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Lure Review

Flirting with Innovation: The Reaction Innovations Flirt 6.95 (continued)

Durability: Unlike some other finesse plastic products, the Reaction Innovations Flirt is made of a rather durable soft plastic. While I didn't actually count how many fish I could get on one worm, I was quite satisfied by each worm's multi-catch durability. The 6.95 is also long enough, should you really feel like pinching plastics, to where you can trim it at the top, move everything down a half inch or so, and have it fish almost like a brand new worm.

The Flirt 6.95 comes 15 to a pack for $4.29

Features: At close inspection, one can see, the Flirt 6.95 is not your typical straight tail finesse worm. Reaction Innovations does a nice job of adding a ripple here and a fin there, to give this worm added depth and interest all in an effort to create more disturbance in the water than your typical finesse bait. The flat tail features a rib on either side and the underside of the bait has ripples reminiscent of their signature Sweet Beaver creature/chunk bait.


At close inspection, the tail is not all that it seems...

...it actually has a molded fin giving the tail just that added bit of life as you work it in the water


Colors: Reaction Innovations offers a host of very interesting and unique color patterns. The intricacy of these colors is very reminiscent of the foregone era of hand pours. The only trouble is, you need a reference manual to really know what these colors are all about as their naming convention is anything but standard or intuitive. Then again, it is this type of eccentricity that makes Reaction Innovations such an interesting company to begin with.


The RI Flirt 6.95 in Spanish Fly

The Flirt 6.95 features very small, and subtle ribs along the back


Effectiveness: I'd like to say the ribbed underbelly and special tail of this worm really made a difference. In the end, if anything, and as with all plastic worms, my feeling is the colors of these baits is really what makes them unique. It may take you over an hour to surf through their color charts to really find that color you think might work, but it's worth it. Reaction Innovations does a nice job with their patterns.


A successfully landed fish thanks to the Flirt 6.95 Texas rigged

A closer look at the successful rig

Availability: At the time of this writing, the Flirt 6.95 was still ramping up and availability in all color patterns was a bit sketchy. This should improve over time. In the meantime, availability of the a handful of colors including Main Vein, California 420, Watermelon Green Pumpkin, Dirty Sanchez, among others is pretty good. Be sure to check with your favorite retailer or e-tailer for specific colors you have in mind.


Lest we forget to mention the Sweet Beaver-esque ribs on the bottom of the Flirt 6.95 - one last look



Reaction Innovations Flirt 6.95 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Reaction Innovations makes a fine product, the Flirt 6.95 is no exception 9
Performance It did pretty much everything I expected 8
Price At just under $0.30 a worm, not bad at all. 8.5
Features Reaction Innovations does everything they can to add a little interest into this bait 9
Design (Ergonomics) Color selection is vast, if not confusing 9
Application Versatility is inherent with plastic baits 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Good size and bulk L Availability is a bit tough as the company ramps up production
J Fantastic color selection L Color selection, while good, is not intuitive by their names
J Durable for a plastic worm  
J Won't break the bank  


Another winner from Reaction Innovations


Conclusion: Well, even if the true secret behind the plastic worm is still a mystery, one thing is not. That is the Reaction Innovations Flirt 6.95. This bait worked very well in the two methods we fished it - shakey head and Texas rigged. It will no doubt catch fish in other conventional and not so conventional riggings as well. Thanks to its better than average durability, they should last you longer than some of those old school hand pours too which means they'll eventually save you money. That is, until you start buying every color under the sun! I've certainly added this worm to my arsenal, and if you're looking for something just a little different and fun, maybe you should too.











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