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Lure Review

Good things come in small packages : Specialty Tackle USA's Flagship Bait, the Junior-D (continued)

Applications: Our success with the Junior-D came when retrieved along breaks, weed lines, and isolated structure. We had little success pulling the lure through weedbeds as we spent more time trying to free it than fish it. Then again, it's rounded bill is not really built for such an application. We found the Junior-D effective in both stained and clear water situations and it excelled as a search bait when moving fast and pounding the shore.

Quality hooks come standard with this lure


Durability: While we did not subject our Junior-D's to the usual toss up against rocky shores we did retrieve the lure over rocks and other underwater obstructions. The bills showed their normal signs of wear but we're quite impressed that even after several months of normal use, the finishes on our lures have held up amazingly well. We also like the construction of the diving bill that sports an extra beam-like projection at the bottom of the bill, cantilevering out from the bait to guard against fractures.


This hungry bass hit our Junior-D like a freight train

Effectiveness: We found the Junior-D to be effective during pressure bite situations where there were a lot of boats on the water and you needed to get something down just a little deeper to coax the bass into biting. The more pronounced thumping action of the lure together with its smaller size seemed to be an added element of surprise that worked when other, more traditional cranks weren't getting fish. To our surprise the lure even managed to coax a five pound channel cat into biting!


Junior-D Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very well built lure 9
Performance A pint sized crank with muscle 9
Price In the arena of import crankbaits, the Junior-D is priced competitively 8
Features Reinforced diving bill, available with stock luresaver split rings, big bait sound 9
Design A little more subtle in design even when compared to its big brother, but a very nice composition nonetheless 8.5
Application A very effective crankbait in a wide range of conditions 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Nice, compact size L Difficult to find in some regions
J Available stocked with luresaver split rings
J Unique, large bait sound  
J Sharp stock hooks  

Conclusion: Ed Jerbic, proprietor of Specialty Tackle USA, relayed to us stories of top Bass Pro's hovering around his booth in hushed tones during trade shows inquiring about these little wonders. Many of the pro's with full sponsorships from other lure manufacturing companies were interested in purchasing, out of pocket, some of these little cranks. Is it any wonder why these baits have been difficult to keep in the store shelves? These baits have made their way from our test bin, into our tried, true, and relied upon collection. Testament enough to how much we appreciate the effectiveness of this lure.











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