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Lure Review

Could this be the most durable spinnerbait? River2Seaís Crystal Spin with a Polycarbonate encased head design (continued)

Retrieving: As mentioned earlier, spinnerbaits are one of the most versatile lures out there. This lure can be retrieved multiple ways, target fish in different structure and vegetation, and can be fished at depths from the surface to the bottom. The River2Sea Crystal Spin is no exception to these situations and matches the performance of the other premium spinnerbaits.


A great looking spinnerbait with big eyes


When retrieved the Crystal Spin always runs true even at different speeds. The double willow leaf blades start up and spin smoothly and will flutter on the drop. Like other spinnerbaits the Crystal Spin does well when fished in vegetation.


The lure will always run true because the head and body will never deform, even when this spinnerbait above was constantly tossed against rocks


I mentioned briefly, the head design of this bait primarily surrounding the polycarbonate shell. Well, the head design on this spinnerbait is molded in such a way as to support two skirts giving this bait a much a larger profile and also more body movement as it is being retrieved. Normally we see only a single skirt defining a spinnerbaitís profile. In River2Seaís design, there is a second thinned out skirt closer to the head. It has fewer strands so that the reflective finish on the head can still be seen but adds movement and increases the lureís overall body profile.


The Longshank hook decreases the chances of a short-strike

Thanks to the polycarbonate shell over a bismuth-tin alloy head, a spinnerbait head canít get anymore durable than the Crystal Spinís. We all have heard of the material polycarbonate, a thermoplastic polymer that is temperature, impact, and scratch resistant. The bismuth-tin alloy is becoming a common material thatís replacing many lead products on the market as its performance is very similar to lead.


No matter what brand, painted blades will eventually lose its coat. But then gold blades works just as well


When fishing the River2Sea Crystal Spin I tossed it like I would any other spinnerbait but fished this lure more around abrasive areas such as rocks and rocky shorelines to really test this unique head design. Sometimes I like a quiet presentation so I would toss my spinnerbait on the edge of the water, landing the lure on gravel, dirt, and rocks. One day on the California Delta the spinnerbait bite was on. Zander, Cal, and myself all tossed different brands of spinnerbaits. On Calís first cast with a brand new spinnerbait from brand X, he cast and whacked his bait hard against a boulder. When he brought it back to the boat, the lead head was dented! During that day, as I was trying to prove how durable the polycarbonate shell was, I tossed it against all types of hard materials including ship wrecks with no damage to the headís shape. The Crystal Spin head was well protected with only one hairline scratch that is only visible upon close inspection. The head is well protected and the reflective patterns along with the head shape remained untouched and uniform. The pearl patterned Crystal Spin features painted white blades that did show signs of my abuse with chips in the bladesí but that was expected as any painted spinnerbait blades would have shown the same effects. Underneath the paint on this bait, the blades are gold and you can still fish the lure with the same success.


Here's a 3.5 pound bass caught on the Crystal Spin


Price: River2Sea continues to bring us high performing premium lures with innovative materials while keeping the price down. A spinnerbait today can cost anywhere from one buck to as much as twenty dollars plus, with the average being around five dollars. The Crystal Spin lure is priced right and is actually a great price since it uses both quality and unique components and materials.


River2Sea USA Crystal Spin Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Excellent construction and quality, having extreme durability in the unique head design 9.5
Performance Performs like a spinnerbait but the head will not deform and the shine will always be there 9
Price For its head design we thought it would be more expensive but glad to see itís priced to compete 8.5
Features The Crystal Spin is a spinnerbait features premium components, a long-shank hook, and an innovative head design that uses a polycarbonate shell to protect the bismuth-tin alloy head 9
Design (Ergonomics) Great design that works like a true spinnerbait and a head design thatíll stay uniform 9
Application This lure does what itís intended to and can be fished in all bodies of water and at any depth. Since the lureís head design is very durable you can toss it against anything and not have the head deform 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Protective Polycarbonate shell L Painted blades will eventually chip but underneath is a gold blade
J Blades spin smoothly  
J Non-lead head  
J Double-skirt (larger profile)  

The design of a spinnerbait hasnít changed for years but once a while there are those companies that produce a design that really stands out. The Crystal Spin, designed by River2Sea USA, looks like any other spinnerbait out there until you look closely at the head. This lureís non-lead head, molded out of a bismuth-tin alloy is not only environmental friendly, it is also well protected through a polycarbonate shell. The head, with the lureís reflective patterns, are encased in this shell and well protected, and the shape of the head will never deform under this armored layer. With this unique head design this bait also features two skirts placed in different locations giving the entire lure more motion and a larger profile looking much more appealing to predatory fish. Through its uniqueness and high performance, River2Seaís Crystal Spin is a spinnerbait that Iíll be keeping in my tackle box, and for these same reasons Iím giving it our Editorís Choice Award. Which brings us to the question... is there any type of lure that the guys at R2S can't build? Whether its a crank, plastic craw, jerkbait, and now spinnerbait... R2S keeps pounding out quality baits!












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