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Apparel Review

Light on Weight, but not on Performance, the STORMR NANO Foul Weather Gear (continued)


Performance: During the field tests I fished for everything from Largemouth Bass in the California Delta to deep water Mackinaw in the clear water of Lake Tahoe. I encountered only two days of rain during the field tests but did get to experience a wide swing in temperatures on different trips.


Testing the NANO on a warm day for breathability while fishing on the California Delta

Designed to be used in warmer environments the NANO garments proved to be quite comfortable to wear all day long during the Fall months, but in Tahoe I did find myself longing for a little more protection from the cold when the sun wasn’t overhead and the wind was blowing.


The hood is big and comfortable but lacks structure. Wear a hat or visor to keep it comfortably in place

Water beads on these garments and easily slides or shakes off. The pants do a good job shielding your base layer pants or shorts from the rain, especially when the jacket is zipped up as it is cut long and will overlap the waist section. The waist on the pants is elastic, no belt required if sized right. If you’re expecting these pants to offer as much protection as a bib you will be disappointed, as these pants are designed to offer freedom of movement but will only protect you up to your waist so keeping your jacket zipped up is a must in rainy and conditions where you are likely to get splashed.


A Velcro adjustable cuff help keeps the water out

The NANO Jacket and Bib got the job done when it came to keeping me dry and in warm conditions I never felt like I was overheating, as the fabric does a good job remaining breathable. The only performance related issue I did notice during testing was range of motion on the pants. While the garments have a modern cut the nylon fabric is not as flexible as some materials, including the company’s own neoprene based options. While there is some give in the material I noticed when stretching out to lip fish I felt somewhat restricted from fully extending, and I was even worried at first that I was going to stress the pants so much they would simply rip apart at the seams, but my fears proved to be unwarranted as the garment held together just fine.


When stretching I found that the pants would tighten up due to the nylon material not being able to stretch

Performance Ratings for STORMR NANO Jacket and Pants

Block (1-5)

Repellant (1-5)


Breathability (1-5)

Adjustability of fit 



(=Tot/Pos *10)









Features: The NANO garments are not as feature rich as the company’s other more expensive options, and these garments do not have nearly the storage capacity as STORMR’s other jackets or bibs. The lines are clean and the best features on these garments are the reliability of the garments themselves, there isn’t much to fail here. Other positive features include the NANO Jacket’s ergonomic fit, the adjustable waist and hood, and excellent low weight and ability to pack down neatly.

Another example of the low stretch, the sleeve rode up when overextending my arm

Features Ratings for STORMR NANO Jacket and Pants



or Fast Drying


Insulation or UPF Rating



(= Tot/Pos









Design & Ergonomics: Overall the STORMR NANO delivers in all the areas where it counts. This is not the most technical foul weather garment, nor does it offer the level of protection or storage that STORMR’s other garments do, but where it absolutely excels is in the ease of use category. The garments are straightforward and can be deployed quickly, so you’re always ready for that unexpected shower. The garment’s fit is what I would consider modern, and I found the jacket to be very comfortable to wear all day long.

When it comes to being waterproof the STORMR NANO delivers

The pants fit right over shorts or jeans nicely and I found that the pants are very true to size. For example a standard medium size pants would have a waist that would be fine but the length would be too short for me. I prefer my foul weather gear to be a little bit on the larger size, especially the pants so that they extend all the way down and rain doesn’t run into your shoes. I am 5’11” and of average build and the medium jacket fits great and the medium-long pants fits just right. It is great that the company does offer M, L, and XL sizes all with a “long” option. One of the things I liked best about the pants were the gusseted knee-high zippers which made it easy to put the pants on or take them off, all without removing my shoes.

No liner here, this garment is designed for warm conditions

The NANO Jacket comes in two colors, red and white and grey and green, and I really like the latter. The grey jacket has a bright green zipper and those green highlights help give the garment and even more modern styling. The hood on the jacket doesn’t have a lot of structure so wearing it over a hat is preferable to keep it from falling over the front of your head. A drawcord embedded in the waist helps keeps things latched down but I personally preferred to leave it loose for greater freedom of movement.

Design & Ergonomics Ratings for STORMR NANO Jacket and Pants

Aesthetic (1-5)


Available Colors (1-3)

All Day Garment (1-3)




Rating (= Tot/Pos *10)









Application: Overall when paired together the NANO Jacket and Pants look and feel like a cohesive piece of kit, and one of the things that makes the NANO so desirable is that they are extremely lightweight and pack down extremely small. This is the rain gear that you can bring with you anywhere, it easily fits in a backpack or takes up very little room in the compartment of your boat, so you’re always ready when the skies turn dark.

Gusseted zippers make it easy to put the pants on

While the NANO proved to be an effective shield from the rain and wind it doesn’t offer much in the form of warmth. The jacket doesn’t have an insulating liner/layer and is made for warmer conditions so this really is no surprise. I do like the fact that the jacket’s cut wasn’t too slim and I was able to layer up with a fleece underneath for those chilly mornings. When I had to travel to Lake Tahoe to go fishing this was my first choice as the NANO fit easily in my travel bags. If and when I go back to the Amazon to fish for Peacocks I wouldn’t hesitate to pack the NANO for the adventure. This set of foul weather gear is truly travel friendly.

Catching fish on a rainy day thanks to the STORMR NANO

The NANO Jacket and Bib are the most affordable foul weather apparel options in the STORMR lineup, retailing for $149.95 for the jacket and $99.95 for the pants. A complete set of foul weather gear for only $250 dollars is a reasonable price for garments of this quality. The competing outfits at this point include the Frabill F1, Gill IN32T, and Simms Hylite, all of which are around the same price points.

Application Ratings for STORMR NANO Jacket and Pants

Top Layer (1-5)

Mid Layer (1-5)






Rating (= Tot/Pos *10)









(We've re-calibrated our ratings standard for 2008 and have included a key at the bottom of the following matrix as a guide)

STORMR NANO Jacket and Pants Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Excellent construction, detailed thread work, panels and seams all taped for reliability 9.33
Performance Very good overall performance. Not as flexible as some other garments but provides very good resistance from rain and wind but no liner makes these garments best used for warmer conditions 7.6
Price Great overall price. There are numerous competitors at this price point but the STORMR NANO is among the most modern looking. Absolutely worth the money 8.5
Features A good balance of features, the best of which is the ergonomic cut, low weight, and excellent portability for a fully waterproof garment 7.27
Design (Ergonomics) Easy to put on and take off. Very light and doesn't weigh you down during a full day of fishing, the only downside is the fabric is not as flexible as some other options 9.41
Application I like this jacket and pants for more than just fishing. In rain I feel totally comfortable wearing the kit around town. For fishing this garment is made to travel and great for destination fishing, as long as it is not too cold 9.0

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here

Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

+ High quality construction - Designed specifically for use in warmer conditions, does not offer a lot of heat insulation
+ Modern fit, looks and feels great - Flexibility of material, a little more restrictive than some other foul weather garments
+ Fully waterproof and still very breathable - Hood lacks structure
+ Light and comfortable to wear all day  
+ Great for travel, packs small and light  
+ Reasonable price  

The STORMR NANO is very lightweight, making it a great choice for everyday fishing and destination fishing where you need a light packable foul weather solution

Conclusion: STORMR is no one trick pony, and while the company started with their neoprene garments they have since branched out significantly to offer anglers a complete range of offerings. On the hardcore spectrum the NANO is at the entry level of the company’s lineup, designed for foul weather protection in warmer more mild climates. The NANO packs down neatly, and is so compact that I now either leave them in the truck or boat at all times, so that I am always ready for what Mother Nature has in store. The NANO Jacket and Bib are probably the most modern looking foul weather garments at this price point, and while they may not have all the bells and whistles of STORMR’s higher-end garments they successfully achieve what they are designed to do from head to ankle. Designed for anglers looking for a reliable shield from the elements in more mild and warm conditions the NANO, as the garment’s name implies, delivers plenty of performance without the bulk.

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