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Line Review

Sunline's Machine Gun Cast - A Misfire of Sorts

Date: 11/02/09
Tackle type: Fishing Lines
Manufacturer: Sunline
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 6.50 - FAIR

Introduction: The popularity of Sunline's product in the bass fishing community is obvious and the performance of two of their lines, Shooter fluorocarbon and Defier monofilament, has been nothing short of stellar here at TackleTour. With positive experiences with two of their product already in the books, they make it easy to want to sample more. Today, we take a look at an older generation line from Sunline, their Machine Gun Cast Copolymer.


Presenting Sunline's Machine Gun Cast Copolymer

Sunline Machine Gun Cast Copolymer Line Specifications

Line Type Copolymer
Colors Available Copper
Colors Tested Copper
Line Weights 6 - 30lb
Line Weights Tested 12lb (.28mm), 14lb (0.31mm), 20lb (.37mm) & 25lb (.40mm)
MSRP $19.99 (12lb/165yds (~$0.12/yd) )

Impressions: Right out of the package, it's quite obvious that Machinegun Cast is quite a different product. This line is stiff, yet possesses a very small diameter. What's more, grasping a length of line and wrapping both ends around your finger to test for stretch, you immediately discover, this line barely has any. It has some unique characteristics out of the package.


Out of the package, this is an impressive line offering a very smooth finish and low stretch characteristics.

Lab Tests: To further our impressions, we immediately took a spool of 14lb test and ran it through the paces in our lab. Fourteen pound Sunline Machine Gun Casts measured out with a diameter of 0.31 millimeters - a little thinner than what we like to work with, but within a close enough range to still offer a basis of comparison to our baseline product, Berkleye's Trilene monofilament in 12lb test.


Sunline Machine Gun Cast Copolymer Line Lab Tests (14lb - 0.31mm)

Tensile (lbs)


Material Strength (psi)
Abrasion Resistance vs Berkley Trilene (0.32mm)
Stretch / Deformity (+2hr soak)
15.1 / 14.3
40% Lower
34% Lower
9.6% / 0%


Material Strength: Right away, we see that the actual material strength of Machine Gun Cast tests out considerably more than that of Berkley's Trilene mono (115,615 psi), and that a bit of this is lost as the line is soaked in water for more than two hours.


It was my favorite line to use on my Conquest 51 when matched with this Daiko Burroughs rod.

Abrasion Resistance: What really surprised though was how poorly Machine Gun Cast performed in our abrasion test coming in with numbers forty percent (40%) worse than those of Berkley Trilene. This surprised us because abrasion resistance is one of the selling points of Machine Gun Cast. On the plus side, however, is that Machine Gun's numbers did not change significantly when the line was wet.


I also began to use it for tossing big baits.

Next Section: Stretch and knot strength










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