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Reel Review

Quantum's Boca PTs reel employs oversized components to battle saltwater inshore gamefish

Date: 8/23/04
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 9.08

Introduction: Quantum was serious when they developed their Saltwater Performance Tune line of products, and the attention to detail as well as use of quality components really shows. Take a closer look at the Boca PTs spinning reel which sports rugged components and delivers tremendous performance for a wide range of saltwater game.


Quantum Boca PTs (BSP40PTs) Specifications

Line Capacity (lb/yds) 8/270, 10/230, 12/200
Gear Ratio 5.2:1
Weight 14.8 oz
Bearings 5
Additional Features One-piece aluminum frame, TiMAG Salt bail system, MAGLOK™magnetic Continuous Anti-reverse, Multi-stack Magnum ceramic drag, Saltgard six-layer corrosion protection finish, forged aluminum spool, one-piece stainless steel screw-in handle, oversized knob, Neoprene bag, wrench+knot tool
Price $119.95

Impressions: The PT saltwater spinning reel comes in an attractive box and my first impressions of the Quantum Boca PTs was that this offering was more than just another reel, and more akin to a complete package. Quantum wants anglers to have the complete experience and this saltwater reel comes with a well thought out blue Neoprene reel bag to protect it during transport and storage.


The solid and attractive saltwater spinning reel, the Boca PTs by Quantum


The reel itself is impressive and quite unlike most other normal spinning reels. The profile is familiar but the components and design of the reel exhibit a quality ruggedness not found in most spinning outfits. Robust features such as the TiMAG Salt bail system, a completely sealed drag system, a magnetic anti-reverse mechanism, and the protective Saltgard six-layer coating for those harsh saltwater conditions all are designed to perform capably in harsh saltwater applications.


Complete Rig for Quantum BSP40PTsTests

Rod Quantum Cabo PT Inshore (CBIS70M)
Reel Quantum Boca PTs (BSP40PTs)
Line 20 lb. Sufix Tritanium Plus

Field Tests: During our tests we stressed the Quantum Performance Tuned spinning reel on various species of fish from landlocked and surf Stripers to fishing 100ft down for rockcod in West Coast waters.


The Saltgard Six-layers make a fine finish on the slim Boca

Casting: The Boca PTs casts extremely well thanks to the precisely designed spool. The forged aluminum spool is uniform and the oscillation on the shaft is consistent, allowing line to be retrieved on the spool uniformly. Evenly laid line results in easier longer distant casts simply because the line flows off the spool freely. While we tossed swimbaits, plugs, and jigs at striped bass and rockcod, we were able to catapult these lures right into the target zone, especially when fishing for the stripers in the surf from our saltwater boat. Getting too close to the surf is dangerous, but with the Boca mated with the Cabo PT Inshore rod, we were able to reach outlying fish without any tribulation.

Retrieving: Utilizing five tight tolerance bearings, the Boca PTs is smooth when it comes to retrieves. Under stressful loads the reel still performed well, and with each turn of the one-piece stainless steel handle the well balanced rotor showed no signs of unsolicited wobbling.


Precision gearing results in smooth, durable, and powerful retrieves


The retrieve from this saltwater spinning reel is also powerful, thanks to the MAGLOK™magnetic anti-reverse system, an oversized handle knob, and the non-flex aluminum frame. Its capacity served us well when we played tug-a-war with larger stripers and while hauling heavy Cabezon and Lingcod up from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.


MAGLOK™: When Quantum unleashed the TiMAG II system, we had no idea how the Titanium bail wire and magnetic bail return mechanism would perform, especially over the long run. After years of usage the system still impresses us. Now with the Boca spinning reel, Quantum has again placed an innovative design feature that we were delighted to see in effect on this saltwater reel. The MAGLOK™ continuous anti-reverse system make use of vigorous magnets instead of springs. These are placed in the handle and rotor of the Boca PTs. Because this is a saltwater reel, employing magnets have advantages over mechanical springs in terms of corrosion. This magnetic system proved proficient and resilient in our tests, and never failed even after almost 3 months of usage. This anti-reverse system has no play, and provides solid hooksets time and time again.


The Boca PTs sports a seal drag to keep out unwanted particles

The Drag: The drag system on Boca PTs is exceptional. Its initial start is smooth and continued to perform that way throughout our tests.  Quantum utilizes a stack of oversized ceramic drag washers and as we encountered many Cabezon and Lingcod that pulled hard 80ft down the  accurate drag system functioned consistently. The Magnum ceramic drag washers don't not expand under heat pressure and is good run after run, and because it resists heat so well the entire drag system does not assume damage like other drags after excessive use.


Another nice feature is that the entire drag system is sealed. The drag adjustment knob sports a rubber gasket that prevents any dirt, grit, or saltwater from entering the mechanism that could potentially harm the discs or cause it to become "gummy." Dirt, sand, and saltwater still have the ability to get in-between the knob and spool, but only on the outer rim in front of the seal. After each fishing trip, be sure to remove the knob and clean out the grit that builds up around the non-protected area.


The oversized Nickel Titanium bail wire is extremely durable


Durability: Durability is very good on this saltwater spinning reel. The components are corrosion resistant, and the TiMAG Salt bail system is brawny. The one-piece frame is made strong and finished with Quantum's Saltgard layers. These layers bond to the actual frame metal, but can still be scratched if rubbed against sharp and hard surfaces. So still try and avoid direct contact with rocks and tools. The TiMAG Salt bail isn't the same as the freshwater reels. This Nickel-Titanium bail wire is at least double the size of the freshwater type while still remaining remarkably strong, lightweight, and durable. The Neoprene bag that comes with the product also serves its purpose at protecting your reel when not in use. The bag has two compartments, one for the tools and oils, and the other for the Boca PTs itself. A nice feature about this protective bag is that the bottom and sides are meshed, allowing draining and air circulation if you want to place the reel into the bag right after rinsing. (Though we still recommend a towel dry)


Price: Quantum built the Boca PTs to contend with the higher end saltwater reels and it certainly performs up to par with the competition.  The components used are all corrosion resistant, are upgraded to be extra hard-wearing, and additional hi-tech features help make this spinning reel a solid performer. Throw in the aggressive price of only $100 dollars for this PT reel and you have a exceptional value for this grade of product.


This reel is capable of hauling in many types of gamefish


Warranty: Quantum Saltwater PT reels boast a completely different warranty service than the freshwater line of products. These PT reels are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against any defects in workmanship or materials. But here's the exciting part that any saltwater guys will love. Quantum provides their users with a "24 Hour Warranty Service" because their objective is to keep everyone fishing, and they understand how important it is to have your gear ready, especially when the sea conditions are right and the migratory fish are biting. Two advantages to this service: 1) Quantum will either repair or replace your product in 24 hours and ship it back to you, and 2) the warranty on the product being sent back to you will again have a 1 year warranty period from the date sent. Also, the TiMAG system bears a lifetime warranty.

Quantum Boca PTs (BSP40PTs) Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The reel is constructed to be solid with corrosion resistant and oversized components that are a big plus to a saltwater reel 9
Performance Excellent!  Performed well in all categories while fishing for different species of fish from near surface to all the way down to the bottom of the ocean 9.5
Price A very good value for a high performer that employs quality components 9
Features Loaded with features such as the oversized handle knob, Magnum drag washers, TiMAG Salt system, seal drag, and much more.  The addition of the Neoprene bag is wonderful to protect your investment 9
Design (Ergonomics) A very well designed reel that's tuned for performance and comfort in powerful retrieves and smooth casting.  The weight is ergonomically balanced for saltwater applications 9
Application The 40 size is capable of targeting many species of saltwater and freshwater game.  The reel is strong and durable enough for stripers rigged with either 12 or 20lb test, and have the power to haul up heavy cod from deep down 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Powerful L Wish it came with a spare spool
J Durable  
J Sealed Drag  
J Oversized Nickel-Titanium bail wire  
J Corrosion resistant components  

Conclusion: The Boca PTs saltwater fishing reel is well designed with plenty of features that help augment the overall performance. Quantum utilized all corrosion resistant components, and the addition of MAGLOK, a magnetic anti-reverse system that is durable and won't fade like traditional springs would is ideally suited for the rigors of saltwater fishing. The oversized components are a plus when it comes time to fight unexpectedly sizeable fish in inshore waters. Along with excellent performance, the Boca spinning reel is also made extra durable with Quantum's unique saltwater coating. To top it all off Quantum's TiMAG Salt bail wire is much thicker and lighter than traditional spinning reels, and an oversized drag system puts the halt on even the strongest fish.  To complete the package the Boca PTs comes with a nice Neoprene bag to protect it during transport and storage. Quantum has done it again by designing a great saltwater reel at an incredible price. This is a must try reel for anglers considering a new spinning outfit for light to medium saltwater duty, and in terms of overall value the Boca is on top of the short list.









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