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Lure Review

Spoon? Spinner? Buzzbait? Nemire creates one of the most flexible new lures, and bass can't resist it!

Date: 2/24/02
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Nemire Lures
Reviewer: Team TT

Total Score: 9.16 + INNOVATION AWARD

Introduction: Once in a while a manufacturer pulls out all the stops and creates a completely new type of lure, Nemire lures has done exactly that with the creation of their Red Ripper and Spoon Buzzer. These are the most exciting lures we have seen this year and offer anglers an incredibly flexible new weapon to catch more fish.

Nemire Lure Specifications

Material Brass and 24kt gold finish, black, or silver finish
Weight 1/4-1/2oz
Length Varies from Jr. to Sr. and Baby Jr to Sr. sizes
Colors/Finishes 3 Available
Diving Depth Variable depending on retrieve
MSRP $5.99 - 8.65ea

About Nemire Lures: The story of Nemire lures is basically the tale of John Nemire...the owner and designer of these revolutionary lures. Fishing with his grandfather since the age of 7, John Nemire was hooked for life, and in the 70's joined the Toledo Bass Club and became very active in tournaments. He began making lures for his personal use and soon fellow anglers started asking for the handmade lures, and John turned it into a business. In January 1998 John Nemire and his son Jason perfected the Red Ripper and Spoon Buzzer. The Red Ripper evolved out of John's dream to create a weedless crankbait with a rattle. Completing a 25 year project John also brought the idea of an in-line buzzbait to life, one with the ability to work on the surface and under,....thus the Spoon Buzzer was born.


Impressions: When we first examined the lures John Nemire sent us we were excited by the amount of varying sizes, configurations, and colors of these new lures. We originally had asked John for a lure that we could test for some vertical jigging since this has been producing bass here on the West Coast with the water temp still in the 50's....it was then John told us he had something that would surprise us.

The Nemire lures are among the prettiest lures we have ever seen. They are flawless in their construction and the finishes on these lures is top notch. The lures are either 24kt. gold, black, or genuine silver coated for the ultimate amount of flash. The lures feature a unique rattle that when we shook in the lab made a sound unlike any crank we have ever heard...it almost sounds like a echoing pinging. The buzz blade on the Spoon Buzzer blades spin very quickly for an extended period simply by blowing on the blade lightly.


The main difference between the Buzzer and the Ripper are the blades

What's the difference?:
The Spoon Buzzer and Red Ripper are very similar yet can be used very differently. The main way to differentiate between the two is the Spoon Buzzers have the extended propeller blades protruding from the top of the lure. The sound chambers on both lures are identical and the skirts can actually be interchanged.

Nemire produces the lures in a variety of sizes and colors, and even makes them in the larger "Red Ripper" sizes for nailing Redfish

Tests: To give the Nemire lures a real test we had to study how these lures swam as well as put them to the test in the field. In order to visually see how they moved in the water we spent two days at a pool just documenting the cast and retrieve of all the sizes and variations of these two lures. We then spent 10 days in the field at three different lakes to see how the local bass would react to these new lures.

The Cast: Casting the Nemire lures is easy. They come in weights all the way up to 1/2oz and cast as well as any spoon. The spoon shape of the lure definitely does catch some wind, and if you are with the wind this lure can be cast a very long distance. The lure is compact enough and has no hanging or flopping hooks or blades, so it can be cast quickly and accurately to your target zones without any flutter.

Showcasing two Nemire patents: The metal sound chamber and metal skirt strap

The Sound: Originally John Nemire created the sound chamber out of plastic but because of his desire to 24k. gold plate the lure he had to make it out of metal. John then developed the correct thickness and size of the rattle that would attract fish....this process took months of testing. The result is now a patented sound chamber that makes a sound unlike any lure we have ever heard before. The interesting thing about the sound chamber is that it can generate a lot of sound with very little movement. The sound chamber is held securely by a strap and two rivets. The all metal construction and shape of the spoon amplify the vibration and sound produced.

The underside of the Red Ripper has a design that maximizes flash and causes the lure to rock back and forth 180 degrees


The Retrieve: The retrieve of these lures really depends on the way you want to fish...here is where we begun to appreciate the amazing flexibility of this lure.

  1. The Spoon Buzzer: The Buzzer is designed to be versatile for various situations. It can be fished slowly on the surface or ripped across the surface generating as much commotion and sound as a buzzbait. If the water is cold and the fish just are not on a topwater bite you can remove the skirt and it immediately can be fished below the surface. Now it acts as a dual action spinner that has a buzzer blade and a 180 degree rocking motion which activates the sound chamber.

  2. The Red Ripper: The Red Ripper can be retrieved  at variable speeds making it is easy to control the depth of this lure. One interesting thing is that it will always return in the right position, and will not spin or turn over like other lures. Once you stop the retrieve the Red Ripper will begin to drop to the bottom, but unlike normal spoons that simply sink, the Red Ripper will wobble slowly to the bottom, resembling a baitfish. The skirt on the Red Ripper can also be swapped or removed.

We couldn't believe how attracted some bass were to the Spoon Buzzers, this medium sized bass chased and hit the Spoon Buzzer in just 2 feet of water!

Incredibly Flexible lure:
Whether it is topwater or vertical jigging the Nemire lures can do it all...and very well. As you can see from the different retrieves the Spoon Buzzer and Red Ripper can be fished a variety of methods. The patented skirt strap makes swapping the skirts as easy as a quick tug. Here is where you can get really creative. We actually tried different trailers on the Red Ripper with a lot of success. Twin tail grubs and Magic Worms both made excellent trailers that added weight to the Red Ripper and allowed us to fish the Red Ripper up and down steep banks and vertical structure. The Red Ripper will feel right at home to many fisherman since it can be fished just like a metal crankbait.

Removing the skirt allows the Red Ripper to swap for different types and color trailers for more applications

Variations in speed of retrieve make the Spoon Buzzer a deadly topwater lure, or an inline spinnerbait. In clear weather the bright finishes reflect a lot of light and combined with the rocking motion are extremely flashy. With a strong line these flashy lures can be tossed into thick cover with confidence thanks to Nemire's sturdy weedguard. Since the lure doesn't rotate the hook always points upwards and bounces right off structure avoiding otherwise deadly snags.

This 3lb largemouth exploded on the Nemire Black gold Spoon Buzzer on a fast surface retrieve

The Rundown: The Nemire lures are among the most versatile and exciting lures to fish with. Wherever we went everyone was asking about these unique looking lures....they are just now making their way here to the West Coast...and to simply put it, fish and fisherman are fascinated by the Nemire Lure's unique shape, action, and sounds. Basically the Nemire's are like multiple lures in one, and you can really get creative and have a lot of fun catching a lot of fish with these lures.



Nemire Lures Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Great materials and the finishes on these lures are literally worth their weight in gold. These finishes are extremely durable and also the best conductors of sound 9.5
Performance Works well at finding fish, drawing them out of heavy cover, and drawing hits. West Coast Bass have never seen or heard a lure like it, and the top water performance of this lure is phenomenal 9
Price A decent price for a lure of this quality. 8
Features These lures are packed with patented features that you cannot find on any other lure, and a unique design that creates a new movement 9.5
Design (Ergonomics) It is obvious John Nemire spent a long time producing these lures. Not only are they designed with unique features the construction of these lures is fantastic...we didn't have a single hook or rattle malfunction in 12 days of testing! 9
Application Great for many applications...this is by far the most versatile lure we have ever tested 10

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Great design and features!!! L Hard to get in West Coast stores right now
J Versatile performance  
J Completely new lure design  
J Great construction  
J West Coast Bass haven't seen or heard anything like it yet!  

Conclusion: John Nemire has created the most versatile and exciting new lure we have tested to date. The Spoon Buzzer and Red Ripper are so much more then just a spoon. Whether you want to call them spoons, inline spinners, inline buzzbaits, or metal crankbaits...this lure can do it all. With a little practice and creativity these lures really can be fished in almost any application. The creation of two brand new patented features make this lure exciting in itself, but what is most exciting to us is that John Nemire has designed a product that addresses so many applications, uses top notch materials, and a great construction to produce a lure that bass just haven't encountered before. The incredible detail and forward thinking design of this lure make it the only product to ever win TackleTour's "Innovation Award!" Congratulations Nemire Lures!











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