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Reel Review

Introducing the new 2003 Quantum Energy PT reels with different gear ratios for your specific fishing techniques

Date: 9/5/02
Tackle type: Reel
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.36

Introduction: In March we tested the Energy PT(E600PT) that sports many Performance Tuned components.  Then later in July TackleTour had the opportunity to introduce a few of Quantum's new 2003 PT rods and reels.  Included were two brand new Energy PT reels that have lower gear ratios than their sibling, the E600PT.  Now to follow up we test the new E640PT and E650PT to see how well they perform for different applications. 

Quantum Energy PT (E650PT & E640PT) Specifications

Line Capacity 12/165, 14/135
Gear Ratio 5.1:1(E650PT), 4.4:1(E640PT)
IPT(Inches Per Turn) of the handle.  Rate at 80% of spool capacity 20.6 IPT(E650PT), 18.9 IPT(E640PT)
Weight 9.2 oz.
Bearings 5BB, 1RB
Additional Features CNC machined Aluminum frame, Maxcast aluminum spool, Ceramic-Zirconia levelwind, Continuous Anti-Reverse, ACS II cast control, HotSauce, Super Free Spool design
MSRP $159.99

Impressions: The Quantum Energy PT... sure we all have seen it, but how do the new E640PT and E650PT compare to it?  Their physical dimensions are identical.  All three models of the Energy PT are same in size, shape, and weight.  But you will surely notice something quite different.  The metallic-silver shine has changed to a metallic-gold/bronze tone.  This new color scheme still retains the same awesome look the Energy PT has.


Two additions to the Energy PT series that will aid Anglers in their technique specific fishing styles.  The new lower gear ratios will provide us with exactly what we want on our fishing adventures 


As noted on these pre-release versions of the Energy PT, the E640PT has a gear ratio of 4.4:1 and the E650PT has a 5.1:1 ratio.  These new slower gear ratios will definitely bring joy to those anglers who have been drooling for a slower speed reel with similar attributes.


Lab Tests: Since the Energy PT E600PT was previously tested, the new reels were put under the same test procedures.  The free spooling was tested with the tension knob turned loose and the ACS II brake system turned to Free.  The spool spun freely and smoothly.  In the other areas such as the drag, the cranking, and the Continuous Anti-Reverse displayed the same performance as the E600PT.  The new Energy PT reels use the same components as before.  Thus there are no changes in the overall lab tests.


Note: To see the Energy PT's (E600PT) overall results click here.

Complete Rig for Energy PT Tests

Rod Hookhider IM6 Gold Series (109C) and Quantum PTC666F
Reel Quantum Energy PT
Line 12lb. Sufix DNA

Field Tests:
The Energy PT reels are nearly identical in shape, components, feel, and more. Since the E650PT and E640PT are slower winding reels they are good for different fishing techniques.  I will now take the next step to show you a few ways you can apply these reels.

Working Soft Baits:
When using soft baits I find that both the Energy PT E640PT and E650PT work really well, but each has unique merits.  When working the soft baits slowly, such as crawling a plastic worm or grub on the bottom, the E640PT is the top choice here.  The 4.4:1 gear ratio allows you to slowly move the plastic on the bottom while you're retrieving at a comfortable speed and slightly lifting your rod tip to produce additional action.  The slower reel allowed me to work one area more thoroughly and make sure I did everything to attract that bass until I got it to bite.  Most of the time while fishing on the bottom with plastics, people tend to reel too fast. Maybe it's patience, maybe it's the reel.  A reel with a smaller gear ratio will provide better assistance to you while fishing soft baits.  The technique is possible with the E600PT with a gear ratio of 6.2:1, but you would have to wind at worm-speeds which isn't too comfortable in an all day fishing trip.  Plus the higher speed reel wouldn't allow you to work the rod and reel as efficient as the E640PT matched with your favorite rod for plastics.


The new Energy PT's 4.4:1 winding ratio brings soft bait fishing to a new level.  Slow retrieves are the key to fishing plastics in the winter months


When nature calls for a faster reel for working plastics, the Quantum E650PT comes in handy.  The E640PT can be used, but you would have to crank fast to get it at the right speeds.  It's best when you can retrieve at a constant speed you're comfortable at.  The 5.1:1 gear ratio in the E650PT allows you to work a swimming grub, soft plastic jerkbaits, and other plastics where you want to swim rather than crawl.  The speed of the Quantum Energy PT E650PT fits this technique well because it's not too fast nor too slow like it's siblings in the Energy PT series.
Fishing Reaction Baits: Reaction baits... just like any other lures, there are so many and so many different fishing techniques.  For these baits the Quantum E640PT wouldn't fall in this category because most Anglers prefer to use a gear ratio faster than 4.4:1.  The Energy PT E650PT would be a good choice for most reactions baits such as spinnerbaits and crankbaits, but not jerkbaits.  When using spinnerbaits with the E650PT, its gear ratio allows you to either slow-roll the spinnerbait during cold winter days, or retrieve at a faster pace to fish the bait mid to top water.  


The 5.1:1 gear ratio in the E650PT allows an Angler to retrieve either faster or slower.  That's why many people prefer a winding ratio that's mid-range for most of their applications


The Quantum Energy PT with a gear ratio of 5.1:1 would be considered as an all general purpose reel by many Anglers because speed wise it's in the mid-range... they can crank faster or slower.  This speed is preferred by many when fishing crankbaits because when retrieving at a steady comfortable pace they are able to apply the right amount of force on the lure through the reel to produce the right action.  When the feel is right, you're likely to be more confident which leads to landing more fish during each trip.


While Striper fishing I found that the 5.1:1 gear ratio to be too slow when using jerkbaits.  I opted for the original Energy PT with a gear ratio of 6.18:1 because the quicker movements from the lure would generate more hits than anything else.


Quantum Energy PT Ratings [E640PT & E650PT] (?/10)

Construction/Quality Built tough with good components for longer life 8.5
Performance These reels have great casting, retrieving, and free spooling abilities.  Like the E600PT the drag can be improved 8.2
Price Good price for a reel of this level 8.0
Features Loaded with features such as Super Free Spool pinion design, Maxcast spool, ACS II 9.0
Design (Ergonomics) Designed to fit your hands.  You can palm this reel with ease.  You can choose the right speed reel for your technique and comfort level while cranking 8.5
Application This family of reels can accommodate one of your fishing needs.  Great for technique specific applications 8.0

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Good construction L Drag can't achieve max.
J Free Spool  
J ACS II cast control system  
J Specific technique reels  

Conclusion: There are so many fishermen out there and each day a new one is born.  No one likes to use exactly the same kind of gear.  Some anglers prefer a fast gear ratio over a slower one as their general purpose fishing reel, while others will have different reels for each application.  That's why having three different gear ratios available with one reel style is very useful. Remember that everyone has their own preferences, but given 3 choices it won't be tough to pick one.  Because no matter what situation you're in, one of the Quantum Energy PT reels can do the job nicely.










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