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Electronics Review

An extra edge on the water with the FishHead App


Date: 2/3/10
Tackle type: Electronics - iPhone App
Manufacturer: Nervous Water Apps
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.5 - GREAT

Introduction: Own an iPhone? Like to fish? Then you’re probably already inundated with tons of apps, but quality fishing apps are few and far between. FishHead is designed to be a easy to use on the water and planning tool for anglers interested in tracking weather, stream flows, tides and lunar information all accessible via iphone in the palm of your hand.


FishHead App Specifications

Tackle type Tool (software app)
Platform Apple
Features River data, tidal data, weather, lunar information, flow charts, tidal graphs
Coverage United States
MSRP $6.99


FishHead is easily downloaded from the App Store and is designed for both fly and conventional anglers

Impressions: So how was FishHead born? For that we need to look no further then John Sherman who we recently interviewed. John is very active in the industry and works for Simms and is an expert fly fisherman, outdoor photographer and star of the popular “BASS – The Movie” and it looks like you can add software developer to that list.

FishHead takes just a second to load whenactivated

The idea for FishHead spawned when John was routinely using 4 applications (Aye Tides, My Weather, River Guide, Fishing Calendar) to help plan for fishing trips and thought it would be great if there was a way to have all that information available all in one view allowing anglers to make quick decisions while on the water or when planning a trip in advance.

Anglers are greeted with a home screen, which can be either "rivers" or "tides"

John partnered up with his college buddy Chris Cooney who helped take this original idea and bring it to life. Chris immediately understood what John was looking for as he is also an avid angler and a software engineer by trade. Together they sat down and formed “Nervous Water Apps.com” and introduced FishHead as their first creation.

Select the detail arrows and get more in depth data, here we take a closer look at weather data

Real World Tests: FishHead really cannot be reviewed like most of the other “tackle” we test as it doesn’t fit into many of the categories we routinely use to rate products. Field tests for this app basically consisted of using FishHead to plan trips to both Northern California Rivers as well as the Delta. Using FishHead we made adjustments to our plans on the fly based off information that the application provided. At the conclusion of the tests we assigned a total score based on our overall impressions.

The detail river data shows a flow graph and anglers can select date range...

Operation: FishHead is essentially a software “tool,” and much like you would use the information on a GPS/fishfinder this piece of software is designed to improve the chances of catching fish. The great thing about FishHead is that it is housed within a device that many anglers already carry around everyday, their beloved iPhones. So if you don’t own an iPhone you can probably stop reading, or maybe look at this as one more possible motivation to consider the iPhone and its insanely addictive library of apps.

...turn the iPhone horizonatlly in this mode (or tidal mode) and see a larger graph

Any good app is easy and quick to use and FishHead does fit these requirements. Once you set up your locations, or have FishApp find locations near your current position the data is displayed in the form of graphical boxes. Anglers have the ability to focus on either tides or rivers, and depending on whether you are an inshore or freshwater angler will effect which features you will more utilize. Since this app was designed by fly fishermen let’s start with the river capabilities.

Moon Phase data helps anglers plan their trips

The “Rivers Home” screen is broken up into three sections within a green box with the weather snapshot on top, followed by the river flows and gage height, and below that is the lunar information. On the right side of each section is an arrow labeled “details,” this allows anglers to get a more in depth look at more detailed data as well as  the more extended forecast.

We used the FishHead app on our trips to the Klamath and Smith River in our pursuit of Steelhead

Next Section: More river data and tide capabilities









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