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Reel Review (lets have some fun for our first review of 2006)

Tech Tackle precision reels and rods are sure to bring a smile to any angler

Date: 1/1/06
Tackle type: Reels/Rods
Manufacturer: Tech Tackle
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.50

Looking to add a little fishing flair to your everyday life? Tech Tackle makes a series of products that you just have to see to believe. By partnering up with some key manufacturers Tech Tackle is able to bring the fishing experience right to your desktop. This is one of those reviews where we just have to let the pictures do the talking.

The unmistakable finish of the Quantum Energy PTI is a fan favorite

Impressions: Could we have been any more vague in our introduction? Before we actually get into the specifics take a look at some of the following rods and reels and then go on to page 2 to see exactly what Tech Tackle is offering.


Quantum showed they were serious about low profile baitcasters when they introduced the Energy PT X-Metal


Abu Garcia Morrums have a die-hard following among anglers that like the power and line capacity that comes with traditional round reels


The Cabo was Quantum's best new conventional saltwater offering last season


A close-up of the attractive Cabo PTS rod


Many fly anglers looking for a great "bang for the buck" fly setup choose the Martin Mohawk River

Next Section: All right already, so just what is Tech Tackle? 









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