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ICAST 2020 Coverage


Affordable, Compact, and Now with MGL - The New SLX MGL Debuts


Date: 7/13/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: While the Curado MGL will likely get the majority of the attention from baitcasting fans this ICAST the reel that will be a hot commodity among value oriented anglers might just be the more cost effective SLX. The big news for the SLX series is the addition of a new MGL version which will come in a smaller 70 sized reel.


Shimano's most cost effective MGL equipped reel, the SLX MGL


SLX MGL 70: The theme this year in Shimano's baitcaster lineup is smaller and more refined. Much like the new Curado MGL the new SLX gets a more compact form factor that makes it perfect for palming, finesse fishing with fluorocarbon, or pitching and flipping with braided lines and leaders.




Controlling the SV Infinity cast control is easy with the external adjustment


The addition of a magnumlite (MGL) spool into the SLX was unexpected. Many anglers accurately guessed that the Curado would get the spool paired with SVS infinity cast control this season but seeing the design and technology made available all the way down to SLX in parallel was a welcome surprise.


The new SLX also comes in the smaller 70 size form factor that is much more palmable


The SLX MGL will be available in five different versions a 6.3:1, 7.2:1. and 8.2:1 gear ratio (note the 6.3:1 gear ratio will only be available in right hand retrieve). All reels come loaded with 4+1 bearings and Shimano's Cross Carbon drag which is rated for 12lbs. on the SLX.


Though the SLX MGL 70 is designed as a value oriented workhorse it still makes use of quality materials in the reel's construction including an aluminum frame, brass gearing, and the cross carbon drag.




The SLX MGL will be available in 6.3:1, 7.2:1, and 8.2:1 retrieves and retail for only $149.99


The SLX MGL will weigh in at 7.1oz. which is just .2oz, more than the new Curado MGL. As with all SLX reels value is a key component and the SLX MGL 70 is officially the most affordable MGL armed baitcaster with a retail price of only $149.99 when it becomes available late this summer.










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