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Lure Review

Oh What Could Have Been: The Megabass V-3 Bullet Shad and Bullet Shad Mini (continued)


Retrieve: The head of Megabass Bullet Shad spinners is specially contoured to be bottom heavy. This configuration is designed to enable the bait to swing back and forth like a pendulum while the blades churn above causing maximum commotion from this compact package. Sounds good, doesn't it? Unfortunately in the water, this character is never realized as the bait swims back straight, true, and non-wobbling like every other spinnerbait I've thrown.


Instead of the multi-bend arm, the V-3 Bullet Shad (as opposed to the mini) features a bunch of plastic pieces to space the blades. In addition, clip holding the second blade in place is plastic.

Fortunately, the last blade is held in place by a quality bearing swivel


Weedlessness: An interesting aspect of this bait is, given its rather compact design, it travels through weeds and brush surprisingly easily. Just about any spinnerbait you throw will do this, but the V-3 Bullet Shad came through some of the ugliest stuff I threw it into even easier than I thought it would.


These baits do not feature a very durable finish on the head

This damage was inflicted after only a handful of casts on a rocky point.


Durability: Through several months of fishing the bearing swivels on my V-3 Bullet Shads held up just fine as did the skirts. The only area in which the bait did show some use was in the painted heads. Bounced and dragged along rocky bottoms, the heads do not fair too well, so be aware of that in your decision making process. With heads that are so prominent on these spinnerbaits, Megabass should have looked into some more durable finishing layers for their exquisite paint schemes.


Working the V-3 Bullet Shad through some sparse tules

Design: The V-3 Bullet Shad features titanium wire arms, a minimalist skirt, a bearing swivel on the last blade, and a relatively small but sharp hook. There's an ample use of plastic on the standard V-3 Bullet Shad where the second blade is attached to the wire and as spacers between the two blades, while the Mini uses more metal pieces. The plastic probably provides more flexibility than would metal considering the arms of this spinnerbait are titanium, but then, why not bend the arm of the standard Bullet Shad in the same manner as the Mini to minimize the use of plastic all together? Questionable design decisions on a bait that is priced at twenty dollars.


One last look at a bait that Megabass needs to improve upon.



Megabass V-3 Bullet Shad Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Too many plastic parts for this editor 7
Performance Very good weedless performance, but where's the wobbling action that's advertised? 7
Price Exorbitant 4
Features Nothing really to set it apart from other brands 7
Design (Ergonomics) Nice compact design 8
Application Spinnerbaits are versatile as a rule and this one is no different 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Nice Compact Design L Far too expensive
J Good fluttering action on the fall L Too many plastic parts
J Very good to excellent weedless performance L For the price you pay, I expect a much more durable paint finish on the head
L Colors selection though diverse, is not really suited for the US market - where's my simple white and chartreuse?


Just because the V-3 Bullet Shad received a low score from us does not mean it can't catch fish... it simply didn't impress us overall


Conclusion: We've all come to expect a lot more from Megabass. In a bait that is bound to see its share of rocks and hard bottom surfaces, I certainly expected a much more durable finish on the heads. I certainly expected to see zero use of plastic of any kind where the blades attach to the arms. I hoped for the best with the advertised wobbling action of the head, but it simply did not materialize. I may have had more room for forgiveness if this was not a bait from Megabass or if the price were somewhere in the sub five-dollar range. This bait had zero room for any doubt benefit. I will likely continue to fish the baits I have, but I certainly cannot, in good conscience recommend them. There are many other more solidly crafted and better performing spinnerbaits on the market than the V-3 Bullet Shad and Bullet Shad Mini.











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