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Reel Review

Tech Tackle precision reels and rods are sure to bring a smile to any angler (continued)

Impressions cont'd: Notice anything about the reels and rods on the first page of the review? Would it be a surprise if I told you that all of the reels were smaller than a US Quarter in size? That's right, these are extremely detailed miniatures. Tech Tackle has partnered up with a number of manufacturers including Pure Fishing, Zebco/Quantum, and Martin to produce licensed exact working replicas. These precision rod and reel combos feature die-cast metal frames, working gears, Stren Line, and even a genuine Eagle Claw mini hook. On top of that each reel is paired with a tiny branded rod with realistic action as well. Lets take a closer look at the Quantum Energy PTI which comes paired with a Tour Edition PT rod.

The Energy E30 PTI comes paired with a Tour Edition PT rod


The reel is about the size of a quarter


Notice the detail of the reel seat


The bail opens to allow line to spool off


Talk about detail, we found the Performance Tuned insert exactly where it should be


Quantum Energy & Tour Edition PT: The Quantum PTi miniature is among the most striking in the lineup. Its amazing how good of a job Tech tackle did on replicating the muti-color Titanium finish. It is possible to actually cast this miniature as long as you add a little split shot to the end of the line. It is very cool how you can flip up the bail. There is no bail return mechanism so you have to flip the bail down yourself. Retrieves on this and the rest of the miniatures isn't smooth like the real thing. Instead a multi-click gear winds and holds the line in place. The reason that the spinning versions can actually be cast is that line can peel off the spool freely while this cannot be done on casting versions, which the spool is permanently bound to the gearing. The Energy PTI is one of my favorite in the series, and looks great to the display. The only downside is it is definitely more fragile than the casting reels.

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