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Line Review


Sufixís new G2 Precision Winding process helps reduce memory on the premium Elite fishing line (continued)

Field Tests: Now that the controlled part of the tests have been completed, we couldnít wait to take it out on the water to see how it performs especially in casting. As stated above we tested the 4, 8, 10, and 12 pound test. For the four pound test Elite we spooled it on a Quantum Xtralite spinning reel and headed to the Eastern Sierras for some trout fishing. The heavier lines we put it up against local bass and stripers on both spinning and baitcasting reels.


You'll notice immediately how nice the line comes off the Sufix spool


You can feel the difference almost immediately with the Elite compared to other lines when spooling up. While putting line on the Xtralite and Energy PTi spinning reels the line felt great coming off one spool and onto another all thanks to the G2 Precision Winding process. After spooling the lines onto the spinning reels, both 4 and 8 pound test, this limp line remained on the spool very well rather than trying to spring off like other lines weíve used. On the baitcasters the line laid uniformly even with 12 pound test. Rigged and ready, letís go see what this new Sufix Elite line is all about.


Complete Rig for Sufix Elite Tests


Airrus Spectra AFT, Ultra XL,
St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass


Abu Garcia Record, Quantum Energy PT, Quantum Energy PTi, Quantum Xtralite

Lines Sufix Elite


Casting: One thing a monofilament fishing line must do is not just cast, but cast greatly. Many things contribute to a far and accurate cast, including the rod, reel, angler, and of course the fishing line. We have used the Sufix Elite for almost one year now and on many different types of gear that range from trout to bass tackle. In the Eastern Sierra we recently spooled our Quantum Xtralite up with 4 pound test Elite and it performed with outstanding marks reaching well over 30 feet in casts with a tiny 1/12 ounce gold Kastmaster. The Elite is limp, lays calmly on the spool, and shoots out smoothly through the rod guides with its slick surface.


Conducting casting tests using ultralight gear on the open lake in the Eastern Sierras


We also paired the Sufix Elite monofilament up with spinning and baitcasting bass gear. Cast after cast our Editors agree that this line is super in this category, and performs better than the Sufix ProMix that we really enjoyed fishing with prior to the Elite. Casts with the Elite can go the distance. With proper tackle we were able to cast between 100 to 120 feet in open water with no breeze. Thatís actually a very good casting distance and we were amazed by the outcome. It sure can cast far, but how about close encounter casts? Itís just as good. While we fished for bass around structure and other vegetation flip, pitch, or short side arm casts were achieved under control thanks to the line coming off the spool without any hesitation. When the line shoots off the spool the same from start to finish you can pretty much tell itíll hit the target each and every time.


Spooled on an ultralight spinning reel the 4 lb test Elite is awesome for trout fishing


Knot Strength: Knot strength with the Elite is very good. We did quick tests with our tensile machine using knots instead of our clamps, and at times the line snapped in the center before it did at the knot. Also, never once did we see the line slip before the line broke at about 20 pounds of force. The knot we used for the lab portion of the test was a uni-knot.


On the field we employed various knots and again displayed good results. We had instances where we used a thin wire wide-gap worm hook fishing around structure. Upon a snag we applied constant pressure on the line to unsnag. On each occasion we straightened the hook before the line snapped. The knot strength using the new Sufix Elite line is way above par and no problems were experienced on the field.


The premium Sufix Elite is a great all around mono line for both freshwater and saltwater applications


Application: The Elite is a premium monofilament fishing line and itís great for all types of fishing. This line is offered in 4 to 100 pound test, and in low-vis colors for fishing pristine trout and bass waters to bright hi-vis yellow for big game trolling. We tested the Sufix Elite on trout, bass, and stripers, and the line can easily take the impact the fish puts on this line from the time the fish hits until you land it. Though we didnít conduct lab testing on abrasion the line withstood structure without problems. If you require an even more abrasive line, thereís the Sufix Siege which we are currently testing and is great for fishing structure.



Sufix Elite Ratings (?/10)


A well built line and its impressive G2 Precision Winding adds much quality


From our lab tests to field trials, this line performs excellent from tensile strength to free-flowing casts


A premium line with a pretty good price

Features Not applicable N/A
Design (Ergonomics)

Designed with a special coating that provides a slick surface and the G2 Precision Winding process provides near-zero memory on the line that adds to its overall performance


Anglers can fish this line in open water or around structure for any type of fish, ranging from small freshwater species to saltwater big game


Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Casts great! L Might be too limp & stretchy for some
J Little memory  
J Great for all around fishing  
J Good knot strength  

Conclusion: The Sufix Elite premium fishing line went through the paces from our lab tests to nearly one year of field tests. The Elite monofilament is excellent in strength and consistent in diameter throughout the entire spool. Casting this line is excellent both with spinning and baitcasing outfits. The G2 Precision Winding process by Sufix puts line on the spool without any flaws and allows the line to sit there on the spool without causing memory issues later when you finally put it on your reel. The Sufix Elite is an excellent line and is even better than the ProMix, making it my new favorite monofilament line for freshwater fishing.











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