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ICAST 2020 Coverage


Keeping Fish Stapled in Place with Spearpoint Hooks


Date: 7/13/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Spearpoint
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Hooks just never seem to get enough attention. They aren't the flashiest piece of tackle and yet they are certainly among the most critical. When it comes to hooks there is Gamakatsu, Owner, Hayabusa, and everyone else. New terminal tackle companies must present new designs and create more innovative products to garner attention from anglers. Spearpoint is looking to do exactly that this ICAST with the introduction of their own brand of Performance Hooks.



Spearpoint has arrived: Founded by fishing partners Art Nubaryan and Erik Hennesay, the genesis of the company came from one of the most frustrating experiences in an angler’s life – lost fish. “We were fishing a bass tournament together three years ago and lost two fish within sight of the boat that would have won the event for us,” said Nubaryan. “We started talking about it and figured we could come up with something that fixed the problem; Spearpoint Performance Hooks was born.”

The pair went to work, forming a partnership, coming up with an initial design and locating manufacturing partners. After three phases of design, and two sample runs, the first two shapes in the Spearpoint Performance Hooks lineup is now ready for primetime.


The GP finesse hook comes in small sizes and can be used to head rig finesse plastics


The initial offerings, The Wide Gap and GP Finesse hooks are designed to impart maximum torque and fish holding power. Both shapes feature Spearpoint’s pat. pend VGrip™ technology that helps keep fish securely fastened once the hook is set. As a result, Hennesay states that the VGrip™ works overtime for the angler.


“I will tell you this, always have pliers with you; they are hard to get out by hand,” he said. “There are many times that the hook penetrates the fish’s mouth and turns and penetrates a second time. We call it a ‘stapling effect,’ because it looks like the fish’s mouth has been stapled from the outside, they really hook and hold.”


Once set the Spearpoint hook is designed t stay firmly planted no matter which way the fish pivots

While there are more styles that will launch soon after the initial introduction, Spearpoint is launching their Wide Gap and GP Finesse versions, both in black nickel finishes, here at ICAST today.

The Wide Gap model features a line tie positioned in line with the hook’s needle point to produce maximum power as the point meets the fish’s mouth at hookset. Along with VGrip™ in the bend of the hook, the Spearpoint Wide Gap features a baitholder barb near the eye of the hook to help keep soft baits in place during presentations. The Wide Gap version will be available in sizes 2/0 to 5/0, will come six to a pack and will retail for $5.39.


The GP finesse hook is a great in a wide range of rigs thanks to the unique bait holding shape

The GP Finesse hook is uniquely designed to be the most effective finesse hook on the market. Engineered to put the eye of the hook in line with the VGrip™ for maximum torque. The GP Finesse hook helps perfectly present finesse soft plastics in Wacky Rig, Drop Shot or Neko Rig presentations, and the premium needle point is designed to make strikes count. The GP Finesse hook will be available in sizes 3 through 2/0, will also come in packs of six, and will retail for $5.19.


How will these uniquely shaped hooks perform for anglers in the field? A whole bunch of fish will soon find out after this week's ICAST as these hooks start becoming available to the market.










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