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Lure Review

Bring Life to a Familiar Design : The Persuader American Angling Double Buzzer Buzzbait (continued)


Retrieve: The mark of a good buzzbait is how soon you can get it to the surface and how slow you can retrieve it to keep it there. The Persuader American Angling Double Buzzer rises to the surface very quickly. Some anglers are in the habit of engaging our reel just before your buzzbait hits the water, this factor can be negated all together. I don't like to do this as it feels like you're tearing up the gears in your reel. What I do try and do is watch the bait closely as it sails through the air and click my reel over just as soon as it hits the water. Sometimes this is possible, sometimes, for whatever reason, you can become distracted and forget. A nice bird's nest does wonders for this type of distraction. Whatever the cause of the impending hesitation, once you start to retrieve this double buzzer, it comes to the surface relatively quickly.


A closeup of the signature super flat head on our Persuader American Angling Double Buzzer

Bend the wires toward one another and you can make the blades clack together during retrieve

Retrieve speed is excellent with this lure. I was fishing it, early on, next to JIP on my boat. The first couple of times I threw it out, he asked me, "What type of buzzbait is that?" He was marvelling at how slow I was able to crawl it over the surface. It was a relatively slow day after about the third explosion he asked if I had another!


The wires are bound together by this metal collar just below the line tie eye


The very sharp point of the Mustad Ultra-Point hook on our Double Buzzer

Durability: The silicon skirt of our double buzzer held up quite well over a year of off and on use. The heavy gauge wire still feels stout and sturdy and the blades still rotate very well. The only real signs of wear on this bait are on the head of the lure itself where paint has chipped and worn away. That's to be expected with any painted head after this amount of use. Overall, our double buzzer has held up extremely well.


Here you can see some of the missing paint on the head of our Double Buzzer


A protective measure against performance robbing weeds, these oval red beads worked just ok

Application & Effectiveness: As with any buzzbait, we found greatest success in slowly crawling this bait over submerged weed beds. We needed probably about one or two inches of water to get any real gurgling going and liked how quickly the bait came to the surface once we began our retrieve. Just about any topwater bait is a joy to fish, but buzzbaits are one of my absolute favorites because you can cover a lot of water very quickly and fish them in both calm and disturbed surface conditions. The only thing we did not like about this buzzbait was the fact the red beads at the front of the blades, while effective, still weren't the best at deterring some weeds, and especially, hair algae from clogging the blades and slowing them down.

Tossing a buzzbait is one of our favorite topwater techniques


Persuader American Angling Double Buzzer Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A very well constructed bait with quality components 8.5
Performance Fast or slow, this bait gurgles with the best of them 9
Price On the median in price range for baits of this type 8
Features Double blades, a sharp, durable hook, flat head design for maximum lift 8.5
Design A proven winner 8
Application Really good over submerged weed beds or in and around stickups 8.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Ability to retrieve fast and super slow L Blades can get bogged down quickly
J Ability to tune the blades for different noise levels
J Sharp, durable, long shank hook
J Quality skirt material  

Conclusion: It's difficult to deny the fun that can be had when fishing topwater lures. For me, there's something about buzzbaits in particular that I really enjoy. Maybe it's the faster pace; maybe it's the brain dead chuck it and wind presentation; maybe it's the effectiveness in both calm and slightly rough water; whatever it is, buzzbaits are great fun and the Persuader American Angling Double Buzzer only serves to enhance this experience. Built to last from quality components with the ability to tune the noise the bait makes on the fly, the Double Buzzer is a necessary bait in any buzzbait fisherman's arsenal.











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