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Lure Review


Slowing Down with the MagSlowl by Megabass (continued)


Castability : I had all three sizes of the MagSlowl but generally fished the seven inch (7") size. I found the five inch a little too small for my liking and the nine inch a little too hefty for the 12lb test line I was using. The baits themselves cast the same as the MagDraft and are very predictable in what to expect. Just be sure to impart a nice smooth, sweeping motion with your cast and not a quick back and forward cast motion. The bait's length and pliability may cause the bait to tumble or the hooks to fall out of the belly if your casting motion is too herky jerky.


The head detail is typical Megabass, even in soft plastic.


Ease of Actuation : Once the bait hits the water, it begins sinking with its head down right away. You can stop this descent at any point by clicking your reel over and beginning your retrieve. The bait responds right away and swims with a slight head down, tail up position.


It doesn't take much to get the MagSlowl's tail to begin swimming and while it still doesn't do much on a crawling retrieve, it responds well to steady pulls at any decent cadence.


Side fins extend from the bait.


Quality of Movement : There is a slight wiggle to the head and body of the MagSlowl while it swims, otherwise, most of the movement on this bait is from the tail. The faster your retrieve, the faster this section wags back and forth - and it is more of a tail wag than it is a swim.


Gill plates are also 3D.


Position at Rest : Kill your retrieve, let the bait hit the bottom and it does so nose first, then promptly falls over. However, if you maintain a tight line and let the bait fall to the bottom at an angle, rather than straight down, you can get it to settle nose down, tail up like a fish feeding on the bottom. It will maintain this position if you crawl your retrieve mimicking a fish swimming along the bottom in search of food.


There is a stinger hook harness at the base of the head on the larger sizes, as well as the usual swivel attachment for the hook.

Durability : The MagSlowl's plastic is pretty soft, but seems to hold up very well. I only managed three or four fish on the Rainbow Trout colored bait shown in this review, but the bait shows no sign of wear. If anything, the feathered trebles will be prone to thinning out over time. The Rainbow Trout version I was fishing did not come with a feathered treble.

Nude Rainbow.

Design & Ergonomics: As mentioned earlier, the MagSlowl comes in only six different colors. The Nude Rainbow shown in some of our photos here did not come with a feathered treble, but the DO Clear, Ketabasu, and Kishu Ayu versions we had did have feathered trebles. The treble hook for all the baits is attached in the same manner as the MagDraft with a swivel between the hook and body of the bait. There's also a slit along the bait's belly and a magnet to help stow the hook during cast and retrieve. The hook does swing out easily once you've hooked up and the swivel helps you keep pressure on the fish without giving the fish leverage to throw the bait.

Here you can see how the hook stows in the belly slit.

Price & Applications: The MagSlowl varies in price from about thirteen dollars to twenty five ($13 - $25) and is an effective bait from the time the fish begin building their beds through post spawn and into the summer. That head down, tail up resting position is particularly enticing if you like to dead stick your swimbaits.


Megabass MagSlowl Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very similar to the MagDraft 8
Performance Really good at rest on the bottom and at anything from slow to medium retrieve 8
Price A little more affordable than the MagDraft 8
Features The belly slit and mag hold are a nice little feature as are the feathered trebles 8
Design (Ergonomics) Very limited color selection 7
Application A good early season swimbait option 7.5

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ If you like to fish these style baits slow, the MagSlowl can accommodate - Only 6 colors
+ Nice, head down position at rest - What exactly is a "Slowl" ?
+ Same swivel hook attachment and slit to stow the hook as the MagDraft  


The MagSlowl is a much more intuitive bait for me to fish.


Conclusion: The MagSlowl is what I thought the MagDraft was when I first encountered the 'Draft. This is a much more intuitive bait for me to fish only because it is made to fish how I consider a traditional, big, soft bodied paddletail to be fished - slow. But all things considered, it is also not all that big of a bait, so you can fish it on traditional tackle and lighter line. Together with the MagDraft, these two baits make an intriguing one two punch to have in your arsenal.


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