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Lure Review

What's Old is New Again, Or Is It? The River2Sea Wood'n Min 160


Presentation: I tried a variety of presentations with the Wood'n Min including fishing it as a steroid enhanced jerkbait and with a variety of steady retrieves. It works best with a slow, steady retrieve and was perfect as a wake-type bait over submerged weedbeds and underneath elevated docks. Fished with a jerk-bait type retrieve, the Wood'n Min's tail can be made to spit and splash water in order to attract attention, but this retrieve also has the tendency to tangle the front hook in your line. During a fast steady retrieve, the bait wobbles a bit much for my liking. In the end, I had best success with casting the bait, letting it settle in the water, employing a quick jerk to get it under the surface, and then, turning the handle of my reel slow and steady swimming the bait just under the surface.

The Wood'n Min has a tough polycarbonate diving lip

Weedlessness: With its large profile and almost larger treble hooks, the River2Sea Wood'n Min is not really equipped to be fished through weeds but is adequate when fished over the top or on the edges of such structure. It doesn't dive deep enough to get caught up in rocks, stumps, and rip rap, unless of course you're fishing areas that are less than three or four feet in depth. It really is best suited in open water situations where obstructions such as these are not an issue.


Look what we discovered at the end of our line as the fish rose to the surface!


We're thinking at this point, it might have been a good idea to grab the net!

Durability: Through about half a dozen good sized bass, the River2Sea Wood'n Min held up very well. I did not reach a point where I needed to replace the tail section but I'm certain results will vary with this statistic. The bait is very well constructed and held up well to the rigors of our tests. Admittedly, I did not put the bait through the usual torture test of casting into the rip rap shores of the California Delta. Somehow, performing this maneuver with an eighty dollar bait just did not sit well with me.


This Wood'n Min bass tipped our scales at just under 9lbs!

Application & Effectiveness: As eluded to previously, I feel the River2Sea Wood'n Min 160 is at its best in relatively open water environments fished either over submerged structure such as weeds, boulders or an underwater hump, or on the edges of weedbeds and the like. If you can get it underneath an elevated dock look out! I had best success getting it just underneath the surface, and then swimming it back with a steady retrieve so it could slither, enticingly, back to me.

It doesn't get much more picture perfect than this - the River2Sea Wood'n Min with an almost perfect hookset in the mouth of a big bass!


River2Sea Wood'n Min 160 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very solid construction 8
Performance Excellent when fished like a super-sized jerkbait 8.5
Price We've come to associate River2Sea products as affordable exotics. The Wood'n Min 160 is an exception to this claim. When the lure was first released it was a costly 80 dollar MSRP, today the price has come down and it can be had for 50 dollars and under. While the price has improved there is plenty of competition at this price point...and for just a little more you can get a premium swimbait 7
Features Tough polycarbonate lip, very sharp hooks, replaceable tail section, realistic pectoral fins 9
Design Though still very good, not the most realistic swimbait we've seen - the bar is pretty high in this category of baits 7
Application Very good in open water over submerged structure or along weedlines 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Solid wood construction L Surprisingly pricey from River2Sea
J Stunning & durable finishes
J Very sharp hooks  
J Excellent swimming action  

Conclusion: The pictures really tell the story with this bait: a lure with the appearance of a collectable yet is effective enough to entice big fish to strike. It is rather interesting that while this bait isn't the most realistic we've encountered, it's intriguing in its own way helping to invoke the image of older, more delicately, hand crafted lures from twenty or more years ago. Perhaps it's this characteristic that makes it even more difficult to tie at the end of the line and cast in search of your quarry. The good news is, this bait is still easily obtainable so you can still collect them AND pick up a few extra to fish. Whether you purchase these lures to keep, or to really fish, the River2Sea Wood'n Min 160 will not disappoint in either endeavor!











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