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Autopsy Article

TackleTour Autopsy: Cutting up the Koppers Live Target Walking Frog


Date: 8/15/11
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Live Target - Koppers
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Since we started the Autopsy series we have received countless requests from readers asking for a look inside their favorite bait. The most requested type of lure is not a crankbait or a ripbait but rather topwater baits. The Live Target Walking Frog is the third frog to go under the knife at the lab. 


Yet another frog enters the torture chamber that is our lab for an Autopsy


Live Target Walking Frog: Live Target offers both soft and hard frogs and the walking frog is a hard plastic walk the dog topwater frog that is designed to slide left and right across the surface. The lure has a long profile and is designed to look like a frog launching forward with both legs fully extended.


This frog is different than the others and features a hard plastic hollow body


We have become accustomed to how detailed Live Target lures look and the Walking Frog is no exception. The lure features a very lifelike appearance and great attention is put on the entire fit and finish of the lure. For example in between the legs there is a clear section that light can pass through from above so the profile of the individual legs appears more realistic.


What makes Koppers Live Target lures so great? The realistic finishes of course


Like the soft bodied hollow bodied frog this hard lure also features small arm profiles extended on the sides of the belly. The one other area of the frog that I found highly realistic is the eyes which are very detailed and look very convincing.


Small arms on the side complete the design


There are two sizes available including a 4 1/8" lure that is 5/8oz. and a larger 4 5/8" version that weighs in at 7/8oz., and both versions are available in four very realistic patterns. In our test we took a detailed look at the popular Green/Yellow pattern. Each lure is armed with two treble hooks to make each and every topwater strike count.


The line tie is positioned strategically under the mouth of the frog


In the field we have noticed that this particular frog is very easy to walk in a tight side to side motion with just a twitch of the rod tip. The lure walks in a very predictable pattern making it easy to work in and around structure like vegetation and submerged timber or even under docks. This is made possible by careful weighting of the lure as well as the line tie which is positioned strategically right under the frog's chin.


The frog features an extended leg design to complete the illusion, notice the transparent area in the center

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