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Swimbait Review

Toxic Baits Suck! TXC's Impertinent Little Wake Bait, the Whippersnapper 2.0 (continued)

Ease of Actuation: Twitch your rod tip as the Whippersnapper 2.0 is floating at rest on the surface and you can get it to walk almost in place. Begin your retrieve and it wakes with the tail wagging back and forth on top like a dog bringing that wet rag back for another cast. It is quite entertaining to watch that tail move from side to side as the 'Snapper wakes its way back to your position.

But once you see the bait in the water, it all makes sense

Now, the 'Snapper is also available in a crankdown, but both waking versions I have will easily crank down a foot or two if you simply speed the rate of your retrieve. I suppose the crank down dives even further, but for shallow water exploring and hunting, the wake variant does everything I'd like it to do. If anything, I'd want it to stay on top and wake at up to a medium rate of retrieve. You really have to move this bait slowly to keep it on top, but that just gives you more time in the strike zone giving the fish a real good look increasing the chances they'll take a swing. Almost like putting the Whippersnapper 2.0 up on a batting-tee.

Early success with the Whippersnapper 2.0

One thing of note when fishing this bait beneath the surface is it gives off a nice thump you can feel through the rod so I'm sure the fish are hearing it beneath the surface as well. In this regard, it reminds me of a wood bait the way you can feel this bait wiggling. I'd like to think a lot of this has to do with how thick and substantial Toxic makes the body of this bait. Either way, it is confidence inspiring when you feel your bait working that hard as you retrieve it.

Zander also fishes the Whippersnapper regularly and when I compared notes with him he mentioned that he often recommends this bait to anglers that are just cutting their teeth in the custom swimbait game as it can be successfully fished so many different ways including on top or cranked down. The size of the bait is not intimidating to throw and anglers can even think of this swimbait as an oversized crank. 

See how thick this bait is? It's what I like about it

Durability: Even though this is a stocky little bait, it's still relatively small. Thanks to that overall small profile, hookup ratio with the Whippersnapper 2.0 is very good. I haven't had the need to replace the tail or skirted pectoral fins, but of course, results like that will always vary depending on the bite. While I'm sure rash and teeth marks will eventually begin to show, I've yet to see any serious signs of this through just a handful of fish. It just feels like a bait that's built to be thrown in some tough environments and come back with a hitch-hiker or two in tow.

The Whippersnapper 2.0 is built with a pin and screw-eye hinge

Design/Ergonomics: There are maybe about a dozen standard color patterns Toxic Baits offers in their Whippersnapper 2.0. Many of their colors are offered across all bait profiles, and I'm sure there are many patterns that never make it to the color chart. This is the way of the small shop, garage builder - create on a whim, often never to repeat. Fortunately, the Whippersnapper itself is on repeat, so getting a hold of this stocky little bait isn't terribly difficult - only if you have your heart set on a specific color because there's no telling which colors will be available on any given drop.

Toxic paint patterns have continued to gain fame over time and are applied through use of traditional rattle cans. The spray is what gives the baits their unique look and feel. While the finishes are not as refined as some builders that employ airbrushes or digitally printed finishes there is something really attractive about these raw patterns. Zander and I both really like how each bait is distinctive and bears Ceaser's signature style.

The diving bill for v2.0 is straight versus v1.0 that was slightly bent at the bottom

Price & Application: Speaking of drops, the Whippersnapper 2.0 appears to be one of Toxic Baits's more regularly produced baits. Batches are often available during their weekly bait drops announced through social media but purchased through their website. Retail for the 'Snapper is $130 and includes, as mentioned earlier, a spare tail, silicone skirt material for the pectoral fins, and a tool to help with installation of that replacement skirt material. I like this bait in skinny water situations, but realistically, as a wake bait, fish it wherever and whenever fish are looking up and willing to come up to take a bait. Don't forget there is also a crankdown variant if you want to hunt a bit deeper.


Toxic Baits Whippersnapper 2.0 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A rugged, substantial build that while not the most refined is very durable and built with quality components. The latest versions come with Underground Supply Co. #1 treble hooks and split rings 8
Performance Really easy bait to target cast and works well in walking, waking, and crankdown retrieves 8.5
Price For a handmade custom bait with such a substantial profile the price is quite reasonable actually 7.5
Features Quality Underground hardware and hooks, proprietary soft plastic tail, and unique pectoral fin skirt that is a signature of so many Toxic Baits. The finish is not as detailed as some competing baits but they are very artistic and it is impressive they are still done with rattle cans 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) Available in several patterns and two variants - wake and crank... very easy size to throw. Like Zander said, this is a great swimbait for anglers that want to get into the custom big bait game and can be fished like an oversized crank or compact wakebait 8.5
Application A good, bite sized morsel for skinny water applications 8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Just about the perfect size for a gill profile wake - Finishes are not as detailed as some competing airbrushed baits but exhibit a lot of character and artistry
+ Substantial build that holds up well - Only truly wakes on a slow retrieve
+ Casts really easily  
+ Has a good thump when cranked down  
+ Very reasonable price for a custom made swimbait  
+ Ceaser stands behind his baits and has a great reputation for taking care of customers if issues ever arise and even repairing baits damaged in battle  


Conclusion: The best way to keep up with the happenings over at Toxic Baits is to follow them on social media. However, for the uninitiated, it may be difficult to find the company on Instagram. That's because the official Instagram for Toxic Baits sounds like a shadow account established to bash the manufacturer: @toxicbaitssuck. The handle was no doubt chosen in answer to those who choose that more toxic type of interaction online degrading those they do not favor or disagree with. It's a type of self denigrating behavior I find endearing - especially from a bait maker. Cesar Chavez is secure in his designs and approach to bait making. If you don't agree with his style, he's fine with it - just move along. This is what I get from his simple choice in IG handle and I really appreciate that approach from someone in the business of designing, building, and selling big baits.


The Whippersnapper 2.0 is far from big. In fact, it may be the smallest hard body bait in terms of length that Toxic Baits offers
, but the bites are still substantial.


The Whippersnapper 2.0 is far from big. In fact, it may be the smallest hard body bait in terms of length that Toxic Baits offers. I'm not certain now that the smaller volume WNC "66" has been introduced. I am certain that the bait's proportions (length, width, height) are what I consider to be a perfectly big-bite sized morsel for largemouth bass. It's not a bait that will necessarily automatically cull away the smaller bites. It's not one that will guarantee you a personal best (No bait can make that guarantee). But if you enjoy the thrill of a bite - any bite - on a good sized bait, the Whippersnapper 2.0 can get you that kind of action. It is easily my favorite bait profile in Toxic's lineup and given the way this custom swimbait fishes and just how reasonably priced, and how accessible it is (a rarity in the custom big bait game), it probably comes as no surprise that Zander and I both feel the Whippersnapper is a Best Value Award Winner.


Looking for Toxic Baits Whippersnapper 2.0s?

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