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Reel Review


Van Staal: The NO LIMITATION spinning reel now with a new bail system and powerful enhancements (continued)

Ergonomics: Sixteen ounces, thatís one pound, but to saltwater anglers looking for super-tough and durable gears will regard performance factors over sheer weight. The bare spinning reel is built to last and not fail when battling large saltwater species. A solid frame, bearings, gear, drag, and all other parts are of quality and add to this weight. You can ensure this reel, though 16 ounces, will do the job right. When balanced with the right rod the outfit feels comfortable at hand and anglers will barely notice the VSBís weight.


The reel has a fine sleek profile


Looking past its weight, the Van Staal VSB feels great when grasping the large handle knob. The knob is nice to grip onto and the long handle really helps with the torque necessary to pull in some of the larger fish. Other manual mechanisms such as the manual trip Titanium bail and the drag control knob is also ergonomically fit to operate.


With the drag buttoned down JIP pulls the big lingcod away from its hole


Durability: Durability on this reel is superb! The Van Staal is rock solid and even after a great deal of abuse the reel still performs flawlessly. The craftsmanship is excellent while the components such as the frame, spool, gear, and bearings are as rugged as any saltwater angler would like. The Titanium bail wire is tough and the system functions every time. The oversized clutch and hardened stainless steel main gear shows no sign of wear even after large, hard hitting fish placed instantaneous load on those critical components. To further its durability the Van Staal spinning reel makes use of a patented sealed drag system keeping all elements out and making it completely maintenance-free, complimenting the reel nicely in the reliability and ruggedness category.


Unlike the VSS, the VSB makes use of a new skirted spool


Price: Shimano Stella $699, Daiwa Saltiga SA-Z $799, and Van Staal $659. These are among the best saltwater spinning reels on the market, and as you can see from the prices listed they are of another class. These reels are a whole different beast and not for all anglers. When anglers want the best, price isnít a concern at all, and if you compare all the reels mentioned above, the MSRP of the Van Staal is actually less than some of the competitors. This will come as a surprise to many anglers considering the brand's premium positioning.


Each precious Van Staal reel has its own unique serial number


Warranty & Service: The Van Staal spinning reel is warranted for one year from the date of the first retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials. Because of the complexity of this reel, the warranty will be void if the product has been opened or tampered with or if the water tight seals have been broken. For more details on Van Staalís warranty, visit their website: http://vanstaal.com/Warranty.html


Saltwater anglers know that their reels must be maintained at least once a year, especially if the reel is fished hard. Van Staal knows of this importance and provides Van Staal owners an Annual Maintenance Program. For only $36.95 plus return shipping, Van Staal technicians and engineers will inspect and service the reel, ensuring that your investment is returned to its proper working order. This service includes opening the sealed body, cleaning, inspecting, lubricating and sealing up the reel again water-tight so it is ready to again face the elements without limitations. A complete list of test, inspection, and service is detailed on their website: http://vanstaal.com/Service.html


Rugged components are used all around



Van Staal VSB100G Spinning Reel Ratings (?/10)


The craftsmanship, the built, and the components are all top notch. This reel is built to be dependable and is of the highest quality


The Van Staal fits a whole different breed of anglers and the reel performs up to their standards. Casts are distant, retrieves are powerful and reliable, and the drag is flawless


Expensive, yes, but within its class of reels there are others who are even more expensive. This reel isnít for everyone but for those saltwater anglers who demand the best, this reel is priced just right


This reel has some neat and useful features such as the manual trip bail with a Titanium bail wire, waterproof drag system, skirted spool, oversized clutch, enlarged main gear, and more

Design (Ergonomics) Though itís 16 ounces in weight the reel feels great in your hands when balanced with the correct rod. Aside from its weight the reel is quite welcoming to the hands such as the long and powerful handle and large handle knob. The manual trip bail makes putting the line back onto the roller easier, faster, and safer before one begins to retrieve 9

This reel is great for saltwater anglers and Van Staal has different sizes for those who are after inshore species or offshore big game. Itís built to perform and dependable, what all saltwater anglers need


Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Reliable L Premium price
J Superb construction  
J Durable  
J Powerful main gear, anti-reverse clutch, and long handle  
J Maintenance-free drag system  



Though the Van Staal reels have been around for almost two decades now the original design is still amazing every time I set my eyes on it. Its design and appearance is unique enough to set it apart from basic spinning reels on the market, and now Van Staal has a new reel on the market that incorporates a manual trip bail. The bail system, all manually operated, makes use of super-durable Titanium material that compliments the reel nicely. The reel was designed and constructed to be extremely dependable, using all premium components inside and out. The Van Staal VSB has an enlarged anti-reverse clutch bearing for quick and solid stopping power and hooksets. The oversized main gear gives the reel a powerful retrieve and itís made from a hardened stainless steel material to guarantee that it will not fail when a big fish hits like a freight train. From distant casts to powerful retrieves, this reel has the performance to handle whatever saltwater anglers throw at it. The "NO LIMITATIONS" Van Staal VSB spinning reel is an outstanding product and built for an entirely different class of anglers who depend on their reels to overpower fish after fish, season after season.











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