there just isn't room to leave an unfavorable first impression at this price point when there are so many available options on the market.


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