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Lure Review

Is It a Crankbait or a Jerkbait? We say it's... Introducing the Lucky Craft Bevy Shad 75sp (continued)

Weedlessness: As with any suspending, treble hooked bait, the Bevy Shad is very susceptible to hangups, but fish it on your superline of choice on a stout stick, and you can easily rip it through weed beds. The relatively small hooks of the Bevy Shad make it easier, than some baits, to fish in this manner. My preference was to fish this bait in open water in and around rip rap and other rock piles. Snags in these situations occurred somewhat frequently, so be sure to carry a knocker or some other device to help you free your Bevy Shad if caught in the rocks.

The underside of the Bevy Shad 75sp

Durability: Most of the Bevy Shads I fished were of the types of colors you see in these photographs, the Pearl Ayu and Pro Blue. These translucent colors hold up much better than their prismatic or metallic finishes. I acquired one bait, similar in color to the discontinued Aurora Red, and the finish of that bait has not held up well. It flakes off rather easily just from its own hooks. Otherwise, there were no problems with any of the other components of this bait from the hooks to the bill to the body of the bait itself.


Another look of the baits front profile

Lucky Craft USA only distributes the suspending (Sp) version of this bait, but in Japan, they are available as a floating (f) bait as well


Effectiveness: Lucky Craft has the Bevy Shad 75sp classified in their website as a crankbait, but, as stated earlier, I found this bait much more effective when fished as a jerk bait rather than as a crank. While not an answer 100% of the time, it is excellent in tough-bite situations helping to trigger strikes from fish that seem otherwise inactive. It has definitely earned a spot in my arsenal graduating from the test-bin, to the go-to box.


This fish was caught on Calero Reservoir after zero hits in 4 hrs of drop shotting


One last look at our Bevy Shad 75sp in Pro Blue



Lucky Craft Bevy Shad 75sp Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Lucky Craft continues to shine with this product 9
Performance A very good bait for tough-bite situations 9
Price A unique bait at a standard Lucky Craft price. Due to the unique nature of the lure's performance the price is more reasonable than with some other lures in the company's lineup. The good news is like some other competitor baits this one is easy to acquire at just about any retailer 8
Features No features to really set it apart from other baits, but solid nonetheless 8
Design (Ergonomics) A cross between a crankbait and jerkbait, but I found it best used as a jerkbait 8
Application Break one out during your next tough bite and you may be surprised. The lure does have the ability to be fished in a variety of ways. Depending on your unique conditions the lure may perform better as a crank or a jerkbait (though the latter was definitely better for me) 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Good tough-bite situation bait L Didn't like it as a crankbait
J Sharp, stock hooks L Metallic finishes are still not very durable
J Wide choice in colors L Inexpensive compared to Megabass, but still a pricey bait
J Easy to acquire  


The Bevy Shad 75sp provides a lot of fish catching fun


Conclusion: Have you always wondered or questioned the value of "those premium" lures like Lucky Craft? Have you wanted to sample some of these baits to see what the hype was about but can't decide where to start? One very strong suggestion from this Editor would be to try the Lucky Craft Bevy Shad 75sp. This relatively small bait packs a pretty big punch and is able to deliver when most other baits in the box are doing nothing but taking up room. Baits like the Bevy Shad 75sp can spoil your patience for just about anything you might consider finesse. This bait has spoiled me enough to give it one of my Editor's Choice Awards for 2007.


The Lucky Craft Bevy Shad is available at:Extremelures









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