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Reel Maintenance & Rebuild


Daiwa Sealine 50H Rebuild (continued)

Place your left index and middle fingers over the four screws and flip the side plate over. With your fingers covering and holding the screws in place, you can work with the side plate and not worry about the screws falling out. Same with the Penns.



Install the two clutch springs (key #26).



Install the pinion yoke (key #25) and the pinion gear (key #21) as a unit.



Install the eccentric jack (key #24).



Install the set plate/gear/drag washer assembly as a unit and rotate it 90 degrees counter clockwise from it's final position.



Install the anti-reverse claw (key #33).



Rotate the set plate assembly 90 degrees clockwise and push it down and in place.



Tighten down the set plate screws.



Install the anti-reverse claw spring (key #32).



Install the all part key #'s 46 through 52 in order and you're done! Congratulations, it's miller time. With this particular reel, I drilled out the old grip and installed one of my custom off-set tapered grips. I spooled it up with 30# mono and got a max of 15#'s of drag at the top of the spool. I backed off the drags, boxed it up and sat down to type this report. Elapsed time, 2 hours.
















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