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Lure Review

Introducing the Megabass Anthrax and Anthrax 100 Topwater Baits Where Imagination is the Key (continued)

Retrieving (Anthrax): This is where things get interesting. Both versions of this bait feature Megabass's patented "Rolling Gyro Balance System". The intent of this side to side moving balancing system is to give the bait enough inertia, after the twitch of your rod tip, to overcome the water resistance presented by the protruding anal fin. The result is an erratic splashing and spitting of water off to the side of the bait mimicing the commotion caused by a panicked bait fish. On a steady retrieve, the Anthrax wobbles on or just under the surface (depending on the position of your rod tip) creating a trail of wake giving a hungry, angry, or just otherwise nasty fish a way to track down and hammer this bait. Mix in an erratic cadence of retrieve, pause, twitch, etc., and hold on!

A look at the fixed anal fin on the Anthrax


Retrieving (Anthrax 100): The Anthrax 100 carries the above described action a step further. The protruding anal fin on this bait features another patented design - it moves from side to side! This extra bit of motion allows the bait to cause even more of a ruckus and the Anthrax 100 can actually be made to walk like a cigar bait just under the water. Mix in some pauses with your twitches and you can even get it to jump straight up out of the water! I've managed this latter trick only a couple of times and am still working at the exact cadence with which to reproduce this action on command. Switch to a steady retrieve, and like its smaller brother, the Anthrax 100 turns into a wake bait, swimming its way back to your position on shore or on the boat.


The difference in weight between these two baits is one eighth of an ounce

The Anthrax 100 is the same weight, though slightly shorter, than the popular Vision 110


Durability: The very first question that comes to mind with these Anthrax baits is the durability of that protruding anal fin. After six months of on and off use, I've yet to break one off, but I've no doubt it's possible. Otherwise, my baits and even their finishes have held up quite well.


A bass looking up at the Anthrax might envision a dying baitfish laying upside down in the water

The diving bill on both these baits enables the angler to retrieve the baits subsurface - just hold your rod tip down during your retrieve

Application & Effectiveness: I had success with these baits on the outside edges of submerged weedbeds and retrieved across Tule points. It is an unusual bait to say the least and one that is very fun to fish because of all the different dances you can make it do. Just be sure you have a rod short enough to allow you the luxury of changing your twitches, jerks, and rips.

No matter how many times we look at this bait, it still looks better wrongside up


Megabass Anthrax / Anthrax 100 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A very well constructed lure 10
Performance Can be challenging to work but those experienced at getting the most out of their baits will absolutely love this bait 8.5
Price Standard fare for Megabass 7
Features Patented technologies and that external fin make this bait a bit of a novelty! 9
Design (Ergonomics) Upside down or right side up, the Anthrax is a very intriguing bait to admire 9
Application as versatile a topwater bait as you'll find 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Several topwater baits in one! L A bit confusing to figure out at first
J Certainly unique and if you can't figure out how to work it, at least you have a conversation piece! L We experienced no issues, but the external fin still appears prone to breakage
J A very well constructed bait  


Once over the confusion, the Anthrax and Anthrax 100 both prove to be thrilling baits to fish


Conclusion: The Anthrax and Anthrax 100 can be a bit confusing to figure out at first, but figuring out a new bait is half the fun sometimes. I had equal success fishing this bait with fluorocarbon and a nylon monofilament, but it is probably easiest worked using the latter or even some of the exotic floating lines out there today. If you take the plunge, be sure to give yourself about half a dozen casts with which to experiment and discover your favorite retrieve styles with this bait, and then apply them to fishing conditions. The results may surprise you. The key with the Anthrax and Anthrax 100 is to embrace your imagination.











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