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Event Article: 2007 ICAST Lures Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 4 (Lures) - Swimbaits Reign Supreme (continued)

Black Dog Bait Company: There was a lot of excitement surrounding the Black Dog Baits booth and rightfully so. Grant Olguin and Jeremy Andersen had a video displayed showing the success two individuals were having on Lake Castaic with their Lunker Punker bait. It was something you just had to see to believe.


Black Dog is the up and coming rockstar of swimbaits

The Black Dog Bait Lunker Punker is an odd looking bait to say the least, but stores are already having a hard time keeping this bait in stock.

BD Glider: The BD Glider is a new sinking swimbait similar in classification to the Evergreen International EsDrive, a product we reviewed earlier this year. The Black Dog Bait company version is 7 1/2” in length and weighs in the neighborhood of 4 ounces. As with all their baits, the paint schemes and realism look really good.

Here is the Black Dog Baits soft plastic Weedless Minnow

Weedless Minnow: Another new product from this company is their soft plastic Weedless Minnow. This 6-inch bait will be available in four colors and will retail for $18.99 per 2 pack of baits. Rigging of this bait is accomplished by running the line through its nose and out through a slot in its belly. Then, tie on your favorite EWG hook and hide it back inside the bait.

The Weedless Minnow features a slot through the belly to conceal the hook

Black Dog Bait Company had on display a 2-joint prototype they’re working on. They plan to offer this bait in both 10 1/2 and 6 inch sizes. Availability is still pending

Their popular shell cracker bait will be available in a new color, crappie, this fall

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