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Event Article: 2007 ICAST Lures Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 4 (Lures) - Swimbaits Reign Supreme (continued)

Castaic Soft Bait Inc.: So which do you prefer soft or hard swimbaits? With Castaic you can opt for either style. Following on their success with the Platinum soft bodied swimbaits, Jason Scott introduced us to his new hard bodied Platinum baits. They will be available in three different sizes and feature the classic realism we’ve come to expect from Castaic.

The new hardbodied platinum swimbaits will be available in three sizes

Of particular note on these lures is the custom designed, patented treble hook Jason developed just for this bait. As with their soft bodied baits, this treble is held to the body with a clever little magnet keeping it somewhat out of the way when swimming the bait through cover.

The new baits feature a patent pending hook design

This bait is pretty much a direct translation of the company's softbait, giving anglers a choice of which style they prefer. The nice thing about this particular lure is the full range of sizes that the bait is available in, allowing anglers to upsize or downsize to match the resident trout.

Like the soft bodied Platinum series, this hard bait has a handy magnet to hold the hook right up against the bait’s body until needed

Jason Scott, President of Castaic Soft Bait Company, proudly displays his new baits for us at ICAST

Yamamoto/Kinami: We spoke with Derek Yamamoto at the Kinami Baits / Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits booth and he showed us the new 4” Swimming Senko to be sold and marketed under the Kinami Bait brand. Derek stated that he likes the 4” version is better as he finds it more properly balanced with a more fish enticing action than it’s bigger 5” brother. When we asked how he likes to rig the bait, he remarked that he’s had best success using a small jighead and either swimming it through various depths or bouncing it off the bottom.

Derek Yamamoto holds up the 4” Swimming Senko for us to inspect

Also new in the Yamamoto/Kinami baits booth, or perhaps we should say, re-newed, was the Flappin’ Hog version II. A patent conflict pulled the original Flappin’ Hog off store shelves just as the groundswell began. Will the new version foster the same excitement as the old? We’ll soon find out as the Flappin’ Hog II is already shipping to stores.

The new Flappin’ Hog features a re-worked set of flaps (see inset picture of the original Flappin Hog)

Derek Yamamoto holds up a package of the new 4” Swimming Senko packaged exclusively under the Kinami Baits name

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