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Lure Review

Fooling Fish With The Motion of the Ocean: Sebile’s Ghost Walker


Date: 10/06/07
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Sebile
Reviewer: Crank-B8

Total Score: 8.08

 The rumblings started a couple months ago here on the Texas Gulf Coast. “Have you seen that new bait?  The one that has the water in it?”  “My buddy has one, said he caught a 27” trout on it.”  “I heard that redfish tournament down in Corpus Christi was won on that bait.” Like always, the dock talk was abundant but the facts were tougher to come by.  After a little digging, I finally found the company and the baits that were at the center of all the rumors.  Sebile has developed an innovative line of baits that make use of a fluid filled chamber.  This fluid contains an iridescent glitter that they claim mimics the scales falling off of a fleeing or injured baitfish.  The baits look incredible, but are these lures designed to catch more than just fishermen?  Let’s find out.


Sebile Ghost Walker Specifications

Type Topwater
Size Two available, 95mm, 110mm
Colors/Patterns 6+ available
Weight ½ oz. (95mm) 3/8 oz. (110mm)
MSRP $14.99-$15.99

There is no denying the uniqueness of this bait.  The curved profile is sleek and very different from the old standby, cigar shaped topwater offerings coastal anglers are accustomed to.  Upon removing the Ghost Walker from the package I spent five minutes just shaking the bait and watching the silver flakes flutter through the fluid that fills the lure’s internal cavity.  But this bait’s appeal extends beyond what’s on the inside.  The external finish is eye-catching and well up to par with offerings from other manufacturers and the bulging, blood red eyes round out the baits polished appearance.


The Ghost Walker sports a sleek, curved body and a realistic scale pattern


Field Tests:  The Ghost Walker comes equipped with OWNER hooks and according to the packaging the hardware is saltwater ready.  The combination of hard pulling redfish, toothy speckled trout, and the corrosive waters of the Gulf Coast are enough to push the limits of the toughest of tackle.  I wanted to see how the Ghost Walker would stand up to the harsh conditions our Texas bays have to offer so I made no modifications to this bait.  It was fished directly out of the package.


A top view of the bait’s slender profile


Casting:  Unlike bass fishing, where anglers can often make presentations in close proximity to their targets; coastal fishermen, especially those targeting redfish, are often required to make extra long casts in order to avoid spooking fish. 


The blood-red eyes are well attached and help to give the bait some added appeal


The Ghost Walker performs exceedingly well in this category.  The liquid inside the bait allows the Ghost Walker to be cast long distances with ease, even into strong headwinds.  Another positive trait of the Ghost Walker is that it lands with a subtle “plop”, not the startling splash characteristic of many other walk-the-dog style topwater baits.


Just a small change in conditions like this could make the difference in catching fish on the Ghost Walker and striking out


Retrieving:  Walking the dog with this bait does not come as naturally as it does with some larger, heavier lures.  The Ghost Walker performs well on calm, slick water but in even the slightest of chop the bait has a tendency to nose dive below the surface.  This bait has a definite finesse feel to it, from it’s looks, to it’s shape, and certainly in the way it performs.  This bait is not the loud, antagonizing offering many coastal anglers are accustomed to.  This bait is a subtle enticer and should be used accordingly.


A close-up of the bait’s innovative, fluid-filled inner chamber


Next Section: Redfish take notice of the Ghost Walker! 









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