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TackleTour Autopsy: Cutting up the Koppers Live Target Walking Frog (continued)


We also noticed that at total rest the lure sits with the legs angled back and the head popping over the water's surface. At this angle the bait looks very realistic. Through the translucent underbelly we could see a weight positioned at the rear of the bait. This backloading not only helps give the bait a realistic action and angle at rest but helps anglers make long controlled casts. 


The underbelly behind the belly is semi-transparent


Time to see what makes this frog walk: After removing the hooks we strapped the Walking Frog in and ran a variety of abrasive surfaces over the frogs finish. The lure ranks above average in abrasion resistance and underneath the lure's realistic finish the semi-transparent plastic body. We also tested impact resistance and found the lure to be surprisingly durable under duress. This is one bait that you can cast confidently in and around rocks and docks.


Under the paint is the same semi-transparent frame


Next up we cut into the belly of the frog where we saw sparks fly when the blade came in contact with two bearing weights. We could immediately tell that both bearings were locked solidly in position as the blade hit them on each and every pass.


The underbelly of the beast


Once we cracked open the lure we could see just why the lure was so impact resistant. The walls of the Walking Frog are extremely thick, which is why it is able to stand up to constant surface impacts. The lure features independent wire hardware at the line tie and at all hardware hookup points, this is less durable that a complete through wire design but because the plastic is so thick the hardware is well sandwiched to take on plenty of pressure and torque.


The rear is reinforced with solid plastic and the weight is locked in place to aid with casting


The rear center and front of the lure is reinforced with extra plastic and as we suspected when we were cutting into the lure, both bearings are sandwiched securely in place. Even though the bait doesn't have any noise creating bearings there are two individual sealed chambers.


A look at the completely opened up bait. Simple yet deadly effective.


The Koppers Live Target Walking Frog features a very simple yet elegant construction that is designed for consistency. What interested us most about the bait was the weighting of the lure behind the head and at the very back of the legs. This design makes the bait easy to cast and walk back ad forth. This enticing action combined with the fact that this bait is downright realistic makes for a deadly strike inducing combination. Sometimes less is more, and the Koppers Walking Frog features a simple yet effective design that will stand up to everything from bass to Walleye, and other top of the foodchain freshwater fish that target juvenile frogs in North American rivers and lakes. After fishing this lure more in places like the Delta and Clear Lake I wish that I had brought it with me to the Amazon, perhaps the frog will find a space in Cal's tackle bag on his return trip this year. 


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