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Lure Review

MattLures Revisits Their Design and Brings To Market, The Ultimate Bluegill (continued)

Slow Rolling: Once the bait reaches bottom, or whatever depth you choose, clicking your reel over and turning the handle slowly will pull the bait along at a nice, natural pace. The tail kick at slow speeds is very subtle and only the bottom of the tail, really, moves from side to side when slow rolled. Picking up the pace a little to about a medium retrieve and the tail kicks a bit more like a fish trying to cover some ground. The body of the Ultimate Bluegill at both slow and medium retrieve speeds remains still and tracks true.


MattLures Ultimate Bluegill on the California Delta

Rigged and ready to go on a BCR893 GLX

Burning: Picking up the pace even more and working the bait back quickly to the boat, you can really see the tail kick it into gear, but if retrieved too fast, the bait will start to tilt and run off to the side. Our recommendation, on a steady retrieve, is to keep your retrieve cadence somewhere between slow/medium and medium/fast.


Matt Servant, owner of MattLures, really does some fine work on these baits

Is that a flapping pectoral fin you ask?

Why yes, it is!

Effectiveness: The real strength of this bait seems to be in its head down position at rest. I had best success casting this bait along the dock pilings at Clear Lake, letting it sink to the bottom, and literally crawling it back to the boat as if I were fishing a split shot rig. You can also stop it and try to shake it around for added effect. All my hits were no doubters as the bass would annihilate the bait thinking it was a bluegill honing in on their territory. I got a couple of bumps, but no takers during steady retrieves at different paces, but I think lack of success there had more to do with the mood of the fish at the time. They were definitely wanting it when stopped.


Swimbaits are not just for the West Coast Guys anymore

Here's a look at the MattLures East Coast Series!

The perch patterned East Coast Series bait at rest on the bottom

Rigging & Durability: The Ultimate Bluegill comes pre-rigged with jig style hook at the top of the bait. It also features a closed wire loop at between its pelvic fins for custom rigging a stinger hook should you choose to do so. The line tie for this bait is very nicely concealed within the head of the bait. Mattlures spared no expense at thinking out and designing this bait to be ultra-realistic.


Cal lays into one along the docks!

...and lands it alongside the boat


Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Mattlures continues to impress 9
Performance Best dragged on the bottom or retrieved at a medium pace 8
Price In line with other baits of this quality 8.5
Features It's all in the fins! 9
Design (Ergonomics) Realistic fins combined with a fantastic paint job.. outstanding 9.5
Application Toss it around your favorite structure and hang on! 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Just about as realistic as they come L Takes some practice to find the right retrieve speed to get the tail kicking
J Potential to be deadly on the deadstick L Not too fast, or it will tilt unnaturally
J Most of the hardware, save the jig hook, is very well hidden  
J Relatively affordable  


Not a true monster, but I'll take a livewell full of these any day!


Conclusion: In the fast moving world of tackle testing and reviews, the one method, in retrospect, I should have tried with this lure was deadsticking. Judging by my success dragging this bait along the bottom, it's a no brainer that this would indeed work, and judging by the way Matt Servant designed the bait to rest head down on the bottom, I'm sure this was his intent all along. In the end, it didn't really matter as catching fish with this bait was simply a non-issue. My only real regret? That it is time to put this bait away and move onto the next, but oh yeah, MattLures has yet another bait that we've been throwing at Clear Lake too. Want to know more? You'll just have to wait and see.











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