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Reel Maintenance & Rebuild

Daiwa Sealine 50H Rebuild

Tackle type: Reel Maintenance
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Model: Sealine 50H
Author: Alan Tani


TT Description: Sometimes older reels need love too. Alan takes aim at the Sealine 50H and decides to rebuild the reel and get it back running in tip top condition.

Alan: These are great little 30# reels. To rebuild the old Daiwa Sealine 50h, you need four Penn ht-100 drag washers. One is part #6-855 from the old discontinued Penn 855 line counter. Three are part #6-114, from the black side plate 6/0 Penn 114. I just now found this great place called mike's reel repair while I was looking for the schematic for this reel. Here's the link to the schematic. Thank you mike, wherever you are!!!


Link to schematic


Here's a photo of a 50h from a good friend of mine.




The first thing I like to do with these is pull the left ring and grease it underneath, then grease all the screw holes.



The left ring goes back on, and the right side plate comes off. Three side plate screws is all you need.



Lube the left side plate bearing, put a little grease on the clicker and spring. Next to come off are the handle lock screw (key #52), the handle screw (key #51), the handle (key #50), the handle washer (key #49), the star drag (key #48) and the drag spring washers (key #47).



Back out the four set plate screws (key #35). At this point, the reel goes "boing" and you're committed!



Boing! Lube the right side plate bearing now.



Here's a shot of the jack assembly after it has been cleaned up, and the drag washer assembly prior to cleaning. Note all of the oil in the drag washers. It was no wonder the drags were sticky.



Now I've cleaned everything up and switched out the stock drag washers for the Penn ht-100 drag washers. The drag washers are still dry at this point.



The drag washers were then greased and set plate assembly was put back together. It's a basic three-stack similar to what you see in the Jack Erskine picture below. Thank you, Mr. Erskine!!!



The four set plate screws (key # 35) go back in.




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