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Watercraft Maintenance Review

Sunblock for Your Boat? Introducing NoSweat Mist's Quick Spray Shine Enhancer (continued)

Application cont'd: If you do decide to go this route, the good news is that the Quick Spray Shine Enhancer is as easy to apply as it sounds - just spray and wipe. What's more, the product is safe for use on all surfaces of your boat from the gel-coat, to your vinyl seats to your plastic windshields. This makes it more than easy to apply right after pulling out of the water or even a day or two after the fact. While both Zander and JIP are meticulous about wiping (and in JIP's case, washing and wiping) down their boats after each trip, I put my boat through the more neglectful care test by sometimes waiting to wipe it down several days after the fact. In either scenario, with the help of the Quick Spray Shine Enhancer getting our boats cleaned up was pretty painless.

Zander wipes down his boat after a day on the water.


Contrary to popular belief, many of today's polishing products, including the NoSweat Mist Boat Buff, are fine for use on your hull. Unlike a traditional wax, polishing products are designed to bond with your boat's gel coat enhancing the smooth, slick finish and helping, rather than hurting your hull's performance.


Effectiveness: Whether applied just after getting off the water, or several days later, dirt, dust, and scum was very easy to wipe off with the Quick Spray Shine Enhancer leaving the surface of our boats slick and smooth. This product even helped to clean and protect our vinyl seats and plastic windshields! In fact, one of the first things I noticed about this product was how easily it made the task of wiping the windshield of my boat and removing the water spots that seem to never go away. One wipe of the windshield with my micro-fiber towel moistened with the Quick Spray Shine Enhancer changed all that in an instant. Continued, insistent use of the product makes cleanup easier and easier, but the fact that the product made wiping down my boat pretty simple even several days after the fact, lent itself very well to the procrastinating nature of my maintenance routine.

Before shot showing the scum line at the boat's transom after a day on the water. I left my boat like this for three days before tending to clean up.


After shot showing the revitalized finish of the transom thanks to the application of the Quick Shine Spray Enhancer three days AFTER a fishing trip.


Longevity: If there was one area of slight disappointment in this product it was the longevity of that smooth and slick feeling on the boat's surface after applying the Quick Shine Spray Enhancer. Perhaps due to the fact this product does not contain silicone, it seems to dry out or wear off after several days of the boat just sitting in storage. Of course, a quick re-application of the product restores that smooth, slick feeling to the boat's surface, and even without reapplication, this experience seems to have no effect on the product's ability to facilitate clean up of your boat even after several weeks of not using the product.


Three days after towing the boat home from a trip without wiping it down, the dust, dirt and general lack of luster in the boat's finish are evident.


A quick wipe down of the boat's surface with the Quick Shine Spray Enhancer leaves the finish of this same boat looking like new again.


Price and Availability: The Quick Spray Shine Enhancer is available in a 22 ounce spray bottle and one gallon refill jug. The cost of these items are $8.49 and $24.99 respectively. A visit to the company's website reveals their existing dealer network. If you cannot find a retail location close to you, the product can be also be ordered direct from NoSweat Mist's website but at a slightly higher price than through an authorized dealer.



NoSweat Mist Quick Spray Shine Enhancer Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Sieg Taylor spared no expense at the formulation of this product and we believe him. 9
Performance Though the product seems to dry out after a few days in the garage, this does not appear to have an affect on its overall performance 8
Price Neither inexpensive or outrageous in price. 8
Features An emphasis on UV protection and high quality polymers along with the absence of silicone 9
Design (Ergonomics) A clearly labeled product with an attention grabbing marketing scheme, We really appreciate the clear distinction that the product is body shop safe. 9
Application From gelcoats to vinyl to plastic to wood veneers, this product is as versatile a protective sealant as you can ask for 10

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Clear labeling of the fact this product contains no silicone and is therefore body shop safe L Might be difficult for some to locate as distribution is still growing
J Sunblock for your boat L Though this is understandable, product ordered directly costs slightly more than if purchased through an authorized dealer
J Safe for ALL surfaces L Seems to dry up several days after application
J Reportedly, high end polymers and UV inhibitors  
J If you have difficulty finding it, you can order directly from NoSweat Mist


Thanks to the Quick Spray Shine Enhancer, we're cleaned up and ready to head home after a day on the California Delta


Conclusion: The primary attraction I had to this product was its clear labeling of "no silicone." For some reason, when searching for boat care products, this distinction is not always the easiest to make and I really appreciated this bit of knowledge just in case I am someday caught in the unenviable position of needing hull work on my boat. Now, while we are in no position to verify NoSweat Mist's claims that the special formula in all their boat care products use high end chemicals, we are also in no position to doubt their claims after our positive experience with their product. What can be said is, after a season of use, NoSweat Mist has earned my trust when it comes to caring for my boat's finish and preserving its luster. That decision is, dare I say... no sweat.










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