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Lure Review

Lucky Craft's "Big Daddy Strike" Crankbait serves up consistent action (continued)


Weedlessness: All good things must come to an end. Even with our aftermarket LureSaver split rings, the Fat BDS4 depicted in most of our pictures here fell victim to an unrecoverable underwater ensnarement. While we were quite successful in recovering our test bait from a number of previous snags, our string of luck had to run out sooner or later, and as we were pulling out or last resort lure retriever to try and knock our bait free, our 12lb Yozuri Hybrid, perhaps weakened by abrasion on previous snags, snapped and our handsome bait was lost to the depths of the California Delta.


The last known location of our Lucky Craft Fat BDS4 test bait. Anglers with information on the whereabouts of our BDS4 are encouraged to respond :)


Durability: Durability of the BDS4 bait as a whole is very good, but the finish of our MS MJ Herring did show signs of wear from retrieve over rocks and through branches over the course of 3 trips before we lost it

to the afore mentioned snag. This wear showed up as actual chips in the finish not just scratches or abrasion.


The BDS4 cranks from Lucky Craft come stock with top quality #2 hooks


Our backup bait, with the flat, Mad Craw finish proved more durable against chipping than the reflective MS MJ Herring, but more prone to scratches and abrasion marks. Through the entire course of our tests, not one of our two baits suffered from actual cracks in the body or other prominent failures.


a lure description on the bottom makes the BDS identifiable from any angle in the tackle box


Application & Effectiveness: As a shallow running crank, we found the BDS4 effective primarily in stained, shallow water situations. We were unsuccessful at coaxing any strikes in the clear water reservoirs we fished primarily because we could not get the bait down to the zone where the fish were holding nor did the bait call these fish up from their depths.


Not only does the finish of their baits shimmer in the sun, but Lucky Craft spares no expense with the intricate markings molded into their baits including the bait's lateral line


In the California Delta, however, the BDS4 did very well retrieved over and through weed beds, around the rip rap levees, and along break lines. We found it effective even in heavy boat traffic situations with pleasure boaters zooming around the area in which we were fishing. The very large #2 hooks while perhaps providing for a greater chance of snags, are fantastic at hooking fish on even the lightest of strikes.


Our backup, the BDS4 in Mad Craw, called up this feisty bass for a photo opp


Lucky Craft BDS Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Lucky Craft has a reputation of providing top quality baits and our two BDS4 baits were no exception 9
Performance Straight and true out of the box, this bait does not disappoint except in the durability of the finish 9
Price A premium crank at a premium price 7.5
Features Oval split rings, laser sharp hooks, quality finishes, very good ability to recover from snags even if we did lose one during our test 9
Design Available in 36 stunning finishes designer perhaps more for the angler than the fish 10
Application A great option in a shallow running crank 8.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Fantastic Finishes L Finishes are not as durable as we'd like
J Quality hooks at a proper size for the bait L If you're used to a $5 crankbait, these baits will hurt.
J Incredible detailing in the body of the lure  
J Good weedlessness in a crank  


Conclusion: Is there such a thing as a missing baits alert? Saddened as I was to lose one of our test baits, I was equally thrilled to have found yet another reliable crank from Lucky Craft that I can depend on not only in the water, but in any well stocked tackle store. Many of the high priced, import lures are difficult to find - not Lucky Craft. When it came time to replace my lost bait, all I had to do was walk into my favorite tackle store and pull another off the shelf. The BDS4 series is a thrilling bait to fish. Thanks to it's wobbling action, the bait keeps you in tune with the environment below and strikes are unmistakable as anything "different" is easily detected. The only question we have now is, how to make room for yet another "favorite" bait.












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