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New Lures at the 2010 International Sportsmen’s Expo (continued)


Real Fish Bait Company: Debuting new soft swimbaits at the show was Ho Pham, Owner of Real Fish Bait Company. The first bait that caught our attention was a series of goldfish lures. They had a number of patterns on display ranging from common goldfish to fancy Koi variations. These swimbaits are 5” in length and come armed with a single top hook and a treble hook on the belly.


Real Fish Bait Company has a complete range of different 5" swimbaits including the "El Salto Secret Tilapia" (top) and "On Golden Pond Koi" (bottom)


The company also introduced Tilapia and full range of bluegill swimbaits. Each is 5” in length and features a different profile and pattern but come armed with the same two hooks. Ho stressed that while he wanted to make high quality baits the company is committed to also making them affordable for all anglers. Each of these new baits retails for only $6.99 and are available now from the company’s own website.


A look at the company's "Salt Springs Slammer" bluegill swimbait


These new swimbaits are available now


Real Fish Bait Company is also working on other lures as well including wirebaits. At the show they had a number of prototype spinnerbaits, including dual and quad blade versions. These lures are still in development and no other information or price was available but they looked almost ready for primetime in their current state.


A look at a prototype 4 bladed spinnerbait


Ho Pham shows us one of his new swimbaits


Tylure: Leave it to Tyler Ream, Owner of Tylure, to continue to expand his offerings by blending artistry with lure design. At the show Tylure debuted a new hairy frog called the “River Frog.” The River Frog is covered with Rabbit hair and can probably pass for both a frog and a rat in the eyes of a hungry predator.


Is it a frog or a rat? Maybe both. Meet the River Frog from Tylure


The River Frog will retail for 25 dollars per frog and there are currently two patterns available, green and yellow and green and orange. 


Tyler shows us his latest creation


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