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ICAST 2019 Live Update Coverage

One for the Enthusiasts: The Shimnao Antares A70 Baitcaster with MGIII


Small but Mighty, the Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbait
SOLID! The Shimano Bantam MGL Baitcaster

Selecting the right Rod, Reel, and Line for Your Walking Bait Arsenal


Event Coverage


Monster BassJam 2010: Part 3 - New Lures of all Types (continued)


Jig Monster: Not all jigs are created equal and Jig Monster goes to great lengths to create a premium jig. Each lure is hand tied and feature 66+ strand bio-flex skirts and feature wither Gamakatsu or Mustad black nickel hooks. The company's football jig is called the "Chaos" while the more hydrodynamic swim jig is called the "Savage." Jig Monster jigs are very reasonably priced at $3.69 each and this season the company is increasing the number of options for anglers when it comes to patterns.


Jig Monster has a lot of patterns and sizes to choose from


Prostaffer Chris Franks shows us two new patterns


Berserk Baits: Berserk Baits specializes in jigs and new at the show was the latest creation which was designed by Pro Angler Stan Lafever called the "Ultimate Slop Jig." This new jig is designed to get into the nastiest stuff to get to the fish and features an extra heavy weedguard and a more full bodied silicone/living rubber hand tied skirt. Rattles are included to attract more attention and the jig is armed with a 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point black nickel hook. Each Ultimate Slop Jig is hand tied and retails for $4.99.


Looking for a jig to get into the nasty stuff?


Check out the hand tied Ultimate Slop Jig designed for pitching and flipping


Kurt shows us a new color that he is testing in the US


Jackall: Jackall makes most of their major introductions during ICAST but throughout the year they will sometimes release new colors and patterns. One such pattern is the "Watermelon Green Swirl" which is being tested here in the U.S. with the Sasuteki Craw. The new pattern is available now but angler response will be the determining factor of whether the pattern is here to stay. 


The new Watermelon Green Swirl color looks like a winner and shows different sheens of color depending on angle and lighting


Little Creeper: The Little Creeper Ganesh bug isn't really a new bait but it has been a well kept secret among many anglers that like the bait's multiple appendages which create a whirlpool like action in the water. This bait is called the Ganesh Bug because the design reminded Benno Heune, the Owner and Designer, of the elephantine Hindu Ganesh. We can definitely see the resemblance.


The Ganesh bug is a unique looking bait that can be fished in a wide variety of ways


This lure is designed to be fished a variety of ways including Texas rigged, flipped, swam or even as a jig trailer. The Ganesh Bug is just under 5" in length and like Little Creeper's swimbaits the lure is constructed from phthalate free plastic so it doesn't have that "plastic" smell. The baits are sold in packs of 4 for $5.99. 


Kevin at Preferred Plastics had a huge array of different custom hand pours to pick from...


Preferred Plastics: Looking for a hand poured custom worm? Preferred Plastics hand crafts plastics in just about any style you can think of. They have a wide range of more popular patterns but the company will pour custom patterns for customers in a dizzying array of styles. Though all custom hand poured the lures are reasonably priced and a pack of 10 6" worms retails for only $3.59.


...but if you want something special the company will pour it for you


Fish Hunter Bait is a new company out of Petaluma, CA


Fish Hunter Bait: Fish Hunter is a new company that was formed just a few miles away from the BassJam show in Petaluma, CA. With lures tested in the Delta and Clear Lake the company has two main products currently, the first of which is a very large bodied pitching/flipping bait which resembles a fat bodied crawfish, this lure is aptly named the "Crawfather" and retails for $5.00 for a pack of five.


The Crawfather (blue) is a massive crawfish imitator that is great for pitching and flipping while the smaller Clicker Craw has an embedded rattle in the head of the lure


For those anglers looking for a more traditionally sized crawfish bait Fish Hunter also has the "Clicker Craw" which features a rattle embedded into the head of the lure. This lure can be fished a variety of ways including Texas rigged or as a trailer. The Clicker Craw comes in a pack of six and retails for $5.00. Both these lures feature coffee scent and are available now.


Erick Blandino shows us his latest creations


BassJam coverage still isn't done, with one more installment we check out some accessory products as well as a surprising number of new apparel options for anglers. 


Looking for these Bassjam products? Try Monster Fishing Tackle










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