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Line Review

Sufix DNA, does this Copolymer line stand up to the extremes?

Date: 1/27/03
Tackle type: Line
Manufacturer: Sufix
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.5

Introduction: The brand name Sufix might not be well known throughout the Angling world, but that's soon to change.  Sufix manufactures a wide range of quality fishing lines that are quickly making its way onto reels worldwide.  TackleTour first examines one of their many offerings, the Sufix DNA fishing line.


Sufix DNA Specifications

Colors Available Clear blue & Lemon Green
Line Type Copolymer
Line wt's available 2-30 lb
Weight Tested 12 & 20 lb
MSRP Between $6.99-$8.99 (12 lb/400 yds, 20 lb/330 yds)

About Sufix: The name Sufix might be new among fishing enthusiasts, but believe it or not, this company has been in business since 1973 under the name Yao I Fabric Co., Ltd which has a complete range of racquet strings, lawn and garden products, a monofilament for textile, and of course fishing lines.  They are one of the largest monofilament manufacturers in the world and has a long history of OEM manufacturing.  The name Sufix is their own brand of products.  Sufix is quickly growing in the fishing line market by introducing premium fishing lines such as the Tritanium Plus and others that show excellent performance and quality.


Impressions: Line manufacturers have been heavily investing on researching and developing new fishing lines that are better performing. The new lines have characteristics such as less visibility, stronger... and some of them are going in the right direction while others are just coming out with fancy names for their lines as a marketing scheme.


The Sufix DNA fishing line comes in a wide range of pound tests from 2 to 30lb, and one shot spool size to the much larger quantities for people who just needs more


When I spoke to Sufix USA's Sales Manager Rusty Hook, he strongly explained to me that what they claim on their package is what users get.  So I obtained some Sufix DNA and my first impressions were quite good.  Even though the DNA comes in 2 to 30 pound test, I opted to review the 12lb. and 20lb. test first.  Out of the box the Sufix DNA copolymer line felt semi-soft and extremely smooth.  That was very noticeable once my fingers ran up and down the line.  With a little hand to hand tug, the line stretch was minimal.   A nice and handy feature, not directly on the fishing line itself, but on the spool get my kudos.  Each one shot spool is developed so one spool can be connected to the next.  This provides an easy way to categorize and store your lines eliminating loose spools all over the place. 


The spools are made to interconnect with one another for easy storage and organization


Copolymer: Copolymer is a product of copolymerization, which is a chemical reaction in which two or more molecules combine to form a larger molecule that contains repeating structural units, or in other words the combination of two or more monomers to create a copolymer.  The outcome of this process results in a material that has many more benefits than a solo substance.  The copolymer fishing line becomes more abrasion resistant, have a lower stretch factor, higher tensile strength, higher impact and greater shock resistance, and much more.


Lab Tests: Not to get too much into materials engineering, but when two matching materials are combined to make one, the results are usually much better. The Sufix DNA fishing line is a copolymer line that exhibited the quality of this copolymerization process.  During the lab test the 12lb. test DNA was stretched until the breaking limit was reached. The breaking limit of the line is well over what Sufix specifies.  That's usually true with most lines, but not all.  What we noticed was that the Sufix line held up better than some other brands of similar copolymer characteristics.  The abrasion resistance of the Sufix DNA was good in the lab tests when we tried to nick the line, run it through rough surfaces, and repeatedly casting and retrieving continuously.  After some time the DNA did show signs of damage, but in terms of how well it stood up before the line finally broke down is the real question.  Comparing to our data collected from previous line tests, some that we have not posted yet, the Sufix fishing line came in above average.  The results of the lab tests showed that the DNA would probably withstand the extremes during different fishing adventures, and that's due to it being a copolymer fishing line that has special additions like the silicon treatment and their processing that makes this a better performing line.  So we set forth and take you into the next step of our investigation.


All one shot spools by Sufix can be connected together.  They mate and stay affixed firmly even when being tilted, transported, and extracting line from the spool


Real World Tests: Most of you would agree with me if I said fishing is fun, but when you lose a huge fish plus your lure or bait due to the line breaking on you, that can call for a lot of disappointment and can pretty much bother you for the rest of the season.  So having quality line is a must.  We set out field testing the Sufix DNA fishing line in many different types of fishing in both fresh and saltwater, targeting species such as largemouth bass, landlocked and surf stripers, and much more.


Casting: Throughout the months of testing the DNA we tossed both small lures like jig-heads to huge swimbaits such as the Luhr Jensen AC Plug to other large lures used for surf fishing for striped bass.  So how well does the Sufix copolymer line perform in this category?


A copolymer fishing line, the DNA is smooth and casts great


The Sufix DNA line casts easily and has a very nice feel to it.  It's extremely smooth and glides off the spool going through the rod guides quickly and with little friction.  What allows the superb castability is due to a few factors.  First the DNA line has low memory, as Copolymer lines are known to have low spool memory because they are generally limp. With a low memory and soft fishing line, casting the distance is not a problem.


Remember earlier during my first look at the line, I ran my fingers up and down, then thought it was quite smooth?  The DNA fishing line just glided through my fingers without much friction.  Two words... Silicon treatment.  This is one solution that Sufix incorporates into the DNA to help the casting performance go one step further.  Some Anglers use line lubricants such as Reel Magic that has a similar function.  If the line is soften by applying moisture to reduce line memory and a smooth layer on the surface, then casting performance improves.  The great thing about the Sufix DNA is that you won't have to spend more money or carry another bottle of this or that just to get this ability.  Out of the package the DNA already holds this beneficial ingredient to casting better. (Read more about the silicon layer's longevity in the Durability section)


The DNA has a smooth silicon layer that provides many benefits in both casting and durability.  By running your finger on the line, you can tell it will flow near frictionless  from the reel through the guides and into the air; also while being retrieved

Durability: During the lab experiments the Sufix DNA fishing line in both 12 and 20lb. test demonstrated its abilities in stretch and breaking limits, and its abrasion resistance through tough tests.  Now the trial begins where it really counts, on and around the habitat of the fish.  The first thing that I would like to emphasize again is that the DNA has a silicon treatment. This silicon application is super in the casting category, but it is also beneficial in durability.  Some fishing lines dry up quickly and do not even last half a season, especially if you fish as much as I do. This silicon treatment prolongs the life of the DNA fishing line, minimizing the amount of times one needs to re-spool during a fishing season.


By keeping the fishing line moist the DNA also stays limp and low in memory. Halfway through the fishing season and the DNA that's spooled onto my baitcast reels are still performing like new.  The line is still smooth and soft, decreasing the chances of encountering nasty bird-nests, and at the same time always remaining low in memory.


We anglers love to fish around structure because of one reason, the fish hang out there.  When fishing near structure such as downed trees, weed beds, or rock piles the fishing line takes a first-class beating.  This is exactly what we put the Sufix DNA through.  We ran different types of lures through dense structure testing the line, and at the same time seeking out fish.  Copolymer fishing lines are tough, but they aren't steel cables and do take damage when continuously fished through rough terrain.  But the question is how durable is it when it is being rubbed along rough surfaces, getting nicks, and other wear and tear that occurs on each fishing trip.  Fishing lines like the copolymer DNA are made to be abrasion resistant.  Looking at lab results and real world tests the Sufix line faired well.  Only after long periods of running the lines through structure did the damage began to appear, and the first time that we noticed the damage it was minor.  The Sufix DNA is a lot tougher than many other fishing lines we have used before and can withstand vigorous conditions. Even with nicks the line did not snap when hooking up to large fish.


Sufix DNA Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The combination of two materials to form one that's much tougher is exactly what Sufix did with the DNA.  The quality of this copolymer line definitely deserves a thumbs up 8.5
Performance A soft, smooth, and extra limp line that casts well and durable.  A lot of this is from the added layer of silicon that has many benefits 9
Price A quality line with a reasonable price 8
Features Not Applicable N/A
Design (Ergonomics) Copolymer lines are designed with many benefits that normal monofilaments don't.  The addition of the silicon treatment makes the DNA an even better line 8
Application Excellent for both saltwater and freshwater use, and can be used on spinning and casting gear due to its extra limp characterizes.  The 12lb and 20lb test DNA is excellent for game fish such as bass, stripers, and other hard hitting fish 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Durable L Hard to find
J Casts great! L Might be too soft for some
J Extra Limp  
J Silicon Treatment  
J Copolymer benefits  

Conclusion: Throughout the history fishing lines have evolved from a simple single strand to the present day braided, hybrid, and copolymer lines where each have their own benefits.  Sufix, new to many but a favorite among some hardcore Anglers, has been in business for many years producing fishing lines for other big name companies.  Now they have their own products and are making a big dent in the line market by introducing quality fishing lines like the DNA.  While DNA line might be hard to find, they are out there.  (Their other lines like the Tritanium Plus are now widely used and available at many e-tailor sites)  The Sufix DNA copolymer fishing line is true to its claims.  The line is superb in casting, low memory, extra limp, and very smooth. The addition of the silicon treatment to the DNA is a great bonus to us where it provides many benefits in terms of casting and longevity of the fishing line.  Plus the years of experience in manufacturing fishing lines and other products have placed Sufix at the top among process and quality, bringing trust and confidence among their users.  The DNA gets high marks as it displayed great results after all our tests.  We highly recommend this Copolymer line for any Angler looking for something new, that won't let you down.  So next time you go out to wet a line, you won't go wrong if you make it Sufix DNA.










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