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Electronics Review

An extra edge on the water with the FishHead App (continued)

On the river detail screen anglers can see a chart which maps the flows for a single day, 5 day or 10 day period. For a more extended view of this they can rotate the iPhone and the screen will go into landscape mode making it easy to see the trend over time. This is very useful for trip planning and we used this feature before heading up on our last trip to the Smith River. We showed this information to the local guides and they found the information to be both accurate and useful.

FishHead also offers tide data which I found very useful in the Northern California Delta

Under the lunar detail page anglers can see when the sun rises and sets, when the moon rises and sets, and the app will even calculate the length of each day down to how long anglers will get visible light. The app is also able to tell you when the next full and new moons are, an excellent feature for planning upcoming trips.

FishHead can store up to 20 tide and 20 river locations, simply move your finger across the screen to scroll between them

Turning our attention to the “Tides Home” we found a very similar layout, only the background is blue making it easy to differentiate between both modes. On top anglers will find the weather followed by the tidal snapshot and the moon phase on the bottom. FishHead can display this data for up to 20 favorite locations, which should be plenty for most anglers.

A look at the detail tide screen shows the current tide conditions as well as the daily swings

I absolutely loved the tidal section for fishing the Delta, I was able to tap into locations very close to my favorite fishing spots and get accurate tidal swings on the fly. Fish in the Delta are often at their most active during tidal changes and with FishHead I could get to prime locations at the absolute peak periods. We definitely caught a few more bass and a lot more stripers using this data to our advantage.

Looking for data wherever you happen to be? FishHead can use your location to find nearby stations

I also found the weather details useful for fishing from my bass boat and was able to plan for windy conditions. When I knew the wind was going to pick up I’d move to different areas and start fishing ripbaits for stripers instead of trying to fight the wind to present plastics to bass. The forecast mode will provide data on the weather conditions, hi and low, chance of precipitation, wind and humidity.

It only takes seconds for the app to provide options by distance

Price & Applications: I found FishHead both useful for fly fishing in Northern California Rivers where I could plan my trip armed with more data. I knew what kind of clothing to pack as well as what kind of flies I would more likely be using. While it is clear it offers quality information to fly fisherman this App is also great for bass or inshore anglers as well. FishHead was extremely valuable for the Delta region where the entire fishery is affected by so many elements including weather, moon phases and tides. By being able to adjust quickly to all these elements I was able to formulate a better plan of attack, and ultimately enjoy more successful days on the water.

After selecting a location acquiring the data takes only two to three seconds

Nervous Water Apps will be introducing new apps in the next few months but for now FishHead is the company’s sole offering. It costs $6.99 which is a reasonable price for anglers looking to consolidate their information into one easy to access application. While all of the information FishHead provides is available from different sources what this tool is able to do is efficiently consolidate it all into a quick and easy to access graphical user interface. The current release covers the entire United States and purchasing it is as easy as going to the appstore via iTunes or on the appstore via your own iPhone.

The FishHead app made it easy to plan trips as well as change our strategy on the spot in the California Delta depending on both wind and tidal swings

Are there other possible options that could make FishHead be even better? While we loved the easy to use interface we would also love the ability to set alerts. For example setting a couple ideal parameters and have the app send a push notification when those ideal conditions come up. This would allow hard core anglers to drop everything and go fishing when the time is right. Another possible upgrade would be access to fishing reports, or even the ability to write your own reports to a shared user database that is accessible through the app. Finally how cool would it be to hook into video cams for a live view from the observation point when available. All of this may be wishful thinking, and in FishHead’s current state we already can really appreciate this app.

Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Extremely useful information for both fly and conventional anglers L Only for iPhone users
J Easy to use, very intuitive interface  
J Fast acquisition of data  
J Great for both on the water information and trip planning  
J Reasonable price  


Conclusion: FishHead is a great tool for anglers that own an iPhone, it has never been easier to lock into conditions in and around your fishing destinations, all in one quick and easy to access app. This handy application delivers useful data fast allowing anglers to make real time decisions with localized information. There simply is no fiddling around here… the interface is intuitive and refined. Even when not in the field this app is a great resource for trip planning and allows you to store plenty of your favorite locations so you always stay informed about the conditions of your fishing hotspots. The quality data provided by FishHead gives anglers that extra edge, and both fly and conventional anglers will find that this intelligently designed app is a valuable addition to their fish catching arsenal.


Looking for the FishHead App? Just search for "Fishhead" in the app store. For more information visit the Nervous Water Apps site









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