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New Lures at the 2010 International Sportsmen’s Expo (continued)


Pautzke: Known for their bait products Pautzke introduced a new series of dough baits that will compete with Powerbait. This new bait is called “Firebait” and there are 10 different dough flavors and colors available. Firebait is 90% bio-degradable and will retail for $3.49-$3.99.


Another dough option for trout, Pautzke Fire Bait


The company currently offers a line of “Nectar” scents that are designed to increase catch rates of salmon, steelhead, kokanee and catfish. It is popular to soak baits in Pautzke Nectar and some anglers also use it in their egg cures as well.


Looking for an edge for targeting rockfish and halibut? 


New for this season is a new Rockfish Nectar that is designed to not only attract Halibut and Rockfish but get them to hold on longer to just about any type of bait. The Nectar is designed to hold onto baits but because it will be used in a more demanding environment than freshwater situations more frequent application may be necessary so they will be sold in larger bottles that retail for $5.99-$6.49.


Matt Evans shows us the latest from Pautzke


Sep's: When it comes to light trolling for trout and kokanee many anglers turn to Sep's. The company has an enormous assortment of light line flashers and dodgers and their newest products are now coated so that they are now UV (ultra violet) enabled. While anglers cannot see a difference without the aid of a light the coating is designed to make the flasher even more visible to fish.


Looks like a normal flasher to us...


...but under UV light we see the UV coating at work, fish see things differently than we do and only a UV light exposes the finish to humans in a similar fashion


The UV coating doesn’t change the look or action of the products and is available on many of the most popular patterns. Best of all is that the extra feature doesn’t add much cost to the product, as an example the Colorado Blade –Splat UV will retail for only $8.99. Sep's is shipping these new UV enabled versions now.


Doug Neal shows us the new UV flashers from Sep's


The story isn’t over yet, stay tuned for part 3 of our coverage where we check out some new electronics and watercraft










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