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Lure Review


River2Sea USAís V-Joint Deep Dive minnow, a triple section lure with great action

Date: 11/30/06
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: River2Sea USA
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.83

River2Sea USA has a new lure in their bin that is designed to deliver a realistic swimming action and helps anglers target suspended fish at varying depths. We put the lure to the test against some hard hitting stripers as well as largemouth bass to see just how well this multi-jointed new lure would survive.

River2Sea USA V-Joint Deep Dive Minnow (110SU) Specifications

Class Suspending
Colors/Patterns 5 available
Sizes 4 5/16 in
Weight 1 1/8 oz
Diving Depth 0-8 ft
Price $8.49


River2Sea's V-Joint Deep Dive Minnow

Like all River2Sea USAís lures, the V-Joint Deep Dive minnow doesnít come short of the excellent detail and quality finish. The jointed minnow has impressive fine details along the body and realistic eyes. The body of the lure is made of up three sections, all connected via 50 pound-test double joints. The V-Joint DD has an appetizing chubby profile along with a fairly flat bottom which makes the lure look even larger when fish are watching it from below. The lure uses a large, wide bill upfront to help it reach its specified maximum depth of eight feet. All components on the River2Sea USA minnow appears to be of high quality including the sharp, Daiichi treble hooks.


Complete Rig for V-Joint Deep Dive Minnow Tests

Rod AiRRUS Ultra XL (UXLC701M)
Reel Shimano Curado 200D
Line 12 lb. Sufix Elite


The minnow features some impressive details and flashy finish

Field Tests:
On our field tests we tied the River2Sea USA lure onto our seven feet medium AiRRUS Ultra XL rod paired with the hefty Shimano Curado 200D. The V-Joint DD is a bait that should attract a lot of attention from many different species of fish, but we set out to fish it in the midst of some fantastic fall fishing action in the California Delta.


From the side or bottom the lure's wide appearance always looks like a tempting meal


Casting: Though this minnow is only 4 5/16 inches in length, its weight is similar to some lures that are seven inches or above. The chubby profile of the lure, along with the Tungsten Force System and rattles, make up the lureís 1 1/8 ounce weight. We used the AiRRUS stick to cast the V-Joint DD and it flew through the air without any issues.


The lure comes with a pair of realistic eyes


Retrieving: The V-Joint DD is a deep diving lure. Cast, retrieve, and youíll notice the lure immediately dives but when stopped between retrieves, the lure will suspend in mid-water. With a distant cast we were able to get the minnow to dive to specified depths even with 12 pound test line.


A large wide lip allows the lure to dive to eight feet


The River2Sea USA 100SUís tri-body construction provides a lot of body to tail whipping action as you give it a steady retrieve. As the body creates both visible and audible clicks, the Tungsten rattle system also creates additional noise to draw fish from afar. Two samples were tested for action and we found both to produce the same performance. Out of the box the lure ran straight and no tuning was needed.


V-Joint DD minnow utilizes River2Sea's Tungsten Force system


Durability: Constructed out of ABS plastic the V-Joint DD fairs well in the durability category. First of all the joints are of real high grade, designed to take on a force of 50 pounds easily. On one cast, I thought I had a big one on, but the lure just snagged up on a big log. I pulled and pulled, whipped the rod up and down, all in an effort to try to get the lure loose. When I did get my River2Sea USA lure back, I noticed it had a bent hook but no joint damage at all. All other components are also built very well. The finish isnít bad either. Where the body sections hit each other, after a lot of use youíll start to notice some wear but this does not affect the lures effectiveness. The overall durability I would say is well above par.


The three sections are connected via 50-pound rated hefty joints


Price & Application: Priced at only $8.49 the River2Sea V-Joint Deep Dive isnít expensive at all. The lure is attractive, has a solid construction, and produces an enticing action when retrieved. This minnow lure is great for bass and stripers in our local waters but it can be used throughout the world for other species such as pike, musky, snakeheads, and various other freshwater game.


Great for largemouth bass but who can pass up some fun catching stripers with the V-Joint DD


River2Sea USA V-Joint Deep Dive Minnow Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The overall construction of the lure is great. The only thing, like all jointed lures, will create some damage where the body sections clack against each other but this will not affect the performance 9
Performance This minnow lure is full of action thanks to the tri-sectional body design. The lure runs correctly straight out of the box and dives to its specified depths 9
Price Great value for a minnow lure of this quality and performance 8.5
Features The lure features a mouth watering triple section body design along with a completely nice finish, sharp hooks, and a Tungsten rattling system 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) Great body design that keeps the lure running true, and the shape provides a wide appetizing meal to nearby fish 9
Application Though we caught both bass and stripers on this lure, anglers can apply the Joint-V DD for multiple freshwater species 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Dives to specified maximum depth L Damage to where the sections collide after much use
J Good tri-sectional design  
J Action packed  
J Distant casts  

River2Sea USA has again brought us another lure to put in our tackle box. The exciting V-Joint Deep Dive minnow, designed with a chubby profile, is put together via a triple section body construction. The overall built quality is very nice especially the outstanding finish and the super durable joint components. This multi-sectional minnow produces attractive actions and allowed us to catch many bass and stripers. The V-Joint Deep Dive series actually comes in three different sizes and five patterns for anglers to choose from, and retailing for only $8.49, itís quite the value. To see the lure in action visit River2Seaís website: V-Joint Deep Dive Minnow movie









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