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Lure Review

Fooling Fish With The Motion of the Ocean: Sebileís Ghost Walker (continued)

Durability:  The finish of the Ghost Walker held up very well to the strong jaws and sharp teeth that many of our coastal species possess.  However, the hooks did leave a little to be desired.  The hooks are thin in comparison with most of the standby topwater baits used by the vast majority of coastal fishermen.  I found I was able to easily straighten the hooks in a few situations where the lure got hung on shell.  Granted, I was using my tournament redfish tackle, which consists of a 7í med/heavy rod, 50 lb. braided line, 20 lb. fluorocarbon leader, and a 7:1 Shimano Curado DHSV.  Nonetheless, if the Ghost Walker is going to remain in my tackle box, I will likely switch out the hooks to a thicker gauge, perhaps even a superline offering.  The hooks did hold up to corrosion fairly well.  I purposely neglected to rinse the bait off after a day of use in the salt and there was only slight corrosion on the split rings.

This undersized red found the Ghost Walker too much to resist


Price & Application:  Undoubtedly, this bait will give most saltwater anglers a bad case of sticker shock.  While bass anglers are accustomed to shelling out over $10.00 for a lure, this is not the case when it comes to saltwater fishermen.  Saltwater tackle gets used and abused in ways freshwater tackle does not and most of the standard hard bait offerings can be had for less than $6.00.  This is why most coastal anglers will have a hard time dropping $14.99 for the Ghost Walker.  Does this bait outperform the standard top-dogs and spooks to justify the price tag?  Yes and no.


The OWNER hooks that come stock on this bait are extremely sharp, but will they hold up to the harsh environment of the Texas coast?


As far as Texas coastal fishing is concerned, the Ghost Walker is a very situational bait.  The lureís subtle qualities make it an unlikely candidate as a go-to choice in the notoriously windy conditions coastal anglers battle throughout much of the year.  However, while testing this bait, I found it certainly had its place given the right circumstances.

Most recreational redfish anglers spend much of their time in shallow backwater bays and marshes.  The redfish that dwell in these areas are often very timid and can be easily spooked if an angler isnít careful.  Large, noisy topwater baits are overkill in these locations.  However, this is where the Ghost Walker really earns its place in a redfish anglerís tackle box.


The lip on the front of the lure is responsible for giving the lure some action


The Ghost Walker is subtle enough not to spook weary, marsh-dwelling redfish.  Yet, it still has enough action and appeal to call fish from a good distance in calm water applications.  One other interesting feature of this bait is that when it is stopped, the liquid slowly recedes to the back of the bait and the Ghost Walker will rock backward and sit vertically in the water.  This can be a nuisance in situations with lots of grass just below the surface but when working this bait over a sand bottom, I was actually able to use this feature of the Ghost Walker to entice bites from fish that were following the bait.


Finally, a solid keeper fish commits to the bait.  This fish slammed the bait while it was sitting still



Sebile Ghost Walker Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Well constructed, quality components, hooks could be tougher 8
Performance Very subtle, enticing action, somewhat limited for coastal use 7.5
Price Not cheap, a little too high for the inshore market 6
Features Good finish, sharp hooks, realistic eyes, innovative fluid chamber 9
Design (Ergonomics) Sleek s-shaped design, outstanding castability 9
Application Awesome when used in finesse, calm-water applications 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Excellent bait for spooky fish L Slightly overpriced for the inshore market
J Long-distance castability for it's size/weight L Limited availability
J Innovative, eye-catching fluid-filled chamber L Limited application


Saying goodbye to another small red that committed to the Ghost Walker

Conclusion: The Ghost Walker is indeed an eye-catching and innovative bait and the liquid filled inner chamber scores high on the ďcoolĒ scale.  Does it catch fish?  Certainly, but only when applied in the right situations.  As a tournament angler and a tackle enthusiast, I love the Ghost Walker for itís sleek looks and the niche it fills in my arsenal.  However, the finer attributes of this bait are likely not enough to convince the average saltwater fisherman that itís worthy of the price tag.  The Ghost Walker is one of the best topwater baits I have found for calm water situations and from now on; Iíll always have one in my boxÖ but probably no more than that.  Given their limited range of use here on the Texas coast, most anglerís could easily get by with just one or two of these baits in their topwater selection.










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