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Lure Review

Could this be the most durable spinnerbait? River2Seaís Crystal Spin with a Polycarbonate encased head design

Date: 8/15/07
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: River2Sea USA
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score:

The industry has seen many spinnerbaits come and go, and most are nearly identical. Itís rare that we see something eye-catching and truly original. A few months ago River2Sea USA took us by surprise with their Crystal Spin, a spinnerbait featuring a polycarbonate shell that encasing a bismuth-tin alloy head.

River2Sea USA Crystal Spin Specifications

Type Hard wire bait
Colors/Patterns 8 available
Weight 3/8, 5/8, 3/4 oz
Material Bismuth & Tin-Alloy encased with polycarbonate
MSRP $7.49


Introducing the River2Sea USA Crystal Spin spinnerbait

Most wirebaits have been around for a long time and while many donít have anything to set themselves apart from others there are a few new baits on the market that do feature special designs that we thought would be worth mentioning.


Double willow leaf blades fit the lure perfectly


One such lure is the River2Sea USAís Crystal Spin, formerly known as the Hula Shad, which has a few features that make it distinctive. Out of the package this spinnerbait is obviously different especially in the head design. The Crystal Spin has a head made of bismuth-tin alloy thatís encased in a Polycarbonate shell. This head design is the industryís first, but whatís the benefit?


You see the Polycarbonate shell that encases the non-lead head


Along with its unique head design, the Crystal Spin spinnerbait also features quality components like an ultra-sharp and strong long-shank hook, a ball bearing swivel, and two willow leaf blades. The spinnerbait wire between the blades is designed with a curve thatís said to cause more vibration. The River2Sea Crystal Spin comes in eight patterns but all with willow blades.


Complete Rig for River2Sea Crystal Spin Tests

Rod AiRRUS Ultra XL
St. Croix Avid (AC66MHM)
Reel Shimano Curado 200D
Revo Premier
Line 12 lb. Trilene Maxx

Field Tests:
Spinnerbaits are one of my favorites because I can work this lure almost anywhere and at almost any depth. I fished the Crystal Spin spinnerbait on a variety of waters and in and around all kinds of structure including rocks, weeds, stumps, and in plain open water targeting largemouth bass.


Double skirts are used to make the spinnerbait appear larger in profile tricking the fish to think it is a worthy meal to chase after


Casting: Casting spinnerbaits is easy as long as you have the right gear. When I fish spinnerbaits I like to have perfect control of my casts because I believe accuracy is paramount. Because of this, my preference for a spinnerbait rod is a short 6í to 6í6Ē rod which allows me to cast single handed and hit my target each and every time.


Very effective lure against bass around structure and vegetation


The Crystal Spin comes in three different sizes and I like to pick the action of the rod depending on the weight of the lure. With the 3/4 ounce Crystal Spin I used a medium heavy power rod. I downsize in power accordingly as the lighter offerings. With the proper gear, casting spinnerbaits including these River2Sea lures can be smooth and precise.


The blades spin easily underwater thanks to quality swivels



So how tough is that Polycarbonate head?  









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